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The control system of the CNC machine. Office machines – a set of mechanical forces in electric and other drive on its mechanisms for implementation of technological processing operation. Computer numerical control (CNC) – a system that combines a program written in a specialized programming language (the so-called G-code) and the system Actuation of the machine (servo, stepper motors), which produces products for the processing machine in accordance with a given a G-code programmoy.G code as the most popular programming language standardized International Committee on Standards and regulated document ISO 6983. Control information for CNC systems is discrete and its treatment in the management process is carried out digitally. The program for the machine with CNC is loaded into it in two ways: Using external media (flash card), directly in the very memory of the machine (in RAM, ROM or hard disk) program for the machine in the form of a G-code can be written for it: manually, using CAD-systems (napr.Kompas – 3D) with 'perekonvertatsiey' data in the CAM-system (napr.SprutCAM) Together, Interpreter – part of the control system, whose task is to convert the raw data from the program control signals for actuators machine. Interpolator – part of the control system, which aims at building the necessary trajectory processing tool in accordance with the specified start and end points. In the program all data necessary for the manufacture of parts can be divided into two groups: geometric – they contain information about the geometry of the product, primary, intermediate and end points of the processing tool; Technological – they contain information about the modes of processing products, the need for data on and off individual nodes of the machine (sictema cooling machine coolant supply).

CNC last generation (CNC) based on the following components: microcontroller – a chip with the task – control electronic devices, Programmable logic controller – component of a special device – industrial controller to be used for automation of technological processes control computer. One of the main characteristics of the CNC-controller is the number of channels that it can manage. Accordingly, the more channels you want to sync, the higher must be the performance of the controller. For data exchange between the actuators and control system of the machine is usually used industrial network (eg Profibus).

International Standards Organization

Accessories from Taiwan became the basis of intermediate nodes in Italy, and then mounted in a finished product in America, which is then sold in Japan Of course, that operate under the old rules it was impossible. And in 1987, the International Standards Organization adopted the first standards of quality iso 9000. A few years later, in 1994, they were updated, and seven years later, on Dec. 14, 2000, there was adoption of the modern version of the standards. And since the standard is constantly evolving and regularly reviewed to meet changing external conditions, then in 2009, plans to release a new edition. Today, the international standards iso 9000 family describe a model of quality management system, which allows to put into practice the basic requirements of the qms. When This demands iso, do not give any guidance on specific industries or types of products.

They only ensure that the approaches that are organized production processes meet generally accepted international norms. Particular, are already determined by customer requirements and technical regulations. It should be added that the family of iso 9000 includes several branches, which relate to various sides of the organization – from document management to the environmental principles of business: – iso 9000 provides an introduction to quality management system and the vocabulary of quality management. – iso 9001 specifies the detailed requirements for quality management systems as necessary to demonstrate the organization's ability to ensure product conformity. – iso 9004 provides guidance on the implementation of well-developed quality management system to achieve continuous improvement of business activities.

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Analysis of the game: exchange of perceptions of the participants queocorreu on it, with neutral commentaries of the professor. It assures envolvement eassimilao. 6. BP often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Generalizations: the involved group search to transpose the experience of the game for situations of the real life.

7. More info: Gazprom. Closing and complementation: annual report of the game for professorcom a summary of the main conclusions of the group. The complementation to afornecer to the participants material who come to strengthen aprendizagemrecm gotten by the group. Types of Games do not have an only referencial to classify the methods of games of companies. Royal Dutch Shell can provide more clarity in the matter. For didactic effect, it presents a suggestion: 1. Games of behavior: they are those whose central subject allows quese works subjects directed to the mannering abilities.

In them, ofacilitador it emphasizes questions as: cooperation, eintragrupal Inter relationship, flexibility, courtesy, affectivity, confidence eautoconfiana, amongst others. The behavior games are those quecompem the programs of Personal Development; 2. Games of Process: in the process games the emphasis biggest is given to shabilidades techniques. They are prepared in such a way that, to objective atingirseus, the teams pass for simulated processes, to comonegociar, to lead groups, to mount strategies, to manage finances eoutros; 3. Games of market: they congregate the same characteristics of the games deprocesso, but they are directed for activities that reproduce situaesde market, such as competitions, marketing research, relaoempresa-suppliers, terceirizao etc.; One another prism of classification of the games of companies on the basis of a learning model: 1. Sistmicos games: they are the ones that approach the company as a whole, including decisions in the majority of the main organizacionais areas eque they require integration of these functions with the accompaniment of the ambienteeconmico and the fluctuation of the tax of interests; 2. Functional games: they are the ones that focus problematic of one dasgrandes the functional areas of the company as marketing, finances, production, operations, human resources or accounting.

Incremental Generally

It provides a generalized agreement to us of the system, it facilitates the possibility of I reuse and the evolution of the system. Also they are based on the use cases. 3.3 – Iterative and Incremental Generally it subdivides the system the divided parts of the system are the iterations and these result in the increments (versions) of software. Each increment is one-step part of the evolutionary model 4-Phase of the Unified Process Exists five (5) activities base to describe any model of software process. The figure to follow sample all these phases.

