Too many people fall into the trap of trying to sell on your website only products that are to your liking. Others make the mistake of trying to sell only the best and most dazzling products that can be found. The objective of starting an e-commerce website is to make money. That is something that you must not lose sight. Most of the people I’ve seen start an online storefront want to know who are the best sellers in the network, in order to sell the same products. They are losing the point.

If you sell only the best products, you diluted your customer base, because everyone is trying to sell the best products also! You also compete with physical companies who buy tons of products and are therefore very low prices, even better than any dropshipper. People buy all kinds of products. They do not have to be fashionable or stunning. They must simply be things that people want to buy. Here there is an important ingredient for success in the network and in any business: selling products that people buy and It is frequently used. For example, if you are considering selling DVD players, would do a search on the term DVD player (I have done it in English because it is a broader and more accustomed to the e-commerce market). At the moment I am writing this article, that search has resulted in up to 7.813 DVD players available on 489 stores. We want to be the number 490 store, add 20 or 30 products over to the nearly 8,000 who are already available, and wait for that we can sell something? I think that not. Find a niche market, with people willing to buy your products and sell them what they want.