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The Results

Thursday, December 31st, 2015

The problem with work is that if you just work hard, it took many years to achieve what you want. For example statistics They show that most millionaires spend 56 years. 56 years is too long. While it is true that today 56 years is just a second childhood, does not aspire to achieve his first million dollars within one or two years? Why wait to spend 40 years to begin to be successful? Why not start now? The foregoing is backed by science and technology. They are not words spoken metaphorically to motivate him.

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To transform your life you only must modify their subconscious beliefs and subliminal videos contain images, text and audio hidden for your mind conscious but clearly perceived by your sub conscious mind. This feature is what gives the enormous power and effectiveness to the subliminal videos. As barriers linked to the perception of the conscious mind will be skipped, messages are received directly by the subconscious mind and then the mental reprogramming that previously took 30 or 40 years or can be achieved in a couple of weeks. Earn $100,000 per month and much more, is possible with the series of Videos subliminal $100,000 per month. Only 20 minutes per day and over thirty days is already gaining much more than you think. do you feel ready for? earn $100,000 per month? Do deserve that possibility be investigated?

Michel Fayol

Wednesday, December 30th, 2015

Psychoanalysis also descasa about the figure, but in the sense of the encrypted message. It exploits the ambiguity of the word. In this sense is at the opposite pole of cognitivism, this is unbearable. You have also pointed out that this ideology of the figure is on track to impose on the University evaluation made his entry into the University 20 years ago, but there is a quantum leap with the Agency for the evaluation of research and higher education (AERES). It is very recent: was created by the Act of 18 April 2006 and installed on March 21.

Since 1985, assessment agencies have multiplied, but academics and researchers were represented in their addresses, and had learned to live with it. It’s over. Everything has disappeared for the benefit of a single agency, independent administrative authority that covers the national territory. It acts under the authority of a quite rare Board, the Ministry appoints members by Decree. No elected member. Similarly, the national, responsible for each discipline, delegate not emanates, in any way, the community of researchers, is appointed by the President of the Agency. The system was conceived by Pr Jean-Marc Monteil, eminent social psychologist ognitivista. It is responsible for the Mission of the Cabinet of the Prime Minister, while the Agency is chaired by Pr Jean Francois Dhainaut, specialist in biotechnology.

National delegate for Psychology: Pr Michel Fayol, successor of Pr Monteil at the University of Clermont-Ferand, the only one of that size where clinical psychology is rigorously gagged from years ago. PR. Monteil told me without laughter that was because of his notorious incompetence in the matter. Aeres is a bureaucratic monster hipercentralizado and particularly opaque: nothing to do with America. It rather resembles the defunct Soviet Union. What is the objective? Do expel the psychoanalysis of the University? The aim is to make profitable research. The result will be very different.

Samsung i900 WiTu 8GBv

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Description and review of Samsung i900 WiTu 8GBv online store stylish compact Windows Mobile smartphone Samsung i900 Witu 8Gb so small that from him did not expect such a large capacity of this device. In size and appearance – this is a typical touch phone, a small touchscreen phone, which does not need to have a huge hand to comfortably hold. The case has well thought-form to combine a large screen and comfortable size. The device is not perfect only in the hand, but in any pocket, even in the breast. A stylish look is reinforced by a metal trim and buttons, made under scratched aluminum. Ergonomic widgets you can easily adjust the working table for themselves. This will help you a comfortable and impressive widgets that can be placed anywhere on the screen.

A wide set of predefined widgets (music, radio, weather forecasts, world time, calendar, photos, social networks and etc.) can easily be expanded by downloading additional manufacturer's site. The innovative touch pad you can keep the Samsung SGH-I900 in one hand and operate it. This is possible through the use of a navigation touch pad area – The touchpad, like those found on laptops. In certain situations it may be much more convenient than the touch screen. But for fans of classic touchpad also works as a standard 5-tipozitsionnoy button. By the way 3.2-inch touchscreen display with WQVGA resolution perfectly handles the rough touch of a finger, and provides a bright, vivid picture in any environment.

Software Facebook

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Best regards. Facebook is the largest social network of the moment and is now when we discover their potential, both in the field student, personal, political, and which can be more interested in economic. Make money on facebook is possible, you can post your business free., to do this you must learn to do it, but do you do drop in the error of many and will simply be masdificil until you can learn how to do it. Visit this website where you will find the full course of facebook. Volviendote an expert save years of learning. When we talk about facebook many are unaware of its potential, it is now booming that he has surpassed google, this added to the vast majority of people who are cited for friendship, it makes it difficult to overcome far more acclaimed social network. Facebook is here to stay and you should know your entire arsenal of tools and applications. Facebook is a very complete platform, to learn how to handle it necessary that you have how to do it, because well this course I recommend you find it in this web page. For my was great to know use facebook in my business without paying a single weight in advertising. You will learn as form groups, events, fan page and get followers.

