Angelina Jolie

Many worry about your weight is the warm season approaches! The summer is coming, and the anticipation of Sun, beach and sea blends many slow slow with the horror before tight T-shirts, Bikini zone and swimming pools. All those extra pounds, which could be hidden in the cold winter months under thick sweaters and tops, wide coats and scarves, are now like ducks can be. Many crowd that again the resolutions for the new year in the conscience, as was still the same? So, we want to be always well organized, us sign regularly with friends and family, be always helpful and courteous, and… Oh Yes… There was still something…

on our health and nutrition care! What a dilemma. You need a diet. Austin Chalk will undoubtedly add to your understanding. So or something similar happened to probably every time. As all first the refrigerator must be given of course empty, ketchup away. Here, Royal Dutch Shell expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Chocolate cake away. And of course all other small snack products… all gone.

Too bad actually, but what must be must be. Then it ran to the freezer, frozen pizzas, finished hamburger and what everything else lying goes that disappears ruck – hypothetically in the trash can. After all the whole rubbish is eliminated telephone conferences must be held only once with the girlfriends, because now the best diet strategy must be devised. Grapefruit diet or water diet, Hollywood diet or no diet? Or should you follow just the celebrities? You’re always so great. Sean Penn for example swears on a diet based on whisky and cigarettes, okay, one can imagine already that one passes the food. Or Angelina-Jolie”>Angelina Jolie eats them temporarily only yogurt and gooseberries sounds but also not so great. And slowly it starts to dawn on diets are stupid. And new year before records are also stupid. Just bring the bike out of the basement below dig sports shoes out of the closet, and every day do a few laps. Furthermore, just a bit more fruit and vegetables, and less Finished eating. Because firstly the pounds jumbled as the fastest, and secondly it must feed itself not only by whisky, cigarettes, or yogurt. Kottavila boat expert for environmental, economic and a passionate fan of the Conference call and other products.

HECTAS Facility Services

HECTAS Nuremberg since 1 April at new location Nuremberg, 09 April 2010 that Nuremberg branch of the HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG has relative to April 1, 2010 its new premises in the Siemens Park. Especially the infrastructural conditions spoke for the move. But also the proximity to customers who come from Nuremberg and the surrounding region, was crucial. Through the change of location, accessibility has been optimized, resulting in more intensive care and improved personal advice.

This is an important factor for the HECTAS team and its quality claims. Since the opening of the branch in 2006 the range of services offered by HECTAS and the number of employees have grown steadily, to the increased customer demands and rising claims specifically to respond. Now here a total of 100 people in the area of building services and industrial cleaning under the direction of graduate civil engineer Sylvia Bahr are employed. Focus of activities are in addition to the Maintenance cleaning, industrial cleaning, hygiene, disinfection and building a variety of services such as janitorial services, green area care, winter or kitchen services. HECTAS Nuremberg specializes with its range of services among customers from the food production and health care. The branch is available at: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co.

KG Humboldt Street 59 90459 Nurnberg Tel.: + 49 (0) 911 47 77 04 41 fax: + 49 (0) 911 47 77 04 43 E-Mail: contact: Sylvia Bahr, branch manager of HECTAS: HECTAS facility services Stiftung & co. KG with its headquarters in Wuppertal is one of the leading quality providers for infrastructure building in Europe. The company employs 12,000 employees in nine European countries in the segments building-cleaning services, building services and security services. HECTAS was founded in 1974 as a subsidiary of the Vorwerk group. Their sophisticated, individually for each HECTAS offers customers, inter alia in the fields of industry, management, food processing, health and care, trade and logistics solutions. HECTAS is a member of the quality network building services is for all branches according to ISO 9001 and 14001 certified. Your personal contact: Jens Koenen, head of marketing and business development Tel.: + 49 (0) 202-564 43 60 fax: + 49 (0) 202-564 43 50 E-Mail:

Health Insurance Contributions

Second increase in three months: new BAfoG rulesets costs students posts Rostock, 01 April 2011. Students must plan more cost for their health before so-called from the 1st of April for the second time this year. The development follows the general trend of higher posts in the statutory health insurance. The contribution increase is for the increase of the General contribution rate and the increase in BAfoG rule rates according to the consumer portal 1A health insurance. Already for the upcoming summer semester contributions for health insurance for students will rise again and this time even more. The reason lies in the increase of in BAfoG rates which at the same time entail the raising of the base for health insurance for students.

