ICBM Chinese

A CNN team captures the murder in China of Cardinal Renato di Milo, the apostolic nuncio in Beijing and the Chinese minister Yu Fa An They tried to prevent the Chinese authorities that led to a forced abortion on a member of the congregation of Fa An As a result, the Western world is boycotting trade with China. Chinese economy since he was already in trouble due to a dramatic expansion in its military power, China decided to accelerate its plan to invade Siberia for its abundant reserves of oil and gold. As part of the plan, attempting to assassinate the right hand of Russian President Sergey Golovko, and plan to assassinate the president, Grushavoy. But the CIA has managed to establish a secret software on the computer of a secretary of the Chinese Politburo members, thus ensuring obtain intelligence information about Chinese intentions.
In an attempt to dissuade the Chinese invaders of Russia, Ryan persuades NATO to admit Russia into the organization. China decides, even so, invade. However, Russian forces led by General Bondarenko, managed to stop the advance of the Chinese, using a strategy of maneuver warfare, where the Russians outnumbered and tactics, leave the Chinese advance to a point where assemble the perfect ambush. This, aided by technical assistance from the United States, and cutting the supply channels of the Chinese to the north, put in checkmate the Chinese troops. While that happens, Ryan decides to transmit live video from the Internet Dark Star aircraft, unmanned aircraft to capture video from the combat zone and transmitted via satellite. They do this as a means to counter the false propaganda that promotes the communist party in China.
A as the Chinese begin to lose the war, the Politburo decided to prepare for a potential ICBM’s launch. A special joint operation between Russian and Spetznaz Rainbow Six team, led by John Clark is dispatched to destroy the installations of these ICBMs. The operation achieved all but one of destroying the missiles, which is successfully launched into Washington DC Because of this, the family is evacuated presidential emergency, but Ryan decided at last minute deal on a navy ship, the USS Gettysburg, an AEGIS cruiser stationed in Washington. Ryan as the presence of the cruise staff succeeds in destroying the ICBM last minute, just before they destroyed the city of Washington DC
Meanwhile, the live coverage on CNN prior to the destruction of nearby Washington DC is seen by thousands of Chinese. Late at night, a group of thousands of students, enraged by the manner in which his government has acted, are at the Tian’anmen Square and successfully invade the Politburo, which was at that time in an emergency meeting. A reformist member of the Politburo, Fang Gan, takes control of the fallen government and ordered to arrest the man behind the invasion of Russia, Prime Minister Kun Xu Piao, the Minister and Zhang Han San Marshal Luo Cong. Fang ordered the withdrawal of military operations in Russia in Siberia.