Intel Core Duo SOS

Award from SOS software service on the Intel Software Conference in Prag Augsburg_Munchen, 25.04.08: on the Intel Software Conference in Prague was 2008 SOS software service with award fastest growth’ (fastest growth) of Intel Software elite of reseller within Europe as – is. A high point of diesjahri – gen Intel Software Conference was the award of SOS software service as the Intel Software elite reseller in euro pa with the fastest growth. The award officially confirmed how important is SOS software service as a sales channel for the global software manufacturer Intel. Intel software had a fantastic year 2007 in Europe and especially in Germany. Through the introduction of multicore architectures, the need for software developers is getting bigger, to parallelize applications to achieve greater gains in performance. The incredible growth in Germany is back on this fundamental change in the developer market.

SOS software service helps the market during the transition to multicore processors instrumental. Intel’s sales has risen since last year in Germany by more than 79% software products. SOS software service GmbH was honored as the leading reseller, which took advantage of the increasing demand for software for application development for multi-core processors.”explains Mr Phil De La Zerda, Director of sales and business development of Intel software products. We are very proud of the award, which is based on close collaboration with Intel. For us, it is the result of our investment in employee training and certifications. So we can meet the high level of customer service and advice required on the market.”stated Mr.

Joaquim dos Santos, Managing Director of SOS software service GmbH. Intel Corporation with the Intel can products for software development the full power of multi core processors are used efficiently. Intel tools are an excellent addition to multicore platforms such as Intel ViiV and Intel Core Duo platform. The user’s application performance is through the Improved threading support the Intel C++ and Fortran compilers, VTune Performance Analyzer, Intel Cluster tools and Intel performance libraries. Intel compilers offer faster code execution on Intel platforms. Compilers are available for C++, Fortran, and integrated applications and support the leading operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. Intel Compilers are compatible with other tools used by developers, and insert in common ENT development environments. They provide source and binary compatibility with popular compilers. Intel, Intel logo, Intel Core, Intel Viiv, and VTune are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the United States and other countries. SOS software service GmbH value-added distribution that SOS software service GmbH, for over ten years as Intel software partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, is a leading company in the field of value added distribution. Successfully on the market than 30.0000 customers with software from over 700 operate for 21 years, Supervised manufacturers. Value added distribution means not only logistics, but also comprehensive and up-to-date product and licensing knowledge and regular certification by manufacturers. The care of over 40,000 different items ensures the SOS software service customers at any time easy, cheap and fast procurement of software. Professional processing of orders of any size, shortest delivery times, electronically, include the standard service.

VHS Videotapes

Almost all the houses there are at least one VHS videotape, film (perhaps even a video archive) remarkable case of life saved for viewing many years later. Of course, now used DVD-media everywhere will save significant time in the long term. However, when you will show your children the video material on the film, the happy anticipation can turn a sad disappointment – analog video media, regardless of the circumstances of storage, over time losing money due to the fact that the tape is demagnetized or magnetized and become completely unusable. The same is true with slides, photographic film, decaying under the influence of temperature, time, and mechanical forces. The best way to resolve the problem – transferring the information from the analog to "figure" – digitizing films VHS, films. For photos of the films, as well as slides used the term 'scanning', given the method of translation.

Digitization of video films. The advantages of digital video available (easy to operate while viewing the material, long shelf life, easy maintenance, easy to copy a record without losing original quality), but still digitizing VHS or film, instead of enthusiasm, can cause to regret the money spent. This would happen if you committed the arduous process of digitizing the film a man, slightly familiar with the characteristics of a variety of formats, from which in fact formed high-quality video. A self-digitization of the film at using video-computer will produce results that are long repulse motivation to improve the condition of their videos. Masterfully performed by digitizing the video films (VHS) conducted high-class specialists, with years of practical experience. First step is digitizing the film on a computer used videokonvertory having hardware filters amendment – image stabilization, noise reduction, proofreader temporary deformation. Next, eliminate the apparent gaps, create menus, encode and then record the video disc.

Digitizing film is stated below steps: projecting a projector with a film of material on display; digitizing signal received directly via a digital video camera, video cleansing all kinds of filters – Remove flicker, marriage, addition of saturation, chroma. If you want to complement the corresponding video music create a DVD, containing menus and texts. Scanning slides. Film scanning – the highest quality and, of course, expensive way to digitize. In order to handle the family often enough at the video clarity. Most Active can scan slides, photos. This kind of process is extremely resursoemok because of the technology DIGITALICE – applying it perfectly eliminate the slides from scratches, dust and fingerprints. Interestingly, the scanning time is almost that does not depend on the degree of damage of the film. However, the investigation of the scans – high-quality photos. As can be seen, hoping to save the video on VHS films, films or slides with pictures, the only infallible resolution of the problem – digitizing the film.

