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Saturday, December 27th, 2014

After several weeks of absent me, return to give my comments about an excellent software which I found and maybe it was by chance, I don’t know, but since I occupy it to date, has given me very good results. This software is helpful for all those who are dedicated to promote the products of others (affiliate programs) in specific ClickBank. This software has many advantages that put us in a better position to be able to generate income on the Internet and prevent us that learning curve to which we are biased when we want to promote a product. But also noteworthy is not a miraculous software, as everything in life, requires perseverance and dedication, knowing you deal with really, really your income that is increasing. Like any tool support for the affiliates in the market, has its advantages and disadvantages, we must assess these two points to realize if we combiene or not; However when I was evaluating this program I found that has more advantages than disadvantages. One of them at least for my has been of great help is; the like; It has had its trend this product, already many times let us take by the percentage of severity or popularity that has a program. But not to do this as long and it looks like spam, better I leave the link to you same chequen.

Business Software

Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

5. Launch the program. The indicators are all project management and management can be applied in all areas of the company. The administration must inform each employee how he is to be measured, specifying the benefits that have to comply, but also the penalties for those who cover it. 6 . Feedback.

If first time implement a program of indicators to be open to amend, modify and expand the way they measure. It is a dynamic method. If strategies change, indicators must change to maintain alignment. What is the best way to measure and who stands? The person measuring and collecting information should be independent of the subject of measurement, so as to ensure the fairness and reliability in the data. What you need to define is: – Software: It requires a high investment or sophisticated? Do not go to convert the measurement method in a much more expensive than what you measured.

You can start with Excel spreadsheet and as you familiarize yourself and grow, you can use more specialized software. – Frequency? The shorter the better, because it is so early enough to monitor the results of the different areas assessed. There are indicators that can be reviewed daily, weekly or monthly. Others will demand according to its type to be reviewed every month. We are required to link benefits with indicators? If we want all employees of the organization to commit to the strategy of the company, which meet the expectations mainly product and customer expectations, the best way is to have management indicators related to this, but the employee is aware if is an indicator and achieved greater efficiency, performance will be better and greater. Good indicators of management, are efficient tools for motivating employees towards better outcomes that will lead to better outcomes for the company as such. Case: DS Systems (Developments in Software). Since its founding in 2001, DS Systems has been a leader in the market for Web application development, software for accounting and administration, based on next-generation platforms. The turnover in 2006 reached $ 1.6Millones, closing 2007 with $ 2.2 and the projection for 2008 indicated that could close above $ 2.6Millones. One of the main difficulties (according to Mr. Felipe Mendizabal), Operations Manager, has been finding a convenient way to assess performance and measure results so that programmers, analysts and developers gain according to performance projects. Luis Quezada R. Eng, General Manager said in a session that should seek a system indicators used compensation to motivate employees but mainly to influence the results (sales, fulfillment, billing, etc.). Ways to evaluate: The last method was a performance evaluation and for those who were above 85% were bonus. There was much dissatisfaction, so for 2008 must be changed to something better. DS Systems Strategy had been differentiated in the market for a high level of customer satisfaction and also for delivery time. Unlike the market, the accomplishments in delivery times exceeded 83% when the industry average was about 68%. The satisfaction rates at the end of 2007 were close to 88% compared to 82% six months earlier. Study Questions: – What measurement indicators suggest to DS Systems? – What is the strategy of DS Systems and confirm whether the indicators are aligned with it. – Increases or reductions relate to the measurement system? – We offer Software to implement the systems as Balanced Scorecard, investment in license and implementation is $ 65,000 dollars and annual maintenance by 20% annually, should the investment?

Java Bank

Monday, December 22nd, 2014

All these operations can now be done not only through an ATM, but with a mobile phone – if the bank provides pull-services. Incidentally, the implementation of such services requires incomparably less effort and financial investment than installation and maintenance of additional ATMs. In addition, since work on the principle pullservisy query, you can identify the caller on his cell phone number, and if need to seek additional pin-code to confirm the action – for example, transfer funds to another account. Thanks to the intuitive mechanics, reminiscent of communication spredstavitelem bank, pull-service allows customers simply, quickly and at no additional cost to carry out all necessary operations with the account. SMS or Java? There are two main channels for communication between the customer and the bank over a cellular network.

The first and, by virtue of its accessibility, the most common – SMS. This technology and, accordingly, based on her service support for all modern mobile phones, and it is not subject to an additional monthly fee. The client dials query as a text message and sends it to the phone number, and after a while the subscriber receives a response that describes the result of his request. In this case, the client downloads onto your phone a special Java-program, through which we are managed services. C model using Java-based applications common today is much smaller. Firstly, it is actually a ported version of the service "Internet bank", and in the process of developing mobile versions of software products from software, in order to preserve the unique ergonomic mobile telephone are excluded some important elements.

