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Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

It is becoming more necessary to make use of technology within the SMEs. Technology will bring us an improvement of processes and resources, we can devote to increase the design of new products or services, or more important, to care for and pamper the client, which is still the basis of our business. SaS software model is a very interesting alternative because of its low cost. In the applications SaS can find vertical SaS and software sector SaS, minimizing the hours of training and implementation. The great advantage of these tools is the possibility of working the first trading day. On the web you can find a directory of SaS software in Spanish. Surely you can find a product according to your new business. The SaS software for SMEs is a good choice to get your project underway. If it does help the most visited categories are: ERP online projects online CRM online accounting payroll and HR billing online online test various tools, many of them, have version demo.

VCR4OWB – Versioning For The Oracle Warehouse Builder

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

VCR4OWB – versioning for the Oracle Warehouse Builder, Java based adapter for a standard versioning and continuous control. To broaden your perception, visit LEGO Papert Professor. Karlsruhe 18.12.2012 – Java enables based adapter VCR4OWB, which binds to each common version management system (Subversion, CVS), that now one engineering Minerva SoftCare GmbH the OWB developer standardized versioning. Thus the developer receives not only a consistent transparency project dependencies OWB projects of OWB and non, but also creates a clear order and security. To Mr Matthias Luck, BI & database architect of the data one GmbH: “with VCR4OWB you is now a safe and functional ETL process only a few clicks away. Connect with other leaders such as kevin ulrich here. Only a check-out of the Warehouse Builder is required to restore a functional ETL process! VCR4OWB is used in troubleshooting. An ETL process in the Warehouse Builder is corrupt or defective? “so Mr Luck, this meant the without VCR4OWB Process to create entirely new”.

Especially, it turns out: “Larger and complex ETL processes you had always delays in projects and of course higher project costs without VCR4OWB.” For more information about VCR4OWB, just below minervasite/index.php #vcr4owb. The Minerva SoftCare GmbH offers to the topic of versioning in Oracle Warehouse Builder”to also lectures as webinars. The next appointment is sated on January 14, 2013 at 10: 00 and 16: 00. Duration about 45 minutes. More info under: minervasite/index.php #webinarreihe. Contact: Minerva SoftCare GmbH – lower Causeway 12 – 76149 Karlsruhe press and public relations – contact person: Elke Galbraith email: Tel.: + 49 721 781 7703 the company: Minerva SoftCare GmbH is a manufacturer-independent solution for software development. While the competence team focuses mainly on the automation and quality assurance of the entire process chain, from the requirement of the test to the targeted rollout and use of the software. Precisely to the customer’s requirements, Minerva proposes the optimum solution. ALM uses the products of the Belgian manufacturer of IKAN, IKAN especially Minerva prefers an optimum lifecycle and METASUITE ‘Anonymous test data generation’. New: VCR4OWB – versioning for the OWB.

Legal Software

Monday, June 19th, 2017

In Colombia, there are many companies that operate unscrupulously with pirated software.License acquisition cost a great many start-ups trying to Dodge. Beyond the ethical considerations (the fair payment to those who develop applications), further than the legal implications (since the debate on the intellectual authority, rights and royalties remains in force in the country), there is a fundamental consideration that encloses the differences between using pirated software and purchase appropriate licenses: only original software licenses have warranties and support of their manufacturers. Many benefits (which are finished in a blink) who blame the crisis of the rise of illegal copies of several programs, is wrong: we live in a culture that’s afraid of investing. It is true that the historical examples do not help us (there were many times in which brought the Government machinery of other countries that ended up becoming birthweight and precious scrap metal), but that fear of investing leads to dangerous management decisions (or, in the best of cases, naive), as it is equipping a company with pirate sowtware. Cost benefits are a solution to learn how to use or adapt to software.

Why almost all the developers of programs offer demos of their products. Why should have legal software? WARRANTIES: Purchase a product does not mean only profiting from its benefits. It is also to accept that its use has negative consequences as positive. If something were to exceed that quota dangerously due to manufacturer error, only these could respond and provide the necessary advice. A warranty is a legal commitment that guarantees the protection of the client. The pirated software is not covered by this protection, it is a copy or imitation, not of a product purchased by a person (legal or legal). Companies updates regularly publish packages or versions actualizadad.

