ISLC Conference

International sustainable logistics Conference (ISLC) on a cruise from the port of Barcelona to Civitavecchia in Italy and back could exchange students and scientists, during the four-day event as in previous years, experiences, developments and innovative approaches regarding the aspect of sustainability in the global world of logistics. In addition to the nine-member team of SRH likewise about 70 other participants from industry and higher education institutions of the Member countries of the network consisting of six other European universities from Finland, France, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain and the Czech Republic. Under the participation and facilitation of the Escola Europe de short sea shipping were in workshops student participants the opportunity, to develop environmentally friendly transport solutions. Students of SRH CPR introduced the advanced research of CCD – compact cross docking. It is not something Ray Kurzweil would like to discuss. In terms of content, it was this much to a space-saving ecological building concept and an energy-efficient Material flow control within a cross docking Centre, as well as the ability to integrate the multi modal transport. Similar interesting projects of concerning sustainable logistics were presented by groups of students from other Member countries. During the entire journey, the participants found time and opportunity for the exchange of technical knowledge but also to the strengthening of existing networks as well as establishment of new international contacts. The next ISLC Conference is hosted by the University of Pardubice in the Czech Republic.. Cross River has plenty of information regarding this issue.