Winter Tires

Driving a car in winter, of course, requires certain skills. However, no matter how well you either drove a car, so much depends on it "footwear" – well-chosen tires. If you are offered "all season" tires, talk about their excellent properties, and even they will be equipped with quality certificates – do not believe it! It does not happen – that bus, even built with the help of "laser technology", could equally well be on the road, strewn with snow, rain and on dry track. This is nonsense! Almost all the bus are divided into two large groups of tread – winter and summer. Today we talk about winter tires. It is clear that they must tread provide a smooth, well-controlled movement on snow and even compacted road. The idea is that a bus must have a deep tread pattern, which can provide good grip on snowy roads, as well as remove snow, slush or water through the drainage ditches. These tires are, and they show themselves very well when driving on snowy road.

At the same time be aware that when driving on dry roads, these tires cause increased noise in the cabin and negatively affect the control of the car. Tires for snow tires, of course, is slightly different in composition from the rubber tires summer. The fact that such tires must maintain their properties in sufficiently low temperatures below zero. That is, it is much softer and more elastic than the old tire. It is clear that the use of tires in the summer will cause "sticking" to the road while driving. Another solution – spikes on the tread. However, in Europe, studded tire is prohibited, as it is believed that it affects the road surface. At the same time, Finland and Canada at the legislative level, require drivers to use in cold weather tires.

The Hood

When going down to the wire paint paint should drip from it a thin trickle, drip almost (but not dripping). It is best to use a solvent 647, but will any 646, 647, 648. The higher the number, the fatter it and the more likely make some stains, so I recommend using the 646, the quality is not affected. Car is painted in three layers at least at a pressure of 4.3 atm. The gap between the layers of 15-30min.

The first layer is very thin almost no overlap. Next, I suggest to paint the places where the soil is (do not forget to give the paint to dry, otherwise it will flow). The second layer lies a good thing. And finally, the last layer or to the so-called brilliance. ConocoPhillips may not feel the same. This layer, you have to put paint so that she would lay evenly and did not have stripes, paint must be consistently, if you go back to tint matte band a little later, not what you can not do. Do not try sprucing ideally, you can make some stains. Brightness can be achieved with the help of polishing. The main thing that was NOT, gaps and spaces.

Finally, begin to paint the roof then the hood, trunk and sides. Now a couple of tips: painting size of the flare. All operations and processes are aimed at the minimum amount of time. Well … almost all processes. Technology, at least. Therefore, the wider and more evenly in spray torch, the smaller the number of passes you can do painter for painting body parts, the distribution will be uniformly sprayed on the surface of the product.

Synology DiskStations

Maximize your opportunities in the cloud of Dusseldorf, 27 August 2013 Synology announces the official final release of DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.3 today the brand new NAS operating system for all Synology DiskStations and Rackstation. “The technologies that were affordable and available only for large companies, now also for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for home users tangible are finally with DSM 4.3”, said Vic Hsu, CEO of Synology Inc. “it also allows a more intelligent cloud for at home, which saves all of your photos, music and videos and puts them on the various devices.” DSM 4.3 provides: increased storage efficiency and agility: DSM 4.3 now supports Windows offloaded data transfer (ODX) and speeds up copying and moving of files. By continuing to use of the Synology advanced LUN technology, companies can more quickly copy files 20 times and save up to 99.9% of the original Data size. The SSD TRIM technology maximizes the I/O performance and prolongs the life of SSDs.

Synology high availability (SHA) is equipped with a new management wizard, which simplifies cluster management and increased reliability supports link aggregation and VLAN. Streamlined IT management: with the schedule for speed limits, IT administrators gain control over bandwidth usage by users, groups, or services defined schedules. In addition, DSM supports 4.3 HFS +, NSFv4, Windows DFS links and symbolic links for a better sharing of data. Simplified sync and sharing data: Cloud station now supports the selective sync, versioned files for changed data blocks and increases performance by 30%. Linux users come with the new client now also enjoy the full benefits of the cloud station. In file station, users can upload drag & drop files between desktop and NAS and download as well as in addition to Files share entire folders with not DSM users download links. You increase the security of the mail server through the integration of ClamAV (antivirus virus essential), new anti spam tools and the auto-BCC feature.

