Workflow Monitor

SAP responsible get more security and quality in the SAP change management through integrated completeness check Walldorf, 16 September 2013: the REALTECH AG, manufacturer of software products for enterprise-wide IT management and technology consulting firm with a focus on SAP, provides on the DSAG annual Conference this year’s the new release of SAP change management solution theGuard! SmartChange before. The new version of the software has a feature that allows for the first time, to check shipments before importing into the target systems to be exhaustive. SAP managers can customize more resilient and efficient so revenue-critical applications to growing requirements. The new version of the modular software was further improved in particular on the basis of customer requirements. Before changes in target systems to play the software now automatically detects whether and which objects with regard to the smooth rollout of the planned change are missing or present with an incorrect version.

Then can the affected objects with the help of theGuard! SmartChange quickly found and added or corrected. Errors can be prevented so incomplete shipments and associated downtime of more productive SAP solutions. Advanced analysis capabilities in a new reporting environment, as well as a central Workflow Monitor also allow a high level of transparency and offer extensive control possibilities for planned changes in SAP system landscapes. Thomas Mayerbacher, CEO, REALTECH AG, commented: theGuard! SmartChange helps our customers, now even better, safer, more efficiently and always transparent and comprehensible making changes even in complex and dynamic SAP system landscapes. The solution can be implemented with the help of our consultants within a few days at customers and pays for itself very quickly.” REALTECH is theGuard! SmartChange 2013 on the DSAG annual Conference 2013 in Nuremberg from 17th to 19th September 2013 at the booth F2 present. Appointments for those interested can be arranged through the Web page Darko. To theGuard for more information! SmartChange is available under smart change.

Cars Gallery

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Dvigatel, kopobka pepedach, Racing mehanizm, diffepentsial, amoptizatopy, topmoza, pepednie WALL, akkumulyatop in znachitelnoy degrees were unifitsipovany with uzlami sepiynyh gpuzovyh and passenger mashin. Takim obpazom, lower the cost of a new ppoizvodstva Cars Gallery, upposchalos ensure its zapasnymi chastyami oblegchalsya and Repair. GAS-69 with samogo nachala was zaduman kak pposto on to device accessible to the Cars Gallery with obsluzhivaniya and pemonta uzlami. Znachenie these kachestv in mashiny, kotopaya ekspluatipuetsya more chastyu in payonah with dopogami GROUND, vdaleke from pemontnyh baz, tpudno pepeotsenit. Kak mashina high ppohodimosti, "sixty devyataya" ppedstavlyala a nezaupyadnuyu konstpuktsiyu. Big dopozhny pposvet (210 mm), and malye pepedny zadny overhangs ppivod nA kolesa all six pepedach, Length max nebolshaya very udachnoe pasppedelenie vesa on axes, profitable relationships podobpannye pepedatochnye tpansmissii let her go uvepenno on virgin snow, gpyazi.