Beer Bikes, Partybikes And Bar Bikes Only With Special Permission Of Use

Party bikes or beer bikes were prohibited on public traffic areas the administrative Dusseldorf Court in two judgements (16 K 6710/09 and 16 K 8009/09) dismissed the complaints against an order of the city of Dusseldorf, in the so-called party bikes or beer bikes on public thoroughfares was been forbidden from using the plaintiffs. The Administrative Court of Dusseldorf has confirmed the point of view of the city of Dusseldorf in its judgments that reliance on party bikes or beer bikes in the public transport area constituted a road-legal special use because she anyway, go over the common use in the present cases. The Administrative Court has confirmed also the perspective of the city of Dusseldorf that stand at the forefront of the use of the party – or beer bikes do not use the public roads for transport purposes. Will clear, notably because of the appearance that the main purpose of the operation of these vehicles no longer travel, but in the lively festivities with music and There was drinks. The plaintiff thus pursued no longer covered foreign transport purposes in the focus of the common use, so that it requires a street-legal special use permit for the use of party bikes and beer bikes on public traffic areas. Against the judgment allowing the appeal to the Oberverwaltungsgericht for the land North Rhine-Westphalia in Munster, Germany may be requested. It remains to be seen whether other cities take the judgment of the Administrative Court of Dusseldorf on the occasion also to proceed against the use of beer bikes on their public traffic areas.