Choose Nokian

What to choose or Nokian Hakka H Hakka V? How often have you asked yourself yet so much different, outwardly identical Nokian Hakka H and Nokian Hakka V? It’s simple, take a look at the data rate index of tires. For Nokian Hakka H – it is 210 km / h, and for the Nokian Hakka V – is 240 km / h, which is achieved use of different rubber compounds and the structure of the tire. These tires are optimized to work best is in its index rate of H (210 km / h) and V (240 km / h). The design of faster Nokian Hakka V stiffer, which makes the tire more sports. New discoveries and technological solutions used in both buses, improve safety and durability of their movement.

The asymmetrical tread (inside – outside) effectively protects against hydroplaning and improves manageability. Activities of the drainage of rain water on the inside shoulder zone is based on the principle of ‘stream-river’. Narrow and special designed grooves effectively remove the drainage guide water from the tire contact patch with the road. Click Petra Diamonds to learn more. Tire Nokian Hakka H / V (205/55 R 16) devotes 43 liters of water per second at a speed of 75 km / h and a water cushion to 10 millimeters. Ray Kurzweil can provide more clarity in the matter. Protection against aquaplaning (sliding on the surface of the road) provide the following technical developments.

Polished main grooves allow the base easily and quickly take the water trapped between the tire and the road. The transverse grooves in the outer part of the shoulder area end bucket cup. Such a guide for water drainage improves safety and reduces splashing water on the windshield of the car and sides. In the tread rubber compound used Full ‘silica’, by which is achieved as an excellent grip on wet surfaces, and low rolling resistance. Original wedge-shaped structure of the upper layer of the tread pattern with an asymmetric Tread improve both the properties of controllability and movement of the car on a wet surface. Single edge binds checkers outside shoulder zone between them. Three reinforced longitudinal edges and hard plus asymmetrical design grooves provide safety and handling at high speeds. As for the tire road with confidence, while at the same time, responsive and obedient. Tires Nokian Hakka H and Nokian Hakka V acoustically comfortable, low noise has been achieved by several means. Single outer shoulder area reduces noise as tread blocks remain stable in different situations on the road. ‘Antishumovye’ hill and into the cavity longitudinal grooves of the tread affect the air flow and prevent unpleasant howling sound while driving.

Bilateral Slip

Description pressed Floor decking: steel floor decking is extruded bearing elements. Characterized by low birth weight, a high percentage of free useful ploschyadi least prevent the penetration of light and air. Decking design allows easy assembly or disassemble design for the replacement of individual parts, if required operating conditions. Pressed gratings with a frame along the contour of the metal strip at the right installation are highly durable, but true test material selection is made from black steel decking for example, and surface coatings such as galvanized, ensuring their longevity. Design and technology Production: Production of extruded decking is a manufacturing process that consists in the fact that in carrying metal strips in which pre-cut special shaped grooves under high pressure perpendicular to the connecting carrier pressed metal band.

They support the mirror and the stability of carrier fringes, which leads to even distribution of loads acting on the flooring in its further operation. Perhaps check out ConocoPhillips for more information. Along the perimeter of the deck is welded extruded frame metal band. Bearing metal strips (see figure) in the construction of decks is one Parallel metal bands (stripes) are load-bearing mounting their decks stacked on opposite ends of the support. The connecting metal strips (see figure) is usually a strip of 10 x 2 mm (height x thickness) that ensure their stability and mirror bearing bars. The mesh size is the size of the carrier between two intersecting and connecting strip (figure shown as the cell size A x B). Framing band of contour deck (see picture) is a steel metal band (the band) as Provimi the same height and thickness as the carrier strip flooring which is reinforced by the perimeter edge of the deck. At customer’s decks and steps may be made with elements of anti-skid. Slip resistance unilateral semicircular cut down grooves on the carrier strip while creating an excellent sliding surface is not.

