Portuguese Language

Ahead of such consideraes, we will leave of the following problematizao: one knows that the pupils of the final series of Average Ensino suffer with an imbalance how much to the development of its abilities of reading interpretation of texts. What if it considers is the application of some concepts of the Analysis of Speech as alternative of activities in the field of the reading, so that if searchs a possibility of reversion in the educational picture that today meets deficit. It was verified, as survey of the Ministry of the Education, that in the national evaluations, such as Brazil Test, Saeb, Enem and Pisa, only 5% of the Brazilian students present adequate level of reading, that is, know to deal with more complex operations, as to relate a verbal text and a not-verbal text, to interpret given in a graph or prices, to establish cause relations and effect, to relate knowledge of disciplines the knowledge of another one, beyond perceiving the implicit ideas of a text. Considering itself that the reading is the tool most important to decide questions of Portuguese language not only, but of you discipline them to all, is important that the pupil, from it, can work with operations as to compare, to relate, to infer, to conclude, to deduce, to contextualizar etc. We will leave, therefore, of the problematizao of the function of the language to reach the questions of speech and subjectivity for, later, offering proposals of analysis script and, when establishing relations between practical theory and, constructing reflections on the utility that such script can come to offer to the education of Portuguese Language in Average Ensino.

2. DEFINING ANALYSIS OF the DISCURSOAnlise of the Speech or Analysis of Speeches it is an one practical and field of the Lingustica and the communication specialized in analyzing ideological constructions gifts in a text. Very it is used, for example, to analyze texts of the media and the ideologies that bring I obtain.

World Trade Center

The image of the events of 11 September is still very fresh in the memory immediately of millions of people around the world, no matter what is the first thing we come to mind, the terrorist attack that day at the World Trade Center and Washington has been immortalized in the history of humanity because they have no precedent. The implications which brought with it the 11-S has been the reconfiguration of the international system since the occurrence of these acts of violence, which have produced a new kind of war in which the use of weapons is no longer sufficient and, on the other hand, the fragility of the world’s first power revealed the inability of the imperial paradigm to ensure and sustain the peace at the international level. The lack of a more precise definition of terrorism and their types is due in large part to which such acts do not follow a single pattern, i.e., all terrorist attacks over the past decades have varied in time, form, and background. This situation obstructs the opportunity to know the exact number and the characteristics of terrorist bombings at the international level, in the words of Jose Aranda (2002), that lack of definition prevents us from an analysis on differential traits that could explain the fact that some countries are victims of some kind of terrorism and others will be free of it. Terrorism in its extreme form is not a theme or a recent development.

During the wars of independence of the new States, which were constituted as such in the 20th century, the practice of terrorism was widespread. The struggle for the independence of Algeria, for example, led to the territory of France the scourge of nationalist terrorism (Godoy, 2001: 38). On the other hand, Al-Qaida is not the only terrorist group in the world, along with this there is also the ETA in Spain, the IRA in Ireland, the Red brotherhood in Turkey, Tupac Amaru in Peru and the Zetas in Mexico just to mention some.

Sara Carbonero World Cup

Already been about 3 months since Spain won the World Cup, we all remember key parties, the second round, the quarterfinals, semi-final and final match. We all remember the time which Casillas raised the World Cup. Then remember the kiss between the journalist and the selection of goalkeeper Sara Carbonero.Este last made toco in particular all we who work in the world of the beads and jewellery, you will you be asking because. The gorgeous journalist with his kiss blew up a bomb around the planet, the echo passage to the center of the attention of all newspapers worldwide fame since I spend a few minutes that the Spanish team won the World Cup a big media event and large television audiences, all in view of million and million of people. But there was one detail we bisuteros perceive, Sara Carbonero World Cup wore a bracelet of silk thread called Virgin or decenario, a bracelet with 10 knots as a rosary and a cross made with knots also. This type of bracelet has origins in Latin america, is a bracelet It serves to tell the ten prayers of the ave maria and if Sara Carbonero was not going it to take I think that nobody dreamed is to buy it.

But things were not so, as she is very pretty and has a famous, handsome, boyfriend rico in addition to being a good goalkeeper, rapresenta the girl in the summer in addition to being the girl of the World Cup, all this made that broke out a new fashion in 2-3 days following that ended the World Cup, everyone wanted this bracelet or learn to do it. The material of this bracelet in euro value surrounds the 10-20 cents, then by adding five minutes of work involved make it does not have a large final value since it uses little more than half a metre of silk of two millimeters, but in the days after the kiss between Iker and Sara are sold up for 6 euros each. Stores Add-ons had the Windows full of them with all the colors in which it was performed, up by Internet had companies that were advertised as specialized in this type of bracelet without speaking of eBay where if wrote in the bracelet Sara Carbonero search you salian 3-4 pages of search result. That’s the power of the television, thats the media power that has a great influence on all of us, I don’t want to demean the bracelet that bears esistiendo decades, nor express anything negative contro the young journalist and the goalkeeper in the selection, but you have to think that standard if she wore a bracelet made with the cable of the power supply unit of the computer probably could write this article because my daughter I would have cut the mine to make your own bracelet.