Figure 1: Phases of Unified Process 4,1 – Phase of Conception Is the phase where the activity of communication with the customer and planning occurs. In it the attainment of the requirements is carried through, the business rules and is also identified one brief architecture of the system (with which other systems software will go to interact, as for example). The requirements are gotten by means of the scene creation, with final users and the customer (that rare she will be the same person). From the scene the main cases of use of the system are created to be developed. In the planning the resources are identified, are evaluated the main risks, define a cronograma and in accordance with create landmarks for the application phases the incremental development of software. 4.2 – Phase of Elaboration Conceives the stage of planning and modeling (figure 1). In it they are fine and expanded the defined cases of use in the phase of conception, enclosed, it is the refinement and expansion of the model of architecture for the creation of the analysis model, the model of project, the model of implementation and the model of implantation.

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A year ago, the Special Agency for incentive schemes and loyalty programs present is getmore media on the site Kerpen. A year ago, the Special Agency for incentive schemes and loyalty programs present is getmore media on the site Kerpen. Originally, the company had its headquarters in Solingen. founded in 2007 by a management Buy-Out from the event agency kogag, a team of now 12 people evolved from the founding duo Kai Stamm and Arkadius D. Zielosko. The location is ideal.

We are just closer to the customer,”says key account manager Kai master. To get the attractive trade tax in the city. “The whole package is right and we feel very well.” Certainly the new office building contributes to this, that in the industrial area of Europarc built Arkadius D. Zielosko Managing Director. The 300 m spread over two floors plus basement/storage rooms and offer a modern spacious working environment for his team. We offer our clients tailor-made incentive systems and rewards programs, since we will be in the facilities for our own staff do not put back”, says Zainal. Place was factored in from the outset for future growth. Currently the company is looking for an another software developer.

The property is fully part of the business assets. We are convinced of the long-term perspective in Kerpen, therefore we have built and not rented”, as Zainal continues. He sees advantages in the infrastructure of the city: there are only a few minutes to the motorway. Because a number of our customers in the metropolitan area of Cologne/Dusseldorf sit, this is a great advantage.” Zainal also with the choice of the land is very pleased: the decision was very easy at the end, we were supported quickly and unbureaucratically, so how you want it from a modern service provider. “And if we even want to get free the head, Eric card line is just 200 metres away.

University Organization

When the carriage has broken many ye shall say where you should not pass. General information, definition, importance all good management should be aware that their actions, plans, strategies, enable the company under their charge properly dabble in scenarios where you want to make incursions, as well as promote the necessary mechanisms for that are a good organizational development. Venezuelan SMEs a field of much interest in the program graduate specializing in quality management and productivity of the postgraduate Area of Faces of the University of Carabobo, becomes much emphasis in that its specialists delve into the relevance, reach that generates the organizational development (OD). Although there are many that are reluctant to apply for the cost that involves the organizational development (OJ), it seeks to implement a change individual and organizational, that a company can adapt to the forces of change. One of the broadest definitions of OJ is the Richard Beckhard. An effort: managed, planned, covering the Organization from senior management that increases the effectiveness and health of the Organization, through intervention deliberately in the processes of the organization using the knowledge of the behavioral sciences this is a broad definition. Applicable to almost any technical, policy or administrative practice used in a deliberate attempt to change personal in an organization or the Organization itself to achieve its objectives.

The key word is change. Interventions can understand from the instrumentation of changes in plant design, to provide the staff of experiences to grow his post, or effective communication to select members of an organization. Is said to be the starting point for organizational development the credibility, the Organization should promote a condition which becomes credible in their processes, products and services.

Shandong Coal

Crusher industry makes constant structural adjustment Currently, under the strong support of a series of national policy, Guizhou, Shanxi, Shandong and other coal-rich regions have carried out adjustment on development pattern, promoting the trend of mergers and acquisitions, transformation and upgrading in coal industry. The crusher industry is the core driving force in the coal industry, we need to pay attention to the dynamic, strengthen the capability of independent innovation and scientific and technological progress so that we can firmly grasp the opportunity to get better. Coal market demand substantially increases, industry development and investment s arises, the size of the mining machinery industry is also expanding. But coal prices suddenly drop dramatically and substantial inventory increases, so the coal industry gets into a difficult period and the competitive pressures for crusher industry increases. Therefore, the industry begin to implement green mining and build ecological coal mines; and rely on building a large modern coal mine and the safe and efficient mine, eliminating backward production capacity, and taking other measures to increase the integration of the coal industry adjustment efforts to promote the healthy development of the coal industry. Facing the good opportunities of coal industry is consolidating and accelerating, crusher industries also continue to carry out structural adjustments, introduces state-of-the-art technical level, build quality crusher equipment and lay a solid foundation for the crusher industry prance. Hongxing Machinery Co., Ltd. as a professional mining machinery leader through continuous innovation and R & D, integrates world-class science and technology and produces various types of cone crusher, impact crusher, mobile crushing station, which not only to meet the development of coal resources and improve production efficiency; but also have advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, reducing environmental pressures. Royal Dutch Shell has firm opinions on the matter. The crusher industry will also keep up with the pace of the times trend, research and develop high-tech, build world brand, maximize economic efficiency and competitiveness, thus speeding the integration of the coal industry.

