Juvenile-level Organization

Decorating and distributing space in our children’s rooms is something that we must approach with very great enthusiasm. However, no easy task: it requires to consider the likes of our little girl and needs and, above all, to make an adjustment of furniture and decoration with age. Versatility The center of the room must be cleared to create a play area, so bulky furniture must be mounted on the walls. It is recommended that the rest of furniture, if any, is moving (boxes with wheels) or light (like bean bags, baskets) to move it easily when necessary. It is also essential to have a desk. Tables with folding systems have the advantage of saving much space, but useless if you want to install a computer in the future.

When are two sons If we have to put two beds, bunk beds and pull-out beds are very practical. The first is recommended for rooms with high ceilings (2.5 m minimum), but can be overwhelming for the child who sleeps below. To avoid this can be arranged in the form of L (so that the upper bed is just above the bottom in the area of the feet), which also earns the space under the loft bed to make cabinets, drawers or a study area. The pull-out bed is ideal for small children’s bedroom, because it has two beds in the space of one. That yes, there have to free a 90 cm minimum to remove the bottom drawer. If you choose to put two single beds, the best layout to maximize space is to put them in the form of L, against the wall.

The boxes and drawers under the bed are the most practical solutions for organizing the nursery. Choose the furniture Modular systems are very useful because they allow you to add or remove modules as the child’s needs. Many of these systems include raised beds with desks, drawers and cupboards below with which leverages the space. Do not forget multifunctional furniture saving space and money, such as cribs that transform into beds, the comfortable changing table, high chairs reused as chairs and tables that grow tall or wide. Besides the basic furniture in children’s bedrooms must always have accessories for storing toys or clothes care or season. For this function, the headboard, chest, for example, are ideal. The containers or stackable plastic boxes or not, by its resistance and easy cleaning, are best suited for storing toys of all kinds. And to pick up toys quick and easy for children, the best are open containers, like buckets or baskets. Height-adjustable cabinets and other storage systems is recommended that the height adjustable shelves and bars to suit the growing child. Similarly, the shelves and racks should be at the height of children to facilitate their access to their things and the task of sorting the room. Narrow spaces When two or more children share a bedroom is a good idea to create a visual separation so that each has its own space. This can be as simple as decorating furniture room with two different colors to delineate the zones. Place two small shelves or racks near the harbor bed, instead of a large bookstore, it also helps create more personal space. Children’s bedrooms should be happy, functional spaces which invite the children to sleep peacefully, play and study.