And so here we go: 1) go to cs. Create, some de_kartu and go for the terrorists. Note: Making such a leap, I tried to Counter-Strike 1.5 and 1.6, in general, I think it will be released in all versions, but not likely below 1.5 who is playing. 2) You need to be a bomb. 3) jump to any weapon except the knife. Need to shoot a couple rounds and include a recharge.

4) The charge to switch to the bomb. So you have on the Q key to cling fast switching between the bomb and rechargeable gun or your other weapons. 5) Next, look for a spectacular place to jump and shout for you watching from the sidelines. When a suitable location chosen by Q returning a pistol, but did not give him recharge and dramatically, all with using the same button Q, switch to a bomb and jump. Switch with rechargeable gun on a bomb made almost simultaneously with the jump. The difference with the capture of a bomb and a jump – a split second, but still need to take a bomb earlier. That's basically it. When you are able to jump so the first time, but not with success through time, it is possible for the effective way to jump on lamakov with drawers. Also goes nicely on gravity. But remember that you yourself this jump is not see just watching you from the side.