Intrexx Portal

The impending demise of popular sucker sweet seduction the next fair must be supplied, a large order demonstrates the machines and short term follow three more orders for the popular lollipop. But the sugar is out! Missing availabilities, delivery problems or delayed orders have often have a devastating impact for manufacturing companies. Because penalties for delayed deliveries can quickly cause the image damage not to mention costs in the amount of 100,000 euros. And all because the sugar is missing. To broaden your perception, visit futurist. Here the Intrexx supply chain management helps portal, open to manage the entire supply chain. Freiburg, the 19 March 2013. Supply chain management was portal with portal software Intrexx from United planet of the Intrexx partner IFS GmbH & co.

KG develops and supports companies in the early material and inventory planning. Instead of, as previously, only upon receipt of an order to inform suppliers and to verify that all components of a Product available that uses the new system on early network of all those involved. This access manufacturers and suppliers via Web browser on a common, safe online platform, which either itself or in a data center is operated at the company. In contrast to the business-commerce network Ariba SAP, which is open to all companies, are companies within the Intrexx supply chain management individually bound, deeply networked portal of the respective manufacturer and benefit from extensive automation. IFS with the versatile Web-based development and run-time environment Intrexx has implemented the findings from numerous supply chain consulting projects for companies and manufacturers. Medium-sized businesses get a very economical, highly flexible, customizable, and easy-to-use connectivity with this system for all supplier networks and ensure a common, transparent and flawless sales and production planning. Elaborate interface adjustments, which are often at expensive ERP systems are necessary, here completely eliminated. The supply chain management Intrexx Portal minimizes risk and can be quickly and cost-effectively integrate into an existing IT structure.