Action! The new PlayAlong CD ‘ backing tracks for drummer vol. 7 is now available in a bundle with the latest Substyle album ‘ walk the Dino available. At a special price! News from the House of Tunesday records. The recently published practice CD for drummers who met experts in positive Resonazen, is now also available with the full version (with drums). For 8 of the 10 rock PlayAlong tracks are songs from the current album of Substyle “Walk the Dino”, where only the drum track is missing. The remaining two pieces are of dark-rocker’s Nik page. That has never been there! With “Playback for drummer vol. 7”, you have the opportunity as a drummer with the trendy Cologne Band Substyle, or Nik page on the bonus tracks to enter.

That means practicing with authentic band feeling to a high-quality rock production. Now correctly go to rock, there is now the PlayAlong CD bundled with the Substyle album. Thus provides the drummer, and all that it will want the opportunity to her training CD to get an outstanding rock album at a reduced price, and on top of that and lots of inspiration. Recently rusty holzer sought to clarify these questions. Never so rocked practicing! Here are a few opinions of the press for the new Substyle-album “Walk the Dino”, which was highly praised: “…es could be a classic.” (Henning Richter, Metal Hammer, rock) “… the album would be a tramp, I wouldn’t let smooth tattooed me up!