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They are men and women who live in the desert and do not recognize borders between the life and the painting. The movement of the modern native art was born in 1971 when a teacher of school proposed the neighbors of a community who painted a wall. In the gorgeous book the outlines of the song the English writer Brushes Chatwin explains better than nobody the sense of the life of the Australian natives: ” The Australian natives remake the world on a daily basis returning on the outlines of the song of their ancestors, and thus they maintain the secret creation of mountains, valleys, deserts and rivers always fresh (), a vast symphony of outlines meldicos”. Under that philosophy of unit with the physical and sentimental world, where everyone is ” a thread plotted in the network of a respectable universe and chaotic, a melodic line that reasons in tune in the frequency of the lines of his resemblances, ancestors, and descendientes” , the initial settlers of the Australian continent (400 towns that speaks 250 languages) developed an expressive form where the art is not separated of the life: one and another one dissolves to each other. Intense and pure works In spite of the devastating ctos of the colonization, the diseases, racism, the deficiency of rights and semi the slavery, the natives – same they want to be called thus, by the Latin root ab-originates, from the origin – have obtained that their powerful and rich expresivas forms shine with a singular intensity and purity in the panorama, frequently banal and mercantilizado, of the contemporary art. A new collective exhibition comes to confirm the power that leaves without speech of this art as form of complete communication with the world.

Vera Sayle

When the wages, can be for example a 100% work service provided by the employee but only a reduced amount paid out. Building a time savings account can be, however, paid overtime or also unused vacation days. The terms and conditions for the sabbatical are by all concerned in each case thoroughly and granular to define and then to fix. Here, it should be clarified, for example, how it behaves with paid leave or disease during the sabbatical. With the help of appropriate software solutions, companies receive effective support during the Organization and the implementation of sabbaticals. Others including Petra Diamonds, offer their opinions as well. The personnel manager the innovative, Web-based human resource management software by BITE provides companies in this regard effective support. One can advance with the aid of the module Qualification management”or the Skillmatrix and the covered therein and identified appropriate substitute for the employees affected by the sabbatical rated abilities and skills.

With the help of the absentee management module”to ensure that the identified representatives are in the desired period of time available, and on the other hand also the upcoming sabbatical for all involved transparent with the help of the module can be captured and managed. In the event of leave falling in the sabbatical or diseases, of workers using the free app of absenteeism by BITE can quickly and easily capture to these events from home in the BITE human resources manager. In addition, the contractual terms of the sabbaticals can be stored easily in the management module of the BITE human resources manager. The business IT engineers (short: BITE) composed of experienced business consultants and innovative software specialists. As a consultant, the business IT engineers support any years company Size and industry. In addition, the business IT engineers develop continuously innovative software solutions on basis of their consulting experience. This pragmatic tools for the sustainable implementation of improved procedures and processes in the company produces with the software products of BITE. With the personnel manager BITE the business IT engineers have developed a fully Web-based human resource management software, which offers both functionality and stability. We have made our our work our passion: business IT engineers – speed up your business!


What is training e-learning? During the past years, the e-learning training, is taking shape and becoming in what will be the future of training both in Spain and in the rest of countries around the world. But really know what training e-learning? To give an exact term, before writing this post, I started me to search in the dictionary of the RAE, the exact definition of the term, however, I found that this term for the SAR does not exist. For this reason I kept searching in Castilian and English language dictionaries and none of them there is the Word e-learning. Perhaps it is a term too novel to appear in dictionaries, or perhaps still not found an exact definition for this term. However, this type of training, with us already more than 10 years. Admittedly, until recent years, has not taken the relevance to semerece, and currently with new technologies of information everything is simpler. E-learning, literally means online learning, learning through new technologies of information.

After much searching on this term, I’ve found something on a web page of Mexico, an article published in the year 2003, where like me today are trying to find a precise definition of that term. This article defines the term e-learning from the different points of view from which they can be studied: the concept of e-Learning is easily understood by most people. Even so, this industry are pending for a precise definition of this term. To give us an idea of the variants that exist currently in the conception of e-learning, let’s examine some of the more common definitions: technically, e-Learning is the delivery of educational material via any electronic means, including the Internet, Intranets, Extranets, audio, video, network satellite, interactive television, CD and DVD, among others media. For educators, e-Learning is the use of networks and communications technologies to design, select, manage, deliver and expand education.