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Friday, October 31st, 2014

3 – Lack of legal coverage, being a U.S. (Similarly see: Jeremy David). company, all disputes that reach the legal remedy must be resolved in the United States, presenting the least difficulty for foreign users to defend their rights by legal means. 4 – Paypal conditions are abusive and constantly changing, between the pages of conditions shows the lack of international law on these businesses. According to their conditions PayPal accounts can proactively block a user without further explanation. There are numerous threads on forums to this kind of abuse by Paypal and there is even formed partnerships of users who have filed lawsuits. 5 – Paypal can repossess the balance of the account indefinitely, just as in section 4 to recover the amounts seized were required paperwork and lots of patience, because their customer service is almost as efficient as e-Bay . And of course the quantities seized are guarded by Paypal as long as the “research.” 6 – The user always has to lose to any problem, PayPal to be the sole judge’s decision that suits you to the company. If the user receives a payment made with a stolen credit card funds will be seized, if the money is lost to manage the collection the user will have to make countless paperwork to qualify for recall, if a buyer does not receive the product only receive a portion of the amount provided they can seize these funds to the seller.

7 – Paypal accounts are a coveted prize by cyber-criminals often receive fake emails pretending to be eBay or PayPal in the hope of having access to the accounts of its users. While PayPal is not the only company that has been the victim of spoofing it is true that it is one that suffers most. Using PayPal means having to accept the business ethics of this company and expected to act honestly for reasons of prestige, but because of the lack of a legal framework covering such activities is not an institution that offers security to its users.

International development

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014

The state attributes are becoming more vague, more diffuse responsibility and the relationship with citizens more distant. The tragedy is that nobody gets away with so much fragility. Neither politicians who see their scope of action is weakening, and their vision. Neither the people, who feel abandoned to their fate on behalf of an economic ideology which advocates derailed the fittest. A few are seen confused and exhausted, the other indifferent and apathetic.

a ste is, in my view, the framework that we must seek the causes, not from the financial crisis, but the chain of crises afflicting the world today. Ensure governance goes through the restructuring of states and their ability to adapt to current challenges. There is no turning back. We will have to rethink the concept of state sovereignty, dealing with globalization, with the huge companies and establish an international legal order to put order, ethics and justice in international relations. Governments will have to shed outdated management structures to acquire agile and intelligent tools to ensure accountability, transparency and communication. The task we can seem impossible if we lose sight that the goal is the welfare of peoples, their development and security in the broad sense of the word and its development, the expansion of individual and collective freedoms may, by itself, a solid barrier against abuses and extremism of all kinds and regularly contribute to an untenable situation for everyone. The solution to our problems is not in the a caza of brujasa , that not a few voices calling, but in the wisdom of the people who will have to listen and those who will have to rebuild a relationship that allows for more citizen participation effective in the task of government.

Will we meet the seizures that characterize the process of transition? In the present case, there would be a handover between two systems of government but of the ability to link in a responsible and quiet with a new era. Abdeslam Baraka former Minister and former ambassador of Morocco in Spain Solidarity Center Collaborations (CCS) is a service of social awareness of the NGO Solidarity, with the objective of informing and educating the society and media professionals on issues of solidarity, social justice, a culture of peace, human rights, with special emphasis on the fight against poverty, exclusion and environmental protection. The CCS part of the fundamental need to integrate information and communication development as an element of cooperation. Through its analysts made articles in professional format high-quality journalism adapted to the spaces of the media and disseminated through their international networks.

Software Management

Monday, October 20th, 2014

I recently concluded a diploma on competencies teachers in higher education. The interesting feature of this is that it was remote. Taught by the IPN using the Moodle platform is a Virtual educational environment, course management system, distribution free, to help educators create learning communities online. This kind of technological platforms is also known as LMS (Learning Management System). It had references about this CRM application free for SMEs management, but personally I had not had direct contact with her. The experience was rewarding in two directions, the first was learning about the education based on competencies – EBC – and the second knowledge of the operation of the platform. And in this sense, motivates us to inquire about your installation and application.

Use every day more extensive education of computing resources and the Internet reinforces my proposal to bet on the creation of an edublog and perform a pilot test with it in this next period. On the other hand, had contact with a family member – who for privacy reasons I omit his name – who works at a distance; i.e., it works for a company from his home via the Internet. This person was contracted with the company and formally worked. Broke a period of the same and soon it was recontratada with the proviso that would have to work in another city. And that meant change of residence which was not viable. Then reached an agreement with his boss to work from home. They installed the software and a remote server type SuDespacho – enterprise management system. From home, you have access to work as if you were in the Office.

Its activity is accounting for multiple users both physical people like morales. However, this does not imply a change of office hours since it is supervised and monitored at a distance, by which must always be available and in contact via the Internet. Then, for movibilad options has installed CRM software for clinics Teamviewer on your PC and from a iPad device has access from any point where be mobile – apart from WiFi – signal your tablet is 3 G. And all for the same salary as if you were working in Office. With this, it saves expenses such as food and housing in another city.

Navigation Systems

Saturday, October 18th, 2014

When visiting a web page, the first difficulty facing the visitor lies in the structure that it has within its navigation plan, the easier it is to access, the less likely that visitors become discouraged and decide to visit another page. Therefore, it is necessary that a navigation system provides for certain items that help the visitor during their stay within it. The following are several recommendations to ensure quick navigation and productive: 1. Report at all times the location of the visitor .- When browsing a web site, the visitor needs to know where you are and this can be achieved easily if highlighted in the navigation bar – either in bold, underline, or using a graphic element – the title of the page or visited link. 2. To provide immediate links to places previously visited .- The person often want to enter back to already visited links minutes ago, therefore it is advisable to leave a trail for their back without any problems occur. Example: Start Computer Equipment.

