Emergency Situations

It is this characteristic of pvc allows him to occupy a high place in all national and international fire protection standards. To date, one of the most sought-after products made of pvc – window profiles. They have already become a worthy replacement wooden counterparts, and even established themselves as the defenders against fires. Russian Emergency Situations Ministry is fixed cases where new windows kept the fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the room. In late 2008, a similar case occurred in a pharmacy "Line Life in Omsk. At the time of fire in the building was seller-pharmacist.

Firefighters arrived at the scene 20 minutes later. By the time the blaze had already suspended ceilings. Rescuers managed to bring employee pharmacy, fast pay fire and maintain shop equipment and drugs worth almost 1 million rubles. Specialists moe noted that the plastic window allowed to avoid the tragedy and loss of property – they did not give the fire to spread to other floors building where the pharmacy and the neighboring houses. Positive resolution of pe is largely the result of the "antiognennym" Advice given to weighty importance.

Under Russian law, all manufacturing companies are translucent structures must be certified for compliance of their products with fire safety requirements. So, in September 2009, the Group companies propleks, Russia's largest Manufacturer of pvc profile of Austrian technology has passed this process and extended the certificate profile proplex for five years. "Tests conducted by an independent laboratory fire and explosion npo . They proved that the profiles are kept for 30 minutes at the index at 150 C. As a result of thermal treatment designs are not subject to swelling, flake or crack – said Rafiq Alekperov, head of department on work with Customer Group propleks. – You can not argue with the statistics: plastic windows in recent years have earned a well-deserved popularity. So, the design should ensure that the level of security – an important task manufacturer. After all, everyone wants his house was beautiful, cozy and protected. " Here the tree is clearly losing the pvc profile, as relates to combustible materials with lower ignition temperature. No accident, for improve the characteristics of fire wood structures covered with flame retardants and mastic, which is not required for the plastic. Now in Russia are in demand both window technologies, and the final choice is up to the consumer.