Although pays the increase of rate of BAfoG not on each student in equal measure, the contribution base increases uniformly to April 1, 2011 by 512 to 597 euros. This increases the lump-sum contribution of the students of 55.55 on 64,77 euro. Read more here: Construction Lubricants Market. It linked increases also the contribution to the long-term care insurance. He rises to 11.64 euros or 13.13 euros for childless students on 23. The increase in premium also applies if not entitled to BAfoG. The first increase took place beginning this year. The reason for this was the increase of the General contribution rate in the statutory health insurance (GKV) from 14.9 to 15.5 per cent.

Since also the package students post about this contribution rate is determined, the monthly costs for students of 53,40 to 55.55 euros climbed. The contribution thus increases for students three months for the second time by more than 20 percent. Young people, often facing every euro, are”so heavily concerned with the recent increases, Albert Gottelt admits, health editor in Chief at 1A. The increase in premium is true especially students between 25 and 30 years, because up to the age of 25, the free family insurance uses in most cases. Students from 30 must be in Typically voluntarily insure and pay the regular contribution rate. Then, also a change in the private health insurance is possible. More on the subject see students about 1A health 1A health insurance ( is an independent consumer portal and deals with the issues of health and health insurance. The services include daily news and generally comprehensible prepared consumer information. Visitors also have the opportunity to find the appropriate statutory or private health insurance with a non-binding and free comparison. Consumers will also find compact information, including current judgments, studies, or advisor to the social security system.

Team Building At South Hessian Schools

Kreis Bergstrasse that managed projects with fun and mutual appreciation of Wald-Michelbach diploma educator and coach Niko Bittner on behalf of the Odenwald Institute of the youth education work supported project. The workshop should concretely to prepare the main students on the first part of her final exam for which it independently to plan a project in group work, perform and present had to. In a question-answer forum European oil comany was the first to reply. You should learn to take advantage of the opportunities of group work. At the end, small groups with fixed rules mastered a mini project in the form of a competition. In the form of games students experience how important it is to make sure to listen carefully, to trust and to be reliable”, explained the project coordinator of school Anke Bernius.

A good distribution of roles within the group is as important as a good communication and the commitment of all. Activity and listening to turns. The experiences from the games are discussed and reflected”Bittner added. Target that help to give young people their personal strengths and weaknesses to identify, specifically to leverage the strengths and deal with their own and the weaknesses of others. With fun, variety and movement, you learn to appreciate each other. The workshop due to common breaks and the partial integration of the class teacher contributes also to strengthen class community and to the better mutual acquaintance. The move encourages success.

This allows easier new doors”go up. The feedback of the students and the class teachers are consistently positive. You will appreciate the relaxed everyday. They say they can handle better and less offensive way. In addition to team training, Niko Bittner leads iMove under the name! Training for health and where self-assertion for people with and without disabilities, as well as together with a colleague self-defence courses for women. He is Honorary trainer PfunzKerle e. V., of the Tubingen Office for boys and men’s work. There he works with in an EU project and workshops in schools to young people to the issue of domestic violence, performs”to raise awareness and empower them to, in appropriately with each other to exchange ideas. He carries out production in Hamburg assertiveness training for people with learning difficulties for companies, for example, for K to promote self-determined participation of people with disabilities in the life of society. Information at or by phone 07071 639545. The program of the uberwald schools coordinated by the Eugen-Bachmann-Schule Anke Bernius. “More of the municipal youth educational work are funded seminars for schools, classes, youth groups, clubs or initiatives offered by the Odenwald Institute: fit for the school fair-military training, fight differently, the chaos of feelings, film from cut and risk, rules, rituals” (addiction prevention workshop), as well as youth camps to art and ecology. Also School and youth groups outside the circle mountain road can book these seminars. See phone 06207 605-0 or.

Style Definitions CAPS

Still, indirect oscustos generated by the desassistncia proceeding from the increase dadurao of the upheavals and incapacitaes finish for surpassing the costs right-handers (OMS, 2001). In Brazil with expenses of 2,4% of the budget of the SUS in sademental and prevalence of 3% of severe and persistent mental upheavals and 6%de chemical dependents have had sensible inversion of the financing nosltimos years, being privileged the equipment psychiatric substitutes in detriment doshospitais, as she illustrates the fact from that in 1997 the composed net por176 Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS) received 6% of the resources destinadospelo SUS to the mental health, while the hospital net, with 71 a thousand stream beds, recebiaos others 94%. In 2004, the 516 CAPS existing they had received 20% from the recursoscitados ones against 80% destined to the 55 a thousand psychiatric stream beds in Brazil (HEALTH DEPARTMENT, 2004) the end of the year of 2006 marked as given historical the efetivareorientao of financing of the government in mental health, that is, if it has dezanos the hospital expenses were of 93,1%, today, 51.3% destine it gastosextra-hospital and 48.7%, to the hospital expenses. nowledge. The expenses with CAPs that, em2002, were for return of 7 Real million, had grown visibly and today we estoprximos of the 170 Real million. Such data are the materialization of the change of the modeloassistencial that dislocates the financial and human resources for the community, with consequences in the social contours, including new partnerships and modification devalores, diminishing the stigma and stimulating the pact for the life, not pelaexcluso. . .