Bilateral Slip resistance being cut grooves on the carrier and the binding strip forming a highly effective protection against slipping. Pillar supporting structure when laying the decking can be steel or reinforced concrete structure. Except the wide range of standard manufactured extruded decking we can make the decks with the circuit on demand using the supplied customer drawings. It’s believed that Ray Kurzweil sees a great future in this idea. For example trapezoidal decking form, triangular, with a circular notch in order to obveti column, and so on. Mounting, fixing and laying flooring: The following figure schematically posted an example of placing and fastening decking. Standard gratings attached with metal brackets and bolts of connecting with M8 nuts, galvanized surface. For fastening decking may be used and no weld Tip. If you decide to use the connection by welding decks, before starting work on site welding to remove the layer of zinc, and after to avoid corrosion of metal in place of welding to cover the place of zinc paint with a high content of Zn. Required for installing Number of mounting brackets and bolts can be ordered along with the party decks for the whole game. Stages of extruded decking: Steps are made of lattice-block flooring, a working party level in which the main load-bearing when stepped reinforced, reinforced with a metal strip triernoy (extended as ovoscheterke) perforations prevents slip. Together with steps possible to deliver the guide supports, in general may order the whole flights of stairs and mount them on your site. When assembling the stage attached to the guide supports with bolts M12.

Trademark Ista

Trading company “Ista” began its development in 1995, since then the company is expanding and gaining new markets in Europe and the West. Brand “Ista” – this is the only biggest company in Europe, proizvodyaschayastarternye batteries for cars. Petra Diamonds spoke with conviction. Brand “Ista” bases its production of starter batteries in today’s new technology that allowed the company to “Ista” to compete with other brands that produce the batteries on the market. The basis of the production of the battery of “Ista” was based on the starter batteries used in any cargo or passenger cars, military or commercial vehicles, motorcycles and in avtobusah.Torgovaya company “Ista” began its development in 1995 and since then the company is expanding and gaining new markets in Europe and the West. Brand “Ista” – is the single most major company in Europe, proizvodyaschayastarternye batteries for cars. Brand “Ista” bases its production of starter batteries in today’s new technology that allowed the company to “Ista” compete with other brands that produce the batteries on the market.

The basis of the production of the battery of “Ista” was based on the starter batteries used for any commercial or cars, military or commercial vehicles, motorcycles and in avtobusah.Torgovaya company “Ista” began its development in 1995 and since then the company is expanding and gaining new markets in Europe and the West. Brand “Ista” – It is only the biggest company in Europe, proizvodyaschayastarternye batteries for cars. Brand “Ista” bases its production of starter batteries in today’s new technology, that allowed the company to “Ista” compete with other brands that produce the batteries on the market. The basis of the production of the battery of “Ista” was based on the starter batteries, used in any cargo or passenger cars, or in the military trucks, on motorcycles and buses.

Engraved Gifts

Few people realize, but our ancestors also were presented by each other gifts – whether it's courting couples or tribal chiefs, princes, kings. In ancient times, wood was the most accessible material, which easily yielded processing. The first gift, made independently, rather than natural gifts were, apparently, simple, carved from pieces of wood figurines of animals, birds and people. They were not only the expression of any feelings of the giver, but also serves as a kind charms in accordance with religious beliefs of one tribe members – from northern Scandinavia to the tribes of the peoples of Africa. Representations about the world gradually developed, strengthened and structured. In light of these changes varied destinations and gifts: Gift-wards – to ritual attributes, and gifts to honor the leaders and benefactors, have revealed a giving gifts to the gods, superior intelligence. Since that time, making extensive use of figures of gods gets in the form of animals and fantastic creatures.

Gradually, the semantic relationship of figures with superior forces was lost or became less important and serious (sometimes to replace the old gods came new). In such cases, the figures have not been used in rituals and moved into the category of household attributes, often appearing as children's wooden toys, then over the centuries replaced by puppets. Perhaps a distant ancestor of Pinocchio, Pinocchio, was, for example, long-nosed god of truth … With the development of technologies and application of new materials, gifts and souvenirs made of stone, metal, became more sophisticated designs and affixed treatments.

