Better Get In The Job:

Free online seminar to the own appearance Rheinberg, 14.10.2010. Smeeting”. This is the term that applies to memorize it. “Composed of meeting”and the name of an Internet platform for training smile2”. But what is behind this term? An interactive online seminar at the highest technical level. The participant sits PC or laptop in the Office or at home most, equipped with Internet access, in the best case with a headset.

And he can not just look at the seminar on the platform, he can actively ask questions or participate in discussions. Through interactive participation, we can make even exercises in this online seminar with the participants. This is a new variant of knowledge. “, says Julia Sobainsky, owner of the company Pro charisma, headquartered in Rheinberg near Dusseldorf, for me as a trainer and coach really new worlds emerge”. Also, Julia Sobainsky stressed the benefits for the participants. The smeetings’ can be visited virtually from any part of the world and each itinerary is eliminated. Contents come in small bites a smeeting takes only an hour and is therefore far less expensive than a seminar. However”, as Julia Sobainsky, there are limitations of course also here.” So no replacement be smeetings for a seminar, but rather a supplement.

And many companies would use now smeetings as an opportunity to look at the coach, before they book a seminar online. “” To Snuffle a smeeting held on the 21.10.10 free for those interested: the theme is never more inferior with the charismatic status “and deals with interpersonal conflict situations and the trouble, one feels when in discussions the shorter” has pulled. Sobainsky reveals tips and tricks such situations in the future to the satisfaction to solve. Who is interested in the free entry, can see the keyword Smeeting’ log at. There is information about the smeeting here: more information about Pro Are charisma and the services offered on the website. Julia Sobainsky