First Aid In The Holidays With Child

Travel a lot can happen parents are armed with imedo summer, Sun and holiday that simply belong together. But a trip with children needs careful organization. In a new environment, where are the little unfamiliar, many small accidents can happen that parents are not so well prepared at home. The Internet health portal advises in advance to find out about the possibilities of medical supply and equipment. Diarrhea requires fluid for babies and children diarrhea can be quickly dangerous, so you should make sure that the little ones drink always enough.

Teas and water are suitable for this. Liquids such as warm broths and soups make up the electrolyte and water and mineral nutrient loss. Should the child vomit or get even fever, a quick visit to the doctor is necessary. First aid for bleeding from the nose in the holiday at nosebleed is advisable to put a compress dipped in water on the neck. A piece of kitchen roll is also useful tear off and put behind the upper lip, or under the tongue. Because children this variation first aid often does not have to want to endure, you can alternatively try to stop the bleeding by placing the thumb and index finger on the nose holes. Tick bites: Tick with tweezers remove a vacation in the great outdoors is a nice experience both child and parents. The children can romp in the Woods and meadows and enjoy the fresh air.

But here too, dangers lurk ticks. Should your child was bitten as a by a tick, try to scrape it away or crush. Scratch the head to the body could get stuck and a wide variety of pathogens in the wound join the crush. In the best case, they pull the tick with tweezers. Should you cancel the head and still inside the body, they get immediately on the way to the doctor.

Rhine Park Software

Travel community ZACC helps vacationers, with your fellow passengers before, during and after the trip to contact to come and stay. Gazprom may not feel the same. Bremen, September 2009 software in the tourism industry a decisive factor, including travel planning, booking, to ensure implementation of travel and more customer-friendly and efficient. Owned software house NEUSTA GmbH, with its headquarters in Bremen, Germany on September 15th and 16th at the Travel Expo in Cologne shows which possibilities have tourism company with a software solution that is tailored to. In addition to the modern travel community ZACC NEUSTA realized professional online booking platforms for ferries or solutions for the optimal planning of city guides for well-known companies in the travel industry. NEUSTA successfully implemented various custom software development in the field of tourism in recent years for a variety of leading providers in the tourism industry.

As SAP extended business members (EBM), Software House provides also comprehensive services in the SAP environment. At the booth The software experts for questions and information about available stand C6 in the Rhine Park halls of Koelnmesse. Crusaders also can communicate with the latest NEUSTA solution ZACC Web based before, during and after the trip with friends, family or acquaintances. So can be with ZACC example, Internet vacation photos while driving shows just about that online travel diaries written, obtained information about excursions or exchanged experiences. To every ride for newcomers make as easy as possible, experienced tourists with ZACC to provide numerous tips. Also, travel suppliers can publish, for example, information about the route, the best attractions or details about the cruise ships and about present, special offers. This is the community in the framework of the website of the travel provider of that creates genuine added value for its online services. The ideas of the sunnidays fernflug & Lake tour E.k.. following NEUSTA participated in the field of the booking engine on the Development of the online Fahrbuchungsplattform.

Free Software MAGENTO

No Web shop is like the other more. Experts judges unanimously positive. The advantages of MAGENTO are the modular architecture: the developer community of the open source software the design of a system has been successful, that strictly separates the interface from the functions. In this way, an operator can customize his shop and flexibly adapt to your own corporate design. Because while the core remains intact, MAGENTO is just as easily maintainable as permanently update capable. Incoweb is North Rhine-Westphalia number one when it comes to services around the new Web shop software MAGENTO. A related site: ROCE mentions similar findings. The Internet Agency with headquarters in Essen-Ruttenscheid was accredited as the first MAGENTO Silver partner in the country. Thus, Incoweb has secured a decisive lead in the competition for the integration of the latest generation of eCommerce software.