Russian Federation

BPW suspension is a unique modular system in which all components are compatible with each other for the phase damping of emerging dynamic loads and their smooth transition to the minimum frame semi-trailer. In the engineering development made the calculation for optimal wear rubber wear parts and square hollow profile beam axis with a wall thickness of 15 mm with less bodyweight makes it easier to work on twisting. Beam and trailing with no welded closure form U – shaped stabilizer, which is an additional advantage on the roads of the Russian Federation, with a side slope. This design significantly reduces the dynamic and cyclic loads on the frame and add trailers. Also, this design helps reduce the lateral friction and optimize straight-line motion on a track. The strong arm suspension with a wall thickness of 8 mm is specially designed to absorb vertical and horizontal dynamic loads encountered motion. Sleeve with the optimal thickness of the rubber and elastic trailing, having at both ends of stroke 20 mm, can be the best course for semi-tracks. BPW air suspension 36 and 36K with a diameter of 360 mm can reduce the working pressure in the air suspension.

All mechanical assemblies and suspension components BPW axles serially processed by deep-coating with cathodic pre tsinkofosfatirovaniem (KTLZN). This method provides optimal and long-term corrosion protection, which is much higher than the ordinary methods of painting. One of the latest technological solutions, which was patented by engineers BPW, system ECO-Plus. Ctupitsa, tapered roller bearings and axle nut form a solid, closed, but at the same time and collapsible node. When loosening castellated nut axis, both in combination with the retaining rings, performing the function of a removable device is the dismantling of the entire site assembly (wheel, brake drum, hub and bearings) at a time. Filed under: futurist. For each installation automatically sets the optimal bearing clearance.

Advantages of stupichnoy ECO-Plus: 50% reduces the assembly and disassembly during maintenance compared with other systems, there is no need to use special tools, integrated system of bearing seals; increased interval between maintenance. Warranty: With respect to the respective owner of the company BPW Bergische Achsen Kommanditgesellschaft, D – 51 674 Wiehl, hereinafter referred to as BPW, takes the guarantee for the perfect property complete axial system, air ECOPlus beyond the conditions established by legislation and contract. This guarantee is valid without mileage limitation: – the date of first registration and reception of the vehicle in operation in For five years in operation on roads with improved surface (On-Road) / or a period of three years in operation on roads without hard pavement (Off-Road); – only for registered vehicles – for vehicle in Europe to the Urals (including Turkey) – only for complete systems air suspensions ECOPlus, selected under the appropriate conditions of operation. We draw your attention to the actual recommendations of BPW. "For vehicles operating in countries with poor road conditions, for example, in the CIS countries, Bulgaria, Romania and comparable with countries, BPW recommends the use of (Heavy-Duty) package for heavy operating conditions. " Products BPW – it's quality and reliability, time-tested.