Office Software

balesio a free license of the software TurboDemo provides 7.5 standard participants, to promote the use of digital media in the (technical) classes. “Reutlingen / balesio Dillingen (July 29, 2008), with the products of TurboDemo and ALLCapture is one of the leading companies for E-learning and screen-capturing solutions make teaching advanced course online participants of the training offer Intel ” a free license of TurboDemo 7.5 standard available. The training initiative was developed in cooperation of the company Intel and the Academy for teacher training and personnel management in Dillingen. It is all teachers in the German-speaking about the Web address available. “With the project of Intel teaching advanced course online” skills in the use of innovative teaching methods, such as group puzzle, WebQuest, learning by teaching (LdL), and the use of digital media in the subjects are practical in the context of an online-based teacher training conveys. In addition, several thousand learning objects for the design of her teaching materials available are the teachers. balesio, a free license of the software TurboDemo 7.5 available provides teachers in the framework of this project.

With TurboDemo screen content in any form can record and create interactive presentations and demos in various formats. The software is ideal for the creation of animated training presentations, e-learning and blended learning courses. “” With TurboDemo we give to teachers a free tool, easily and in a short time to create Web-enabled training courses “, so Marc Schuler from balesio, we are pleased to support this project.” Through the Academy for teacher training and personnel management in Dillingen, in addition to the core area of teacher training, the Academy advises schools and thing cost carrier in terms of IT equipment and media education. More information on the Internet at Intel education Intel education promotes higher education and teacher training projects worldwide successfully for years. Information, see education about balesio balesio – formed the firm of Bernard D & G (founded in 1998). balesio is an innovative software company develops and markets intelligent, user-friendly standard software. Best sellers sold products PPTminimizer for PowerPoint, ALLCapture and TurboDemo in over 120 countries within only 2 years. Many of the Fortune Global 500 companies as well as leading universities of balesio standard appreciate the high quality as well as the individual software solutions. While balesio is one of the leading companies for E-learning and screen-capturing solutions with TurboDemo and ALLCapture products’s evolved PPTminimizer balesio releases native format to the market leader in the field of Office compression programs.

Belgili Tan?ml?k Ate? Ka?

Sörf istiyorsan?z Internet kolayca de?il yeni Firefox 2.0 olsun. Bu i?lemi ve güvenlik biraz oldu. Örne?in olmu?tur sekmeli tarama yeni revize. Son olarak, herhangi bir yeni Web sitesi fazladan bir sekme olarak aç?l?r. Sekmeli tarama sevilen ve tamamen haline gelmi?tir. Hiçbir taray?c? bugün sekmeli tarama olmadan ç?kar. Chronicle içinde ate? bile son aç?lan Web sayfalar? geri kolayla?t?r?r.

Çünkü s?k?c? ile zaman ana sayfa üzerinde taray?c?, bir tane bile koyar. Tüm favori Web son Internet oturum s?ras?nda ziyaret etti?iniz sayfalar? gerekirse aç?labilir. Taray?c? aniden çöker veya istemeden kapat?r ayn? olur. Hatta program kapan?? önce gönderilmemi? metinler, yaz?l? Firefox geri yükler. Tam olarak nereye ne yaz?k ki zorla durdurmak zorunda kald? noktada devam edin. Yeni entegre yaz?m denetimi do?rudan taray?c?da daha rahatt?r.

Yaz?m hatalar?n? oldular hemen düzeltildi. Bu çok için bakmak için can s?k?c? hata sonra her zaman kazand?r?r. Ate? uza?a ile rahats?z edici ve sinir bozucu reklam yapar. Varsay?lan olarak, aç?l?r pencere engelleyicisi etkinle?tirilmi?tir. ?stenmeyen aç?lan kutular kolayca aç?labilir. 1000’den fazla Firefox eklentileri kar??dan yüklenebilir. Baz? yeni taray?c? tüm görünümünü de?i?tirebilirsiniz ve ba?kalar?n?n ek reklam engelleme. E-posta istemcisi ve takvim, örne?in, ücretsiz için eklenebilir. Firefox yal?n, Internet kendi göre taray?c? isterdim böylece kullan?c?lar ve ihtiyaçlar?na, binlerce kullanarak adapte tasarlanm??t?r eklentileri Firefox 2.0 için.

Protect Against Malicious Software

The manufacturer of virus scanners praise your software usually as a silver bullet against malware of any kind. But is that really the case? A few days ago, a desperate PC users called me and asked for advice. “What I could do for him”, I asked. “The BKA is threatening me with the deletion of my hard drive, if I do not till tomorrow 100 on a particular account!” At this point I that the customer 1 never could have deals with the subject of security, 2. therefore completely unaware faced said customer with the perceived threat, and 3. urgent action might not be the worst idea realized. I therefore asked: “do you have a backup of your important data? Yes, I know that such a question is completely ridiculous, because in such a situation, an affected party can have no backup. Had he looked after it, he would have called safe.