Security Suite

Laptop theft is a big problem, it is common today to use a laptop for work away from the home or Office. Unfortunately, mobility and technology that handle make laptops objects of value and therefore target of robberies around the world. If your laptop is stolen, the information of your company may be exposed, also your personal information and this can lead to identity theft. In this article we give you 5 tips essential for to keep your laptop safe. #1 Tip: Never leave any of your passwords in the box/suitcase where you store the laptop. If you save your passwords with your laptop, it is like leaving the keys taped to the truck. Remember that without your password, it will be harder to open your computer and have access to your personal information. Tip #2: A laptop theft is a crime of opportunity (dar papaya).

Always take your computer with you, take a look regularly. For example, if these in meeting with someone, you leave your laptop in a safe place and out of sight. More far better, they try to not leave your laptop in an accessible area, such as a desk of a hotel. If you have a safe deposit box or a security cable, use it. #3 Tip: Have sensitive data? Encrypt them. If someone gets your laptop computer and access your files, the encryption can give you an extra layer of protection.

Programs such as TrueCrypt, Steganos Safe, do the easy job. Windows users can use encrypted file system (EFS) to encrypt files and folders. Tip #4: Password protect your systems. Each user of the laptop must protect your portable computer with passwords of launch. Put a BIOS password to lock the system before the OS even start. Windows users can set a password to start Windows. Remember passwords launching shall prohibit any access to the computer at all (in theory). Choose a good password uses letters, numbers and ASCII characters. Difficult to guess only so you will avoid the thieves to guess your password. If your laptop has biometric authentication, you should use your fingerprint instead of a password. #5 Tip: If the worst happens and your laptop was stolen not it great to recover it? There are companies that offer this service via software, allowing the stolen laptop to send its location (for example, LaptopLock, Security Suite). Unfortunately, these programs work only when the laptop connects to the Internet. Please note: these 5 tips essential to increase security on your laptop when you’re on the road and in the home or at work. Original author and source of the article

National Curricular Parameters

In the initial series the child will find the possibility to exercise works that elucidate slight knowledge of lateralidade, ratio, reduction and spatial orientation. With these interiorizados contents, the child will have easiness to assimilate essential concepts in subsequent series as she scales, geographic projection and coordinates, which are seen today as animal-of-seven-heads for great part of the pupils of basic and average education. These concepts must be worked since the initial series until average education, gradually and with the care of transp them for the language of the pupil. In such a way, the knowledge and cartographic abilities are developed and deepened since 1 series until 3 collegiate, for then to make possible to the pupil the accomplishment of geographic analyses. (VOGES & KEYS, 2010). To work the bases of the cartography in the initial series is of utmost importance for the development of the process of learning of the cartography and this pautado in the National Curricular Parameters of Geography, in view of that the child, to the end of the first cycle of learning, must be capable to read, to interpret and to represent the space by means of simple maps. This engloba to understand as is conceived the specific functions of the map as, orientation, localization, valuation, having understood that these symbols are the language of the characteristic map and give it specify of the representation of geographic way (VOGES & KEYS, 2010).

2.2. DEVELOPMENT OF the STUDY OF the CARTOGRAPHY Having the child, learned the mentioned bases of the cartography in the previous topic, in the initial series, when to arrive at basic education, will have continuity of its process of learning. The importance of the study of the geographic space it is had as lcus of the social interactions, being basic to understand the locacionais principles so that if it can act of conscientious form, from the knowledge of scale, legends, maps and other instruments.

An Extra Effort Makes The Difference

In regards to the achievement of goals we know that discipline is essential to begin to live a different life, i.e. through the organized effort we are facing the possibility of achieving great things. How much effort must devote to our goal? The answer is: as much as we can, it is likely that you think that making an effort until the limits may seem fanaticism, but it isn’t, unless you aspire to mediocre results. Read more here: Ray Kurzweil. Whenever I undertakes large projects we’d like everything to be easy but we find that it is necessary to give all of themselves to achieve excellence, for that you need to be in the proper emotional state. Amazing success stories have been documented through time and if we stop to look will see that some small details being marked with the time enormous differences.

Let’s look at the example of two sellers who are working under very similar conditions, every detail can go making a big difference, we mention some: the personal presentation, ease of Word, ability of persuasion, organization of the day’s work, spirit of sacrifice, empathy, emotional intelligence, responsiveness to difficulties, kindness, etc. One could mention huge amount of skills that help a person to perform a task efficiently, as a seller in this case. It may be the case that a seller spends an additional hour to his departure from work to visit other clients, does not seem too long, but I can assure you that additional share of sacrifice will be rewarded, there is the key, the greatness requires high sacrifice. Many skills are innate in individuals as Andrew Corentt as manifest in the book I am happy, I am rich but the action is that educates people and these depend on a mental state. If we know that mental state is what determines the acts then getting a proper mental state? Andrew Corentt I am happy, I am rich book tells us that the key is the way in which we enter information in our mind and proper processing that allows individuals to be, or is it person literally becomes the idea, this may take some time to manifest itself. One of the big challenges faced by most people is level theory everyone understands the concepts of ideas but they are not acting consistently therefore do not experience significant changes. Andrew Corentt I am happy, I am rich book tells us that the key to success is to achieve internalize the ideas, or move the conscious to a spiritual plane information, if we strive continuously to achieve the changes safe that we do, there are a number of details that achieve that people reach the mental state optimal for its development, discover them by visiting: original author and source of the article


