Couples Relationships

To begin to delve into the topic I would like you cuestionaras: why you are or want to be with your partner? What experience are looking for or would like to create? What are you not getting this? And, how do you feel in this regard? We will explore how we relate when it comes to couples and clean which is blocking the road. When we talk about relationships and even more in relationships we talk about sharing. But many of us are not open to share with us. We have tried our as many parts as bad or inappropriate that we don’t really want that others us away to the point where he can see, feel, witness those parts of our. We therefore maintain relationships in which we do not relate fullness. Because we do not accept us with fullness. And we do not accept us fully because we don’t know us fully.

Many people are scared to see inside, and however it is wonderful what is inside us. But how has taught us what is right and wrong, what we should or No, rather than teach us to know us and love us, what we’ve done is judging us and separated us from our own nature, our own truth. Therefore when you get close to someone, there is always something yours that is holding. And the other is also retained. It is also judged. And as us judge us, we begin to judge others.

And when another us reflects something of what we judge ourselves, then we resentimos, broke up. If when you samples in totality, completeness, the other can be identified with its own totality and fullness, and from there is where there is love. If you ever loved someone, you know that it was not necessarily perfect. But you loved him in completeness with acceptance.