Fresh Energy

Back to long before the computer sat? The eyes itch and burn, the head buzzing? A small acupressure can help to feel again fresh and relaxed. Make a small break and a little exercise. Sit at a table. Support the elbow. Look as relaxed and not secure.Now, place the thumb tips between nose and eyebrow. Press now slightly inward and up against the brow bead. For assistance, try visiting Ann Davies. The other fingers pointing upwards or are easily into each other.

Keep the tension for one to three minutes. You can increase the pressure in the course of time to something. It is important that it is a pleasant feeling. Then slowly loosen the grip and short track. What is acupressure? Acupressure is a form of acupuncture easy to use and comes from traditional Chinese medicine. There are simple exercises that can be applied with the fingers. According to the teaching of Chinese medicine, the energy circulation should be stimulated by pressure on certain points. Marion Waje Heder anti-aging and health advice