Pablo Freire

The access it allows that educator and educating extends its concepts and narrows its physical and virtual relation. What if it learns in classroom, with especificidades of determined subject, can easily be studied in a bigger scope, in which if they make to exactly notice other aspects or 0 variable of this subject. This wants to say that the technology starts to be an extension of the classroom in the search for more knowledge, since new ways can be considered to learn and to teach. We can try the synthesis in the two ways of communication: actual and virtual, valuing the optimum one of each one of them. To be together physically important in is determined strong moments: to know us, to create links reliable, affection.

Connected, we can carry through practical faster exchanges, cmodas and. (…) The virtual communication allows freer espaotemporais interactions, the adaptation the different rhythms of the pupils, new contacts with similar people, physically distant, bigger liberty of speech in the distance. (MORAN, 2010, p.57-58). Tajra (2002, P. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out view website. 43), understands this as a technological imperative it defines and it as ' ' a state in which the society if submits humblly to each new requirement of the technology and uses without questioning new product all, either carrying or not of an improvement real' '. The educational technology is on the theory and evolution of the communication and in the technological advances of computer science, the audiovisuais, printed matters and the digital medias. The book also is considered a technology. However it can be described as an exceeded technology. The teach-learning method when applied with base only in books it makes of the lesson a mere didactic transposition in which the professor, in the use of the reflective movement, transmits the content and it simply it is absorbed by the pupil, without having much interatividade. It is practically the methodology of the banking school of Pablo Freire, whose professor daily deposits its knowledge in the pupil as a saving and he collects later it through an evaluation.