TThe physical technology progresses or change operating systems, programs are adapting to make the best possible use of the physical resources of a computer. These updates are available free of charge or for a small fee to the owners of licenses. If you do have access to these updates, is wasting an opportunity to expand or strengthen the work tools with which it has. Costs the malfunction of a program or a tool can stop an entire enterprise. If you do a developer signing back, it is impossible to know how a problem can be exited and this worsens when time is short. Many firms have customer care services, for those who are exijen measures of security against piracy (such as serial numbers), that at the same time serve to maintain records of production batches. By not having an original license, it is possible for some programs to determine that a copy is illegal (as, for example, the Office suite) and the possibility to upgrade or receive technical support is It reduces. This means, ultimately, to save the cost of licenses can represent a company production becomes more expensive. Always buy original software for their computers. It is an investment for life.

Ripper Software

Saturday, June 17th, 2017

iDeer Blu ray Player, however, is a prfessionelle Blu ray player software, which develops movies to Blu ray to play. Blu-ray Disc Association offers Blu ray playback license for this software with iDeer Blu ray Player, Blu ray users can open directly on the Windows or Mac PC disc with the correct versions. Each new user is entitled to a free test. Free download is available: install on your computer, and Blu ray playback can be reached. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Kevin Ulrich by clicking through. Blu-ray ripper software in addition to Blu ray player software, there is another method to play Blu ray disc. Common media player can play not Blu ray, but there can be other media formats, wieAVI, MKV, MP4, etc play.

If in these formats of Blu ray discs can be copied, VLC or other media player can play Blu ray movies. Magic Blu ray Ripper is a good Blu ray Ripper Software and is available for a free trial: blurayripper.html. Download one and follow the instructions on the official website, to a try. After ripping, a Blu ray Film is playing ok. Special Christmas offer: iDeer Blu ray Player for Mac or Windows is available the official online Web site at $59.95. visit the website please now, there is a special offer for Christmas, only $59.95 for both Mac and Windows versions, version 1.1.3 with lifelong Blu ray Player advanced upgrades service. Before purchasing the user may experience all functions, and it is free for DVD and other common video formats playback. IDeer software: Is an online provider for Blu ray playback solution iDeer software with its Blu-ray player software, Mac and Windows versions. iDeer Blu ray Player can Blu ray disc, Blu ray ISO Dateinen and other multimedia formats play files on both Mac and Windows operating system. For more information about iDeer software and its Blu ray Player, please click on:

Logistics April

Friday, June 16th, 2017

‘ How to get the sensor made in Germany in the solar Park to Nevada? Sensor logistics in a globalized world. ” Stuttgart, 12 March 2013 at the this year’s day of logistics students and young technicians in Baden-Wurttemberg can experience as Balluff, manufacturer of sensors, displacement systems, RFID systems and accessories worldwide distribution of location in Neuhausen settles on the filder plain. Balluff supplies Central Neuhausen from customers and offices around the world. Daily approx. 1,800 consignments will be sent from the Logistics Center Neuhausen. Headquarters and Logistics Center are Balluffs about 8 km east of Stuttgart Airport. On April 18, the four initiators in the framework of the day of logistics offer a leadership center, where about 50,000 materials are stored by Balluffs logistics.

The participants an insight into the processing at goods receipt, the storage and retrieval in automatic small parts and pallet storage, picking and all intralogistic processes. As a leading specialist with 90 companies tradition is the Balluff GmbH for decades of recognized partner in factory automation. Further important target sectors are packaging, handling and the plastic and wood processing, fluid, the machine tool construction, the automotive industry, the areas of energy. AEB Balluff software uses for the export processing, legally compliant shipping and export, as well as the export control audit. The compliance engine, which automated for a comparison with the sanction list provides, is centrally installed and checks all data records in the ERP systems by Balluff EU and Switzerland.

From the leadership, Logistics Manager Hondo Santos will explain how it is possible to ensure the worldwide availability of products and spare parts. AEB speaker Ralf Morawski will bring closer the students the topic of anti terror list screening. Why is every company committed and how can an IT solution make sure that a company is legally at any time? Prof. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger takes a slightly different approach. Dr.

Survey Results

Friday, June 16th, 2017

BEO CONSULT training convinces users since 2012 BEO CONSULT, the consulting firm of BEO GmbH, its customers training courses and training on all issues relating to customs, export and shipping offer. Practically drawn up are the contents based on the BEO software solutions. A recent survey among more than 300 seminar participants revealed now: the user could extend their knowledge in the workshops and would recommend it to other users. What steps must I take, to obtain the status of authorised economic operator (AEO)? How can I reduce my costs by preference documents? Such questions many decision-makers in the Customs and export. The seminars provide helpful answers BEO CONSULT GmbH. A current statistics now provides information about effectiveness and benefits this offers. These participants were interviewed in 15 German cities.