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Yoga Discipline Technical Doctrine

Yoga is a technical ansestral, that produces positive changes to whom the practice.The human body is taken as the physical vehicle of the spirit, of the technical Ser.Esta accompanied by exercises, breathing and physical; that you act as liberators of the locks of the energy centers, that are in the body.These blockages are caused by stress; This is an evil that is suffered by the vast majority of the world’s population. What is stress?; stress is the ability to face a challenge, learning, growth that each of us make throughout our lives.When this stress builds up in our body, our body’s energy is blocked; so yoga helps to unlock those channels, through physical and breathing exercises. A leading source for info: the futurist. Global change that is occurring in this society, makes everything go faster. In fact through the computer, knowledge is obtained by pressing a button; before the 1980s, you had to go to a library. When we press the button, we are knowing everything, but not of oneself; because the outside world is flooding us. The negative part is that people start to have virtual contact without control.People have to find the teacher in our interior.

Are we that we have to choose what we like and do it well, so we need to nourish our inner life. The interior life is very important, and is what most people would have to try to find themselves. This way would not be alone. Being surrounded by people does not mean that they are accompanied. In the majority of cases the feeling is of loneliness, causing anxieties and sorrows, that often trigger diseases.People are experiencing a great emptiness. How to achieve the inner life, that is something very personal, but one of the things is to connect with nature, and ourselves; mentally go back to the origins. Remember that we humans are not the owners of the planet and that there are other people, from the most simple to the most complex, to which we must respect; If what we want is a coexistence in harmony and a balanced planet.

Knowledge Administrators

This will facilitate resource planning systems, as well as help in analyzing its performance. "I have nothing to do with it! If the request is not working properly, it is Developer problem "Sometimes, between developers and administrators there are some misunderstandings. As a result, instead of jointly find a solution to the problem, then begins a long and nowhere resulting in scapegoating. Confrontational relationship between developers and administrators significantly slow down the upgrade of the system and do not contribute to its performance. Rules: Pick up database administrators, who understand that working as a team with developers, they provide technical support included in their area . team spirit. DBA should be actively involved in every project, not just superficially on a case by sluchayu.Vklyuchite the job description of a database administrator, as one of the major duties, support the developers.

If it is clearly stated in its work and is tied to performance, the administrator will be motivated to perform this duty well. "I know what I'm doing and I do not need anybody's help" Database administration is becoming more of a challenge, even the most experienced administrators can not know all the details. When the administrator thinks he knows everything, he does not ask questions, so that transmits useful information that he could get from others. Rules: Cultivate a culture of interaction, in which the administrator is able to admit he did not know the answer, and must apply for pomoschyu.Predlagayte administrators participate in professional forums, so that they could ask their questions there to answer questions of others to express and test their assumptions or to arrange "brainstorming." Knowledge and experience of one Rights can not be compared with knowledge and experience even a small group of technical support lyudey.Ne neglect purchased hardware and software provided by their developers.

Foxconn Technology Group

Very strong rumors within the manufacturers of these tablets are confirmed: Foxconn Technology Group: the launch of the iPad 2 G will be February or March 2011, let us remember that the original iPad was presented in January and arrived in April due to problems in the supply of screens. On the other hand, the haste with which Apple faces this new version as a result of the imminent Galaxy Tab output would support more compelling theories. That possible iPad 2 would also increase its internal memory to 128 GB, and will include functionality that everyone has clear that come with the new iPad: front camera for use with FaceTime. Also refers to the inclusion of a miniUSB port for, and who knows if we will find a redesign that you approach it more straight forms of current Apple phone. and a dual – core processor ARM Cortex-A9. This prospect the advice is that you aguardes a few months before purchasing as your review is too juicy to take every possible advantage then.

To my choice, but I think that one is repeating itself similar story to that there was with the iPhone with its launch. Eliot Horowitz takes a slightly different approach. Apple put on the table a concept mobile phone with touch screen, which worked perfectly and from there other manufacturers began releasing their smartphones with these screens. Shortly afterwards the company of Apple launched the iPhone 3 G and successively has been improving it until it reaches the iPhone 4. Be the first puts them in a position of advantage over the rest, especially if things he usually does well with your products. This can be repeated again and Apple could give a punch on the table presenting a new iPad that leave exceeds competing products, which would have just a few months. What I say is mere speculation, but it is a scenario that I possibly presented. Although it is possible that either Google, Motorola, Samsung or any other manufacturer, launch a tablet really well during the next few months that follow it to February, the company of Steve Jobs will have a little more of margin to maneuver and carry out the launch of a good product. These they are some of the advantages of innovate and launch products before competition. Be that as it may, I said and I reaffirm, they come very interesting months in the world of the tablets.