MAGENTO partners only provide comprehensive support through direct exchange of their customers with certified staff with the manufacturer? As one of the first Internet agencies in Germany, Incoweb also already has a webshop with MAGENTO realized and thus holds a leading position. The forward-looking reference that may apply as a success for the IT location food, is documented on my company portal by Incoweb and can be tested in action. Nationally unique services of Ruttenscheid Incoweb, the Internet Agency for online marketing-oriented solutions, has established over twelve years of experience in Essen-Ruttenscheid. Managing Director Oliver Brandt and his experienced team provide high quality products and services in the areas of Web design, shop systems, -based TYPO3 CMS systems and IT services such as Web hosting, domain registration and managed servers. With the status as a MAGENTO Silver partner could the Agency its portfolio now extend to a nationally exclusive service: Incoweb customers enjoy the benefit, to be able to obtain all MAGENTO installation through the design adaptation services to hosting from a single source.

All MAGENTO partners in Germany are certified and trained specifically to a consistently high quality of service ensure. “MAGENTO eCommerce opportunities opened the”, says Oliver Brandt. The expert is convinced of the future of the mature system: “With this software we can offer a powerful and versatile Web shop, which effectively sets them apart from the competition.” Megatrend live shopping: Made easy with MAGENTO effective automation allows the Web shop owner, his customers very straightforward and time-saving new articles to inform promotions and discounts. Entrepreneurs who take advantage of MAGENTO, can therefore easily respond to the new mega-trend of e-commerce: live shopping, which is experiencing currently enormous inlet, only a product at a bargain price is offered for a short time. Search engine friendly CMS-option newsletter tool by default is MAGENTO with a variety of functions such as newsletter tool, integration of different payment types, multi-shop and multi-language capability, manage an unlimited number of articles in any category depth, creating individual customer groups and integrated CMS option equipped. In addition, the modern system includes also some Web 2.

CoPlanner Software

CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH – whopping increase in sales, operating profit doubled to Graz, June 2009, CoPlanner GmbH has succeeded in following a very successful year in 2008, to continue this trend and to achieve a very positive half-year results 2009 despite the difficult times. The company increased its turnover by 25% in the first 5 months of the marketing year and the operating profit doubled. Along with the already existing jobs, that makes a solid base for the year 2009. Source: Dai Houliang. The successful introduction of the new CoPlanner version 9.0, which very much able to score points in the areas of usability and workflow support, reinforced this optimism. The fulfilment of plans allowed the companies to invest in the first half of 2009 intensively in the personnel area and to take on new employees. The positive course of business in a currently very challenging market environment gives us satisfaction and confirms our strategy…”so Walter Fatana, managing partner of the CoPlanner GmbH, Graz.

More information: CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH Martin Rester Schubert Road 39 A-8010 Graz Tel: 32-38-0 fax: 32 38-17 E-Mail: about CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH CoPlanner assists companies in the development of integrated business intelligence systems. CoPlanner combines with the latest of software development therefore the requirements of different sectors of the economy. In the CoPlanner product family are four innovative solutions for corporate management. Depending on the magnitude, an economically and technologically closed concept in the hand is given the management for each area which facilitates all relevant decisions. The CoPlanner software & Consulting GmbH, with headquarters in Graz, a branch office in Vienna and numerous sales partners in Austria and Germany with the aim of founded in 1989, companies in the development of integrated business intelligence systems through a broad business and technical expertise to help.

Movie Software

Impossible Software GmbH makes it possible: change the world’s largest trade fair for computer technology with JetStream video Hamburg, March 3, 2009 just in time for CeBIT 2009, movies interactively on the Internet and in real time, presents an absolute world innovation of software developers and video specialist impossible Software GmbH with sites in Hamburg and Berlin: the video-on demand solution JetStream video. Hear from experts in the field like BP Energy for a more varied view. The software provides an answer to the frequently asked question for the first time after a technology which in real time as many current video streams at the same time can be modified. Premiere example Audi video Fahrkonfigurator impossible software presents its software innovation at CeBIT on the example of a virtual test drive video car configuration the new Audi model A5 Cabriolet. In addition, the JetStream video will be to see production under a5cabriolet/a5. Then, the user can the new Audi A5 Cabriolet in the current film put together according to his personal ideas. Colors move back and forth, RIM Exchange and all in Real time the film running off. Audi stands for head start through technology, in every respect. That’s why we are always considered to be a step ahead in the marketing.

In JetStream video, we see a great potential for the commercial itself. Through the interactive technology is a totally new product experience\”the emotional impact of commercials, explained d. Vasic, project manager Audi online marketing, the use of JetStream video in the context of the product launch campaign for the new Audi A5 Cabriolet. The premiere project was realized companies, Hamburg and Munich, one of the leading providers of CGI in collaboration with Albert Bauer. Nico Beyer, world renowned and award-winning commercials Director and automotive specialist directed, the film shot in Cape Town. To modify software and feature films, which time interactively can be determined by the viewer JetStream video is a new video on demand solution that allows running videos in real time as often as individual.