As always, you guessed it already, there was no backup. Next question: “like him because it came was to call me?” “I you found in the Internet under computer service Leipzig, there was some quick help, so please you deliver these now as cheap. I went so – and the usage moved over more than 3 hours. First, I tried to eliminate the problem with a so-called emergency CD (consider the non-existent backups at all fundamentalist criticism – a brutal new installation was not possible). In the course of this felt eternal process however turned out, that the system not only one, but was beset by more than 100 pests. Moreover, the non-functioning Internet connection prevented that the signatures of the rescue disk could be updated. It would have been actually now at the latest at the time, to stand up and just go.

But each of us carries finally ambition in itself, and I was in such moments very much. We agreed so that the really important data recovered from an emergency system (This starts from a CD and is therefore not vulnerable) be and the PC in the connection itself is used by the customer. And that the customer please heed a few clear rules in the future: missing data backup is risky, “it is no longer without”, if the virus scanner several times a day points to malicious software and offers to eliminate them, that doesn’t mean that he actually manages to do so, to download and install software from untrusted source leads straight to destruction, if the virus scanner mean, it’s all OK, then this does not mean that you can rely on it also.

National Institute

The project of law of emergencia in the matter of residential policy contemplates a series of measures which will tend to solve in the medium and long term, the deficit of houses that affects the great majority of the Venezuelan population. Within the measures that are contemplated we can mention the following: Urban land occupation that stops the construction of residential land units apt for the development of a residential policy that goes to the benefit of the users of the system. The development and the planning of the self-construction, extension and improvements of the houses in combination with the communities. Regulation of the consumptions of the production of the construction as well as the regulation of the prices of the raw material for the development of houses of social interest. To stimulate to the small and medians companies so that they destine his resources to the massive production of residential units. To look for mechanisms of financing in conditions of accessibility for the needed families more. Policy of awarding of gratuitous houses in form for the families who do not describe for the credits of residential policy. This instrument looks for nonproductive the urban or immovable land affectation or that is being subused to destine them to the development of a massive residential policy.

The affected goods are the following: buildings and lands municipal property of the Republic, lands and Ejidos, idle buildings private and uncultivated lands. It establishes the law project a series of fiscal stimuli in the matter of IVA and Tax on the Rent for the productive beings. The Presidency of the Republic will be the order to direct rectora of this Law, being created for it the National Institute of Urban Earth and Houses. The law contemplates the possibility of the total or partial subsidy for the people needed a house, for which the benefit will have to be asked for considering the following requirements: Identity card, RIF, declaration sworn of not having house, contract of buying and selling option, among others. Of equal way, the law project contemplates a series of modifications to the system of contribution of the residential policy for this way increasing the amount of the hypothecating loans, fitting this way the credits to a changing reality that as a result of the inflation has come affecting the users from the system which they could not buy house with the amounts that until now are granted for the main acquisition of house. It is as well as one settles down that the amount of the financing will be included/understood between one hundred and six hundred minimum wages. This way when settling down by minimum wages, the amount of the hypothecating credits will adjust in the measurement that changes the value of the minimum wage. Despite the benefits of this law, it is necessary that all the productive sectors of the society come together so that the residential problem is solved, taking into account to the sectors from the construction, the producers of consumptions and raw materials, the financial organizations and the governmental organs so that an agreement in the matter of policy becomes residential thus to provide a solution in the medium and long term and that the population sees satisfied the necessity to have worthy house.

Car Alarms

Then open the driver's door from inside. On some models of cars, you will not succeed. Therefore, Reach, and open the hood. If alarm system worked, it means that everything is ok. If not, it should definitely put another one. Do not trust what is written in the instructions to the machine. Sometimes there is a record of the presence of signaling, but its not. And turn it off at the station can have authorized dealer.

This is done very easily. One way to close the sensor opening hood and all. Your alarm is remote central locking. Manage the locks would stick, and keep cars there. Then you of the alarm should be included, of course for the money, or put another. So since we are trying to get some more money. So we figured out with alarm, but this is the first and cheapest step to protect your car.

