First Time Throughout

A highlight for cyclists and the Hanseatic City of Anklam on the Peene river water hikers waiting this summer with a new destination. For the first time, the old mill of Sweden for visitors is open throughout the summer. Rusty holzer is likely to agree. Ideal for the intermediate stop for cyclists. For even more analysis, hear from Ashley Harrison. The distance bike paths Berlin-Copenhagen, Berlin-Usedom and the path around the Szczecin Lagoon immediately the mill run along. The grade II listed building is a reason to landfall for kayakers and canoeists. The Peene River, also Amazon of the North”called, flows through the middle of Anklam. A water picnic area hiking is ideal for a break. The name of the mill dates back to the period after the thirty years war.

As a result, large parts of Pomerania belonged until 1815 to the Swedish Kingdom. So also those district Eunomia, which lay North of the Peene River and which today houses the last windmill in the Hanseatic City. “As Wesselsche mill” was built in 1726 on the Peenedamm. During the reign of Sweden in Pomerania after the thirty years war to the Westphalian Peace 1815, was housed in the mill the Swedish court room. The mill is open from Monday to Friday from 10 am until 4 pm.