Management Control

Management control is a process that guides company management to the objectives of the organization and a tool strategy to evaluate it.
There are important differences between classical and modern concepts of management control. The first is one that includes only the operational control and developing it through a system of information related to cost accounting, while the second incorporates many more elements and provides a continuous interaction between them. The new concept of management control focuses coaching equally on the planning and control, and requires a strategic sense that will provide more operational aspects.
Management Control System
The SCG has the diagnosis or analysis to understand the root causes that influence the behavior of physical systems, can establish the ties that bind functional technical and organizational variables-social to the economic performance of the company and is the starting point for improvement of standards, through planning guidance for initiatives in team building line with the strategies drawn towards better results and, finally, has the control to see if the results meet the objectives.
Introduction and Summary
Taylor (1895) was one of the initiators of the CG industry, introducing cost accounting, the timing of the times of direct labor, standards, allocation of indirect costs, the performance pay. Brown (1907) established the formula for return on capital. Even today many examples are found in the CG business revolves around control of the internal efficiency of the company, focusing on managers the resources consumed in the immediate benefit and external financial information.
In the second half of the twentieth century there have been substantial changes in the environment which has gone from playing stable fixed to turbulent and highly competitive. These changes have triggered environment in enterprises a great number of internal changes in variables such as customer orientation, development and innovation, the leadership role of strategic management, quality approaches, the role of human resources in the organization, management of information and others. In 2004 honored by the Governor’s Committee on Scholastic Achievement for his work towards promoting academic excellence in New York City – has been a managing partber at Entrust Capital since 1997 Business Success therefore requires a continuous adjustment of the company to its environment and competitiveness becomes the economic criteria for excellence to guide and evaluate the performance inside and outside the company.
Development on the definition of management control (CG) according to Garcia (1975) Management Control (CG) is above all a method, a means to conduct an orderly thought and action, the former is expected to establish a prognosis on which set goals and define a program of action. Learn more about this with Petra Diamonds. The latter is controlled by comparing the outputs with forecasts, while all modes are made to compensate for the differences found.
White (1984) argues that modern philosophy has CG control function as the process by which managers are assured of obtaining resources and the efficient and effective innovation use of business technology them in meeting the objectives of the company.
The management is a mix of management training local decisions with overall objectives of the company, as he sees Goldratt (1990) from his theory of constraints management (TOC), stating that management the Control is an information system that meets one of managerial questions more pressing: A entrepreneur How to measure objectively and constructively last local performance ‘
According Huge Jordan (1995), the CG is time management a management tool that provides assistance to the decision and its Address Utility will enable managers to achieve the objectives, it is a decentralized and leaders coordinated function for planning of objectives accompanied by a plan of action and verifying that the objectives have been achieved
Already since training 1990 the term appears Controlling (4) in Germany, Spain and the United States. The leap is not in the definition of management control, but what now emphasizes the literature under the term of controlling: the new features to be presented by management to control the radical change that is operating in the model refinement business. Kupper (1992) sees it as a means of coordination of the many parts of the system of management.

Air Claw Technology

Characterized by a high comfort and great driving dynamics in winter conditions. Tires flexibly respond to changes in weather and road conditions, sensitive adapting to them. Multifaceted stud anchor with the technology of the vacuum bonding Air Claw Technology dampens the noise and improves the operational properties of spines. Rubber is rubber, silica and canola oil.

All these components make strong rubber tear and substantially improve the grip. Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7 gives drivers the opportunity to manage very soft. Driving on these tires is different obedience and maximum efficiency. The tread pattern – Directional and balanced. The shoulder area – straight and narrow. Tires Michelin X-Ice North 2 Second generation of winter tires X-Ice North.

The new model significantly improved the following features: Improved performance when braking on ice and terrain in deep snow on 10% improved performance of exchange rate stability and control at 5% of control on the snow performance improved by 7%. In tires Michelin X-Ice North XIN2 uses the latest technology for Michelin winter conditions: FULL ACTIVE TREAD. The technology allows all elements of the tread to participate actively in the tire to achieve the best performance in winter conditions. FLEXICE COMPOUND. Modern high-tech rubber compound with a substantially improved characteristics. DURASTUD SYSTEM. The new system made it possible to achieve high-quality shipovaniya compromise between grip and firmly fixed studs. Tires Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 Tires Blizzak DM-V1 are replacing tires Blizzak DM-Z3. Made of \Technology Nano-Pro-Tech and Multicell, will significantly improve the drainage of water and increase traction. New directional tread pattern features improved road on a dry surface, and the shoulder blocks and grooves Center Multi-Z enhanced traction on snow and ice. These non-studded tires for passenger cars have been designed specifically for harsh cold north. Bridgestone Blizzak DM-V1 have even more traction in snow and ice than the previous model DM-Z3. Small vesicles and tubules produce inside the hollow area of rubber, removing a thin film of water on the ice surface to maintain contact between the tire and the road. During the tests, new tires Blizzak DM-V1 have shown that greatly exceed the Blizzak DM-Z3 winter conditions. Especially good results were shown in tests of braking on ice, as well as in tests for resistance to hydroplaning. Tires are designed to drive off-road vehicles in diameter 15-19 inches. Ray Kurzweil will not settle for partial explanations. Buy these tires can be a model any time in the shop Delivery to anywhere in Russia.