Further, if you have a car with automatic transmission, I recommend to put a lock on the box. They are pin without pin. By efficiency, they are identical, the only difference is convenience. In the pin when you need to unlock pull the pin and where to put it. In no whip you in the center console out the core. All management is key (just like in the apartment), he turned to one side, closed, opened at another. And even within passed the motion pin, which locks the box. But it is more expensive, though not by much. Often manufacturers dragon, BEAR-LOCK, MUL-T-LOCK. As for the quality they are virtually identical. Why did I say about the automatic gearbox, because when the machine standing in the parking lot, with a closed lock, it can not roll. If you put a block on a mechanical box, then under its own power machine: whether it be Chevrolet or Opel, or any other model, will not go away, but roll, replacing the clutch can be. Therefore, the unit performs the same role as the alarm system or immobilizer, and put it on the mechanics of a waste of money. Of course in different brands of car locks effectiveness varies. For example, on mercedes or bmw efficiency is very high. And on toyota volkswagen, or below, as there is access to the gear box under the hood. But all the same under the hood you can put special breakaway screws, which are not allow to bypass the lock box.

SGAE Departs

A Governing Committee shall direct the SGAE from next July 12, date until which Teddy Bautista will remain as head of the Board of Directors. Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Juan Ignacio Alonso, Caco Senante and Sabino Mendez, Member of the Board of Directors, explain the performance of the new team. Teddy Bautista acquiesced, authorized and prompted the diversion of funds from the SGAE. Who’s who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Communique of the General Society of authors to the public. Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) has decided to set aside its functions to the alleged ringleader of the case Saga, Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri, director of the subsidiary digital SGAE (SDAE), although it insists that it be taken into account his presumption of innocence. This agency has announced in a press conference that the new Board of Directors of the SGAE, formed by artists such as Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Sabino Mendez, Caco Senante and Jose Ignacio Alonso has appeared. The Board policy has announced the creation on July 12 of a Governing Committee which will assume the functions of its Board of Directors and internal the initiation of an investigation to verify the alleged diversion of funds.

Teddy Bautista will remain at the disposal of the new governing Commission, which will have power to dismiss him, so it will continue provisionally until July 12 as Chairman of the Board of direction of the SGAE. Teddy Bautista thinks neither resign nor us have invited him to resign, he has clarified Caco Senante, who has been surprised by the fact that judicial intervention was the next day of elections in the SGAE. For his part, singer Victor Manuel, who has been in charge of reading the communique of the SGAE, pointed out that the Governing Committee will be directed by an external, independent person and recognized prestige and composed by four authors and an editor, elected by the Board of Directors.

Alarms And Deficiencies In The Administration

Carlos Mora Vanegas General The dynamic behavior of economic scenarios presents a very demanding competition, dominated by the presence of products and services with quality labels, in compliance with all international quality standards scheduled. All this has made, which companies to operate efficiently in them, need to have a management able to cohesively integrate their resources, not least that this represents have a team of well trained and identified with their roles, so to ensure productivity. It is necessary to identify ways of how organizational behavior is manifesting in business, cu (the climate is showing achievements and all those barriers, impediments, obstacles that have had to overcome to become more operational. Some managers are fully identified with the importance, the extent of having a well developed human resource, trained, able to make way for the experience to implement their skills to succeed productivity. Key considerations and scope is not surprising therefore that is revealed, that the pro organizations today are struggling to implement in your business process reengineering, strategic management and other philosophies. Successful implementation depends largely on the learning curve and the resistance to change with it.

Yet, somehow, using the traditional training courses for a few weeks to just be part of a curriculum and not the daily performance of the organization. It is necessary that organizations recognize the need for flexible tools that can be implemented quickly and show results in the shortest time possible. Any person outside the company can easily detect the points where it is still inefficient.

Kitchen Designs

The attributes that are due to consider when choosing a bell for the kitchen must go beyond the physical model of the product, is only very frequent the client to only base their election on this last one and this is a serious error, although they give to our kitchens a distinction touch and elegance is necessary to consider at least the following points basic to assure to us to realise a good investment: It is necessary to firstly consider the engine power of the bell because this was reflected in the extraction power, a power superior to the 600m3/hora will be but that sufficient. The noise, is very annoying to acquire a bell that generates much noise, is necessary to decide to us that in a healthy atmosphere it will be due to look for to eat with the minus noise possible to make our moment pleasant. It is necessary to review or if one is going away to use like extractor or purifier since these are totally different things, some bells only come optimized for a single from these operations. The type of keyboard, some bells for kitchen use electromechanical bellboys (type push) that they already estan average old-fashioned, the present thing is the digitalis, eye with this. To check that they bring " Timer" or programmer of extinguished automatic, this function avoids having to us to stop of the table to extinguish the bell to us, this function offers to comfort and sophistication us that makes see us better including with our guests. The type and calibrates of the stainless steel, we must pay attention well for example in which it is of a good caliber so that long time lasts to us, some seem that they estan done of paper so to speak and the brightness of the metal is very little. That type of filter has, normally they take one of aluminum and another one of activated charcoal, this I complete is of the best thing to eliminate the bad scents since they are catched and dispersed there same offering pure and pleasant air again to the environment. .