Twitter And The Video Streaming

Monday, December 28th, 2015

Twitter is a world in itself, and brand their own fashions, customs and even developed a language and own semantics. It was impossible that the practices of marketing on the internet had not altered also. A habit that is growing day by day in importance is the streaming video. Video Streaming? Therefore neither more nor less than the annexation of a video streaming, or the issuance of a home video from a webcam, but supported by Twitter. The video sender is communicated in real-time with your audience through tweets. This service not provided it directly Twitter, but third partners in any way to the. Many sites provide this service. Here are some of them: Twitcam Twitvid Tweetube Twitc I’ve ever seen a twitcam live, may appreciate the simplicity of the offer.

The investment is negligible. Simply a web camera, a pc or laptop, a microphone, and we are ready. We can offer a Lecture, demonstration, a Conference. And that’s nothing but interact in real time with who is watching us, through messages, that appear in the tweet list of who I posted them (which will serve to promote the url of our twitcam). Think about the launch of a new product. An audience of hundreds or thousands of people, captive of his message.

In this way, it will be possible to send personalized messages to a particular target. For example, suppose that one of your Twitter lists brings together contacts interested in one of its product lines. You could be perfectly prepared a presentation aimed specifically at this group of leads and potential customers, with a finely selected message, which will greatly increase your chances of translating these contacts into sales. And what is better, the cost is virtually nil. It is true that other brackets allow you to share Power Point presentations, and increase the instruments that are available to make the presentation. But what Twitter offers is spontaneity, comfort, and openness to all, given that it is not necessary to register in any list, but simply click on the link for the transmission of the twitcam, and ready, another spectator joins transmission. Many sites allow you to save transmissions, so if desired, can be issued again. And in this way we have another tool of web promotion that will contribute not only to disseminate news about our products, but to increase the reach of our brand exponentially.

Universal Wisdom

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

An afternoon in which master Tenno had finished his bath before others, approached Sergei and handed him a good bunch of leaves of dandelions to your rabbit. Sergei he marveled and said thanked: and to think, master Tenno, who think that I’m somewhat crazy by having a rabbit as a pet in the monastery. Say me that these are attachments. Let them speak, he replied with a broad smile. When I was younger he suffered from a strong neurosis and my relatives, teachers and educators up at my monastery did more than tell me change! You have to change! That are no more than hobbies and lack of will! I suffered much until one day I found our master that, when I explained my suffering by being neurotic, I said with that smile we all know do not change! It remains such as you are. In reality, matters little your eye color or the size of your feet. We love you as well as you are and we can not stop loving you.

Those words were as one heavenly music in my heart. I so wanted to as it was! And later, master Tenno? After awakening, I checked it was still neurotic, but he was not suffering! It thus acts the sky with their children. We are not loved for what they are worth or by what we do or by what we have, but by what we are. Well I have some problem with a widow of Nanking who lives in the village and that reminds me of a story of a Tigress who told us the master. Don’t follow that road, Sergei, that will affect the trial. We were talking about pets that feed on dandelions that, for those who cultivate gardens, are a plague and for me and my pet, are an inexhaustible source. That, we can talk about another day. And the widow? Sergei, do not make an issue of what are no more than fluids. Khobar, master!


Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

True prosperity must necessarily be accompanied by this extraordinary habit and custom, enjoy the journey, of the way in pursuit of your dreams.Life is made of thousands, millions of present, eternal moments that ultimately is the only thing that we always have.We establish us goals, we have projects, we have dreams, but every day is what can really enjoy.We do not know if tomorrow we’ll be there, really do not know, what if we possess is the eternal now.I wonder then what should we do?, well, have very clear goals and objectives, but that the attainment and achievement thereof shall not prevent us savour the delights of the present, if we do not do this, the only thing that can happen and that will indeed happen is that when you get to the goal you feel a great vacuum. This means that cultivate the presence, be present in every step we take in our journey on Earth, have meaning and be holy.You will definitely not regret live this way. Apart from that live in the now, and enjoy it fully, you prevents falling a victim of your own ego.If you enjoy every day with your children, your family, your friends, with your own no matter what happens, pain less since that will be not forgotten to live fully every moment that will give you the Lord, concerned of your loved ones, your partner, your friends and family, why is very important to cultivate the good habit of enjoy the process. Hug our children, sit and talk every day, see you in the eyes and not allow that the runs runs all day prevents us savor the gift of the present. You know? today only today we have that opportunity tomorrow do not know.He has always accompanied me this thought seeks first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all the other are you dara in addition. This word of God has helped me in the time I’ve had to prioritize, I always wonder in a situation, where I have to decide, something important that God I do want in his Kingdom, and also attached to his justice, and generally the responses have nothing to do with what the world says that you should do, towards where you have to move, usually are other priorities of God, but those are those that allow you enjoy the process, and the results, these priorities, despaegarte of the Kingdom of God are those that invite you to ignore a banality, running after the wind and do hand part at the moment with what eventually reported you a benefit more beyond what our small mind We can communicate.I then invite you to enjoy your trip and your processes….