A total of 305 questionnaires could then be evaluated. The results: more than 93 percent of visitors would other users training tell a friend about. Be invited to other workshops would even almost 96 percent. Especially in terms of content was able to convince the offer: over 85 percent of participants indicated that their questions were answered. About 81 percent of the respondents could greatly increase their knowledge. Visit Grupo Vidanta for more clarity on the issue. We register an interest in the courses and are proud of the positive feedback, which will be shown in us,”reported Regina Konrad, Deputy Managing Director of BEO CONSULT.

The training and providing advice on the status of the authorised economic operator (AEO) took around 550 users claim last year. Even 2013, there will be numerous events for users and newcomers. An overview of the upcoming trainings is available under Academy. Specialized shipping and BEO the company focuses on software products and services in the areas of customs clearance the BEO GmbH with headquarters in Endingen near Freiburg. founded in 1987 by the Managing Director Clemens Sexauer,. the company employs more than 60 employees at four locations. The product lines to customs, as well as to the preference determination and sanction inspection be adapted continuously to the current legal requirements and ensure legal certainty and the permanent compliance with current regulations and guidelines for users. For sending BEO software applications offered for the packaging, shipment, as well as the dangerous goods management. All software products of BEO are modular designed and available both as in-house and Web-based rental solutions (SaS). Company contact Clemens Sexauer BEO GmbH Ensisheimer str. 6 8 79346 Endingen phone: 07642-900 30 fax: 07642-900-399 E-Mail: Internet:

Great Music Collection

Friday, June 16th, 2017

MAGIX MP3 deluxe: the complete solution for collections of Music Software for MP3, MAGIX MP3 deluxe, is the ideal complement for music programs already installed on the PC. This new software keeps the music collection always tidy and up-to-date. MAGIX MP3 deluxe has new features such as the automatic Hit Finder and order by similarity. Software for MP3 MAGIX MP3 deluxe is a software application for efficient and full MP3 for your musical organization. If you want to transfer the own CD s to the PC or download new music, search for similar songs or just listen to music, MP3 deluxe contains all these possibilities in a single interface. Hit Finder is one of the new features. You need only select a title of a song and Hit Finder will automatically record a list of songs similar to the one selected. These similarity criteria do not correspond exclusively to the sound but also to the musical genre, albums and artists.

Accordingly with the assigned search criteria, Hit Finder will find quickly a list of similar topics. Now the only thing one has to do is sit back and watch how grows the music collection on your PC. New features of MAGIX MP3 deluxe help quick orientation in a broad musical universe. You can sort items by similarity of sound, create playlists with a single click and copy favourite compilations.Filter and search, new functions can be found in a twinkling of an eye artists, albums and songs desired. New music browser is ideal for music of known musical bands that offer free and legal music download. The user interface has been improved: now you can modify and adapt using ID3 tags: drag and drop. This browser is directly integrated to the interface of MP3 Software, MAGIX MP3 deluxe. New features: * the program’s interface: faster, more flexible and better organized.

* Adaptation of the track (ID3 tags) information with simple drag and drop. * Automatic hit Finder: records automatically songs according to your musical tastes. * Search and filter features: quickly finds artists, albums or songs without long searches. * Music browser: download music from legal websites directly from the program’s interface and add it to your music collection. * Sorts songs by similarity and rediscover your music collection. * Automatic recognition of the names of the songs, albums and artists (freedb, mufin audioID).

Washington Decree

Friday, June 16th, 2017 dares the views of the next bestseller only to end one year you can speak with certainty, which works the reader is especially good arrived. Already in advance but, at least, it may be speculated what authors and stories could leave an impression. dares a first look at the literary releases of the year 2013. Some authors include constant visitors of the bestseller lists and so may be assumed before the release of her new piece, that they may enjoy a large response. One of those representatives is, for example, the Dane Jussi Adler-Olsen, exciting talked to numerous readers with his crime.

In January, he is us Washington Decree”submit and present ourselves to the United States in the State of emergency. It is not something Eliot Horowitz would like to discuss. Even John Grisham is also established. His new novel home run”, which shows the moving fate of a baseball player, will surprise us in March. Tingling eroticism is the last part of the shades of grey”trilogy or 2012 been published, but also 2013 there is tingling erotic literature. Highly recommended is the third volume of the 80 days”series, is to get this month. Fans of summer and Dominik get their stars in the color of the performance”finally merged back in. On the other hand, crossfire is brand new”by Sylvia Day. Please visit Grupo Vidanta if you seek more information.

