Light For More Performance And Well-being

Trend: Office lighting takes into account also emotional needs ever more beautiful an Office, the better is it worked. This statement is now proven by many studies that have examined the relationship between interior design and motivation. A good office equipment facilitates not only work on computers and copiers, taking into account natural needs, promoting the satisfaction with the workplace and increases as the motivation. The lighting plays a crucial role. She can be used selectively, to create a pleasant and inspiring atmosphere and increase the attention, advises good light, the funding community. Changing light moods are a suitable means. You give important impulses for mind and body spread over the day.

Depending on the time of day, people light colors and brightnesses prefer? So in the morning mainly bright cold white light that needed activating effect. In the evening, however, many appreciate warm white Light colors to get relaxed in the evening. Light management offers many benefits by electronic control lighting scenes can be automatically retrieve and translate harmoniously together. At the same time, automatic light management offers many practical advantages, which facilitate the everyday life in the Office; Light scenes can be programmed and quickly retrieve when needed for various activities such as “Paperwork” or “Presentation”, sensors adjust the brightness at different day and seasons. Motion detector activate the lighting in rooms and desks as soon as someone approaches. For more specific information, check out kevin ulrich. The light on individual needs can be adapted from the workplace.

Light management creates not only comfort for users of the Office. It also helps to save energy, it adapts to the natural light artificial lighting and exactly then makes available, when you need it. Other components provide more efficiency: long-life lamps with high luminous efficiency as about LEDs Luminaires that direct light from there, where it used energy-saving ballasts the aim is: maximum quality at minimum energy consumption. Because electricity and maintenance account for up to 90 percent of the cost of a lighting system. Therefore every watt of a lighting system must be used at rising prices and stricter requirements of the policy for sustainable building wisely in the Office. Company description on – the Fordergemeinschaft good light – is since 1970 the competent partner when it comes to questions of lighting. The society brings together the expertise of more than 130 member companies from the lighting and lamp industry, that are organized in the ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik and electronics industry. informed about current aspects of efficient lighting and knowledge based around light, lighting and light bulbs – vendor-neutral and competent. The information portal, as well as the serials “licht.wissen” and “” offer comprehensive service, practical advice and examples of lighting for Architects and planners, journalists and consumers.