Musical Theatre

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015

Marx theater, 1977/78); Fornes in the Musical (Musical Theatre of Havana, 1979); Rosita in concert (T. k. Marx, 1981); Portrait en vivo (Teatro Mella, 1982); Gala Guzman (theater k. Marx, 1982 / 2003); You like; like (Teatro Mella, 1984); Being an artist (National Theatre 1987 / 1990); Gala 50 years artistic life (GTH, 1988); All a vedette (Teatro Mella, 1988 / 1989); Fornes to scene (Terry theater / national, 1989) (his official farewell from the lyrical genre); Vedettisima (x Cuba, 1989-1990 tour / Karl Marx theater, 1991 / American Theatre, 1992); As always the Fornes (Teatro Mella / American Theatre, 1995); Fornes live (Amphitheater of Havana, 1997); Fornes in black and white (Amphitheater of Havana, 2001); A rose for everyone. (National x Cuba tour / GTH, 2003)(For the first time–to its 80 years – was sweeping: City by city (18), all Cuban geography); Rosita Fornes, between friends (room Hubert de Blanck, 2005); A rose with glamour (GTH, 2006); Three times women (2006 GTH) and Rosa (Tour 2007) time. For more than two decades, Cuban cinema trumped his presence due to its great work on television. Not called until 1983 which was called by the absence in the film by directors who claimed his presence; but it was call with be trade-in could demonstrate to the forgetful and skeptics who he was and which was awarded; the film achieved a resounding success. Then would come Placido (1986), supporting roles (1989), love me and you’ll see (1994), the last nights of Constantinople (2001) and at dusk (2001).

In 1996 was invited by the Spanish Repertory Theatre to the city that gave it birth, New York. There would be several presentations. In 1999 would in Miami: concert of Remembrance (Starfish Club, Miami Beach). And in 2003, he returned to the floridana city with a rose for the Divas (ASHE Auditorium-Hotel Hyatt). Their latest lyrical stakes would be with the Cuban zarzuela Cecilia Valdes (1998) in the role of Dona Rosa Sandoval of Gamboa and Maria La O (1999) as the Marchioness of el Palmar, this last work was brought to Spain, appearing at the Teatro Campoamor of Oviedo, Asturias; they subsequently act in La Coruna, Leon and Segovia.


Sunday, December 20th, 2015

Ah! I remember as if he had been yesterday the first time that vi the sea. I woke up or they had waked up better me very early still, was dark and I was led half sleeping. I do not know if was, my grandmother, two aunts and I, of bus or car. I only remember to see me dressing a yellow bathing suit with red flowers, ahead of that so powerful imensido and water stranger. The racket of deafened me to the sea and all my directions were confused.

I arrived to think that it was a dream, or nightmare; size was the impact that caused me that vision. My grandmother held my hand or I held the hand of it, I do not know. I do not know how many years it had; one four or five years perhaps. I had a compound of fear, joy and gratitude to some thing, but in special it, D. Albertina, my grandmother. For it to be there, with me, dividing and providing me, a so magical, only moment in my life, and nothing with the hand of my grandmother to support me. Frightfully pretty thing the sea, to the eyes of a child.

One without end of water and sky. The water was green, shining and sparked under the sun. Still I smell I feel it of the sea; that sea of my infancy, and also its flavor, salty, salty ……………… I enter in ecstasy when remembering this day, with the divine sensation caused that me and left roots, of the wind that came there of far, of that place of the sea, where I found that nobody I could have fond. There, in the side of the sea, with its waters wetting my infantile feet, with my grandmother holding my hand and saying any thing that I never knew that he was, I felt a thing that until today I do not know to explain. In that instant I could know ' ' the holy ghost ' ' , as much that, still today, all the times that I think about God, I believe that of all the things who I know, the one that more comes close in similarity the God, either the sea. Immense, intense, mysterious; of and it takes off the life. Guard of secrets and mysteries. There either night that is day, it continues, fearless, strong, powerful. It does not need nobody to continue to exist. It could write in details, all the possible tricks in the praial Could speak of the wonderful dainties that my grandmother prepared; of the fear that felt to lose me of it, in that so unknown world. But I cannot translate words the generous joy that overflew of my grandmother, in its words, affections and attentions with me. today, close or far from the sea, still I can feel the same sensations of the first day and there the homesickness that I feel of it, of it and me blows up.

Schools and Technology

Monday, December 14th, 2015

The dynamic, competitive business scenario has come from both national and international challenges, leading to changes that management should take into account to ensure a good turnout. You should take into account everything about creativity, innovation, technology, competitiveness, the latter determining their effective performance, operation L manager by identifying with the modern professional practice is to send it, can not ignore the problems, challenges , threats and opportunities that the scenarios are presented, plus, when globalization becomes dynamic, where the large economic blocs, alliances, encourage productivity, giving way to creativity, innovation, creating new administrative paradigm, which requires management professionals, our case is identified with the current knowledge society, are prepared, be trained to interpret what should be to define strategies and tactics to be used if you want to be competitive, if we are to win or stay in the markets. There are other topics that can not be neglected as: new ways to buy and pay, the development of database marketing, the rise of service industry, the advent of information society, the proliferation of new products , multiplication of distribution channels, explosion of the use of coupons, how to advertise, of course are other aspects of the market that management should evaluate whether you really want to stay in business. It should not be neglected.Administration Schools must give way to changes in curricula that empower and train managers to assess significant aspects affecting the identifying characteristics of this business, successful.