3. Submit browse options .- The visitor needs to have on hand a list of links to visit during their stay in the portal. Your access to every part of the page should be as smooth as possible, ensuring thorough exploration of the visited page. 4. Add activities or actions that visitors can carry out during their stay in the portal.

Example: Access the Special Offers, Sign Up, Sign-weekly newsletter, etc. Such phrases give momentum to achieve an interaction between the site and the visitor. 5. Finally, you should always add a link that allows the visitor to return immediately – if desired – to the home page. Many people get lost in a doorway, despite the ease with which the navigation system is present, it is necessary to have a rapid exit to start browsing. On some occasions to return to this starting point, simply click on the phrase


Wednesday, October 15th, 2014

Barcelona, September 3, 2009 El Plan Avanza 2, promoted by the Ministry of industry, launched the Legal Software campaign which aims to educate users on the use of legal software. PortalProgramas software download portal will collaborate in this initiative promoting the use of legal software among their users. This collaboration has resulted in a new help section to inform the end user about why to use legal software and alternatives offered by PortalProgramas to do so without having to pay licensing. The portal will be a promotion of this campaign from the portal and magazine attached to the computer so that the message reaches all stakeholders. Our section of aid dedicated to legal software survey 08 Piracy Business Software Alliance Study, the rate of piracy in Spain between 2005 and 2008 fell 3 points to 43%. It is still a rate among the highest in Europe, away from 25% of Austria or Belgium.

As medium in contact with users end of software, we have the opportunity to raise awareness of the benefits of using legal software. We think that many people don’t use it out of simple ignorance. Most importantly, know that free and legal software can be used. We propose alternatives to those who don’t want to pay licenses, explains Benjamin Segura, head of communications for PortalProgramas. Legal Software campaign is getting much support from institutions and companies, and this is a way to get to the end user. From PortalProgramas they argue that this measure will be accompanied by others that will be published very soon. Contact details: safe Benjamin, director of communication RedAccenir, S.L.


Sunday, October 12th, 2014

At the present time, almost everyone knows about Photoshop, but very few presents, which need this program, and, of course, how to use it. Photoshop is great for adjusting photos, for example, if the picture is not successful very high quality – with the help of Photoshop, you can retouch, correct all that is needed. Photoshop – this program not only for working with photos, but also with all sorts of pictures and images. To draw a good wallpaper, or use clip art, having no special knowledge, try to learn the basics of the program key, everyone can. Yet, thanks to Photoshop to create miracles and teach etuprogrammu, you will need a good sweat! This article we are primarily committed to those who want to work professionally or photo only thinks about how to create a business in this specialty. By and large, in the present time, computer demonstrates new possibilities in any sphere. Is no exception, and Art.

The advantages of digital photography are manifest beforehand. They are: the cost of materials does not differ from the simple printing techniques; image processing has a tremendous opportunity; the whole process takes place in the digital print digital printer or computer so hard conditions to be placed there; ID photo printing is done in 5-10 minutes, which is important for photography; Using digital printing methods, there is a chance to fine and unusually create photo albums, greeting cards, calendars. To do this you need quite a bit – software, templates for Photoshop, photo printer and digital camera. This is enough to open a small photo studio and photo to your business. Next key step is to attract buyers, which depends on a set of products and services offered.

The more set of services, the more customers will entice your photo studio. These days, in order to learn Photoshop, it is possible to go on special courses in Photoshop. When you really want to own it, you have I will give that we spent money to fully pay off. For example, after school you will be able to open his photo studio and sell a variety of design work to order. You must all be, well understand if you do not run this business at the peak of difficulty.

Software Mobile Spy

Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

The mobile software spyware is something that is no longer in the fantasy and is a reality today. Software technology is developing at a rapid pace, and today can spy to almost anyone who has a mobile phone. The software once installed on a mobile phone records the conversations that occur with the wireless device. This way you can now track a problematic employee or spy on your child or your partner, with ease, thanks to the software. Software mobile spy is easy to use. Once installed on the cell phone kept a record of all calls that are made or received through your mobile or cell phone. You don’t need to be trained as a technical expert to working software. Just enter the software and find details.

Sellers who sell the product usually you train in all aspects of the use of the software, which is very simple to use anyway. The software will automatically send you an SMS alert everytime a call telephone is made or received in the particular mobile phone. The mobile software spyware is increasingly more sophisticated. New features are added every day. For example, there are many software developers who offer the feature in the software that can not only trace calls, but also find out the exact location of the person. Sophisticated GPS tracking systems is incorporated as part of the software technology spy. The good thing about the software mobile spy is that used clandestinely. Nobody is going to have a shred of doubt that are being spied. With advanced features, this type of software is growing in popularity.

Software Maintenance

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014

In this article I present some of the best software of maintenance of any computer system, consists of the Piriform line and its products as the are the CCleaner, Recuva, Speccy and Dfraggler. CCleaner: Serves to optimize the computer by cleaning of the registry, trash emptying of recycling, cleaning of the history files, temporary files, management of programs that run when you start your system, uninstall programs. Recuva: A very efficient tool in the recovery of files dnados or deleted accidentally, as well as information or protection to files back. Defraggler: An application to the defragmentation of your hard disk (HD), discusses if necessary, sends fragmented how this information the disc in a percentage and the amount of space in GB that is fragmented, with options to select areas and files to defragment, fragmentation fast or normal, and an estimated time of completion. Speccy: Very effective when looking for information on the computer since it gives you all the technical data as well as name, brand computer, model, type, serial number of the motherboard and other components of the computer as the monitor, processor, hard drive, ram and ahsta a list of the programs that you have installed on the system with the manufacturer and the company name.