Earn Money Online With Affiliate Programs

Saturday, December 13th, 2014

One of the best ways to make money online is to create our own products and sell them on the net, but it is also true that there is no easy create our own product. Fortunately there are affiliate products, which are products created by third persons, where these people as a means of marketing their products, offer everyone the opportunity to sell those products in exchange for a commission on each sale. The best thing about this is that most people offering these commissions for selling their products, offer this opportunity completely free, there are only a few in which to sell the products you need to first purchase. How to start? To start selling these products, you just have to find, subscribe to the affiliate program to give you a referral link and start promoting with this link, so you can receive commissions for every successful sale. On the Internet there are many people or companies that offer some affiliate program independently, ie to start selling their products need to request your affiliate link directly to that person or company, or buy their products before. But there are also sites where the vendors brokers advertise their affiliate programs, in order to easily recruit people interested in selling these products, greatly facilitated the work to people that we are only interested in finding other products to sell in exchange for a commission, because everything is grouped and organized in such sites. Intermediaries Portals like these there are many, but one of the best and most commercially available products is Clickbank, which has hundreds of thousands of digital products, courses, audio books, software, ebooks, etc.., All organized into categories type, health, business, technology, sports etc.., and are ready for anyone to begin to promote them and earn commissions of between 40% and 75% of product cost. .

AutoShop Manager

Thursday, December 11th, 2014

Very common is that the owners of garages, lean more toward the repair of vehicles than to the proper administration of the workshop, although it is something of can hardly rid it. Long hours doing accounts, to what amount expenditure, know if there were admissions, prepare the information for accounting, print invoices, payment to suppliers, in the end, the list grows and grows. When the management of a workshop is in the traditional way, i.e., the Secretariat is that knows all the details of the Administration and because it handles it very well, is very easy, delegate many activities and we avoid getting involved in that boring business part, so that becomes our right arm and we come to rely on their knowledge to make things work well. But one day our Secretary decides to leave work and we stayed at the beginning with a lot of information that we do not know how to begin to digest it, it gives us fear losing control, and prefer to invest all the extra time that is necessary to retake control. Fortunately, there is already a type of tools for the management of mechanical workshops, like those used to repair vehicles, make us life much more simple, such a tool is the software. With the software for mechanical workshops, each activity in the Administration will always be in the same way and not will depend more on the criterion of the people. No matter if the person intending to program the following disclaimer will do things in the same way as the to the previous one, because the program requires it.

The loss of information no longer be more a problem with the software for mechanical workshops, will always be in one place regardless of who generates it or who use it. Obtaining the information will be immediate and will always be available, not depend on anyone to get it. Due to the longer maturity level to reached the software for managing automotive workshops, is very simple to learn how to handle them, contrary to what might think, are designed to make users lives more simple. Every day more and more mechanical workshops, are adopting this technology to live up to the demands of competition sets, doing his job more simple, more efficient and of course increasing their income. David Uribe is a professional software development with 20 years of experience in the industry, he is the author of AutoShop Manager, a tool specially designed to manage medium and small automotive repair shops.

Legal Protection

Monday, December 8th, 2014

Although there is an international consensus even on the protection that should be given to computer programs (in United States and Japan, for example, are protected by patents), Spanish legislation are protected by intellectual property law, in Title VII of computer programs. There is no doubt that the software is a product of the intellect, and part of the creative activity of the author, although it is difficult to raise the concept of originality against other types of works. Thus, it covers under intellectual property and not industry, enjoying a number of benefits. The term of protection of copyright is 70 years after the author’s death (where it is a legal person is 70 years after the disclosure), against 20 that are established in the patent. Moreover, this protection is automatic, it is born at the moment when a person creates a work, and covers the preparatory documentation, the possible versions and derivative programs. However, a computer program can be protected patent through its registration, but raises the inconvenient that everyone can access the source code. Intellectual property gives to the author rights of exploitation that can be transmitted. These include being able to exploit a series of licenses as use or reproduction, distribution or commercialization licenses (excludes except rent agreed) or license of transformation, which allows the adaptation of the programme to the needs of the user or its translation.

However, even if holder’s authorization is not available, the law allows a lawful user reproduction, transformation and error correction required for the programme, the necessary backup, the in-depth study of the principles of the program and playback. In the so-called information society it does not doubt of the importance of these values and intangible goods in the company. About the software, not to be a tangible product and be developed in small computer media, the rights of the intellectual property can be infringed easily, so it must be in mind as regards its legal protection, since in many cases they have a value higher than the active materials of the company.