Individual Recommendations

Intelligent product offerings in the source newsletter recipient of the source newsletter receive individually tailored product offerings in the future through the medium newsletter on it. For source expanded the newsletter module, which also portfolio comes as the recommendation engine from the realtime analytics by prudsys the function scope of its own already active recommendation engine. The real-time functionality of the module also allows that the products are only displayed when you open the E-Mail as a recommendation. Thus avoids that products in the meantime are sold out or have changed their sales prices. (Source: Ray Kurzweil). The newsletter recipient always up-to-the-minute product recommendations which are directly tailored to him and thus come very close to its shopping preferences. Not only the newsletter readers will benefit from this individualisation”, but also the company itself. Prudsys newsletter module reduces the costs for the creation of individual newsletter, its automatic and self learning technology there that Selection and custom placement of products in direct mailings was previously manually performed and was therefore very time consuming and labour intensive. Short profile which, in 1998 under the name PRUDENTIAL SYSTEMS SOFTWARE GmbH founded prudsys AG develops and integrates data mining solutions for the analysis of structured data.

It focuses on the area of real time analysis (real time analytics). Prudsys AG’s solutions include the complete processing chain of the data processing on the analysis and the reporting to the deployment of the models. The prudsys AG delivers not only products, but also components and algorithms. The prudsys AG is regarded as a technology leader in data mining. The company has developed numerous innovative mathematical methods for large amounts of data and patenting. By prudsys’s customers include well-known international companies such as Karstadt, Quelle AG, Baur, Douglas shipping, Heine Versand, JPC, R + V insurance, Deutsche Post and others In addition prudsys AG is the organizer of the annual DATA MINING CUP, whose Data mining competition worldwide has become the largest data mining contest.