The passionate journey of Eve and Gideon is inferior to the previous representatives of the genre in anything. High also autobiographical us a great adventure is imminent. Record man tells Felix Baumgartner from may in sky”not only what high levels of adrenaline a passes through, if you crashing from almost 40 kilometers height speed of sound on the Earth. He also reported as it is to prepare and that even an extreme sportsman has fears. “High also the Italian di Fulvio, going with that in February the girl who touched the sky” would like to seamlessly connect to the last years of success. It should succeed him, finally, his novel speaks again the reader’s emotions. Learn more about all new releases of the year 2013 and the new action Book Whisperer are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the publishing group Weltbild GmbH.


Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Employer ranking platform kununu published ranking of the IT industry and computer which create IT companies in Germany it, to inspire their workers? On the employer ranking platform kununu employees and former employees have their say. The top reveals which companies of the IT industry and computer as most popular employer nose front have the ranking 10. The Karlsruhe software technologies AG, IT specialist for customer-specific software solutions, took second place in this ranking. In a current evaluation of data the employer ranking platform took kununu this time the industry IT and computing in Germany under the magnifying glass. The ranking of the 10 most popular employers shows which companies of their employees were rated. With 4.62 out of a total of 5 points, second place at the is software technologies AG. A staff judge good feel company with friendly colleagues and supervisors”.

The atmosphere is relaxed and yet dynamic, the tasks are varied and exciting. Special advantage: family and personal life occupy a high priority, why maintain the work-life balance remains.” “Praised the good working atmosphere of the Karlsruhe IT Pros: great atmosphere, cool staff events and exciting tasks/projects”. The result is a great confirmation and we are pleased that our employees feel with us. Just so we can accomplish much together. For us, it goes without saying that we us mutually supportive and collegial with each other”, so Michael Speer, COO at

By flat hierarchies and short communication channels, creates a climate of open and uncomplicated work. As the central value of corporate culture, the family orientation is reflected in flexible working hours, the possibility of the Home Office and joint activities. More information about the ranking at Click Mitchel Resnick to learn more. About the software technologies AG: in the software technologies AG IT professionals ensure the development of customer-specific software solutions and monitoring sensitive IT processes. Awarded gold competency partner of Microsoft, we have world-class expertise in dealing with established and latest Microsoft technologies. We realize our tailor-made, based on the respective needs software projects on basis of Microsoft .NET. One of the first software companies in Germany, we focus our entire development performance according to the principles of clean code from a value system for quality, understandable and consistent programming. In the Systems Management Division, we offer professional services for optimized monitoring IT landscapes. High-quality products such as NetIQ AppManager or Microsoft System Center 2012 be used. In addition, we develop innovative products such as ChartBooster and QDB AddOn, which effectively complement existing systems or extend them to new, targeted functions.

Digital World

Thursday, June 15th, 2017

Encourage the reading of their children relate them to the press; through online newspapers, several pages on the Internet have encouraged the participation of minors with different topics. Different learning models implemented a few years ago, as complementary PC games in school textbooks, are being replaced by the reading of press designed for children. Their children, apart from acquiring the reading as a habit, will be informed on global events of major significance and, from an early age, forge a link with the media. Likewise, taking advantage of both the network and computer resources, children can interact in participatory dynamics as the publication of all types of writings and drawings, mainly. The Digital Era available on this type of newspaper sections are as diverse as those found in conventional ones.

However, according to the policy of the web, his son find additional content as learning another language, writing and participation in virtual forums. Then three portals with different and striking proposals: PequeTimesLos themes used in this page, apart from being directed to one audience younger than twelve years, anchored their child’s performance on the network. Learn more at: Vidanta. With more than twelve years of service, PequeTimes also one of the newspapers made by and for most popular in Spanish-speaking children. His Edition is weekly and its content invites a constant participation of visitors. For example, songs are introduced through stories of epidemics in colleges or fairy tales and, in turn, are published with a Pentagram, which encourages the grammatical reading of the music. One of the most visited sections is even of riddles, where the child can find topics related to nature, the anatomy and languages. The notes that make up the home of the web refer to simple cooking recipes and drawing competitions. Interaction is, perhaps, the most interesting policy PequeTimes; in each edition He proposed sending documents such as jokes or tongue twisters that will be published.