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Great Music Collection

June 16th, 2017

MAGIX MP3 deluxe: the complete solution for collections of Music Software for MP3, MAGIX MP3 deluxe, is the ideal complement for music programs already installed on the PC. This new software keeps the music collection always tidy and up-to-date. MAGIX MP3 deluxe has new features such as the automatic Hit Finder and order by similarity. Software for MP3 MAGIX MP3 deluxe is a software application for efficient and full MP3 for your musical organization. If you want to transfer the own CD s to the PC or download new music, search for similar songs or just listen to music, MP3 deluxe contains all these possibilities in a single interface. Hit Finder is one of the new features. You need only select a title of a song and Hit Finder will automatically record a list of songs similar to the one selected. These similarity criteria do not correspond exclusively to the sound but also to the musical genre, albums and artists.

Accordingly with the assigned search criteria, Hit Finder will find quickly a list of similar topics. Now the only thing one has to do is sit back and watch how grows the music collection on your PC. New features of MAGIX MP3 deluxe help quick orientation in a broad musical universe. You can sort items by similarity of sound, create playlists with a single click and copy favourite compilations.Filter and search, new functions can be found in a twinkling of an eye artists, albums and songs desired. New music browser is ideal for music of known musical bands that offer free and legal music download. The user interface has been improved: now you can modify and adapt using ID3 tags: drag and drop. This browser is directly integrated to the interface of MP3 Software, MAGIX MP3 deluxe. New features: * the program’s interface: faster, more flexible and better organized.

* Adaptation of the track (ID3 tags) information with simple drag and drop. * Automatic hit Finder: records automatically songs according to your musical tastes. * Search and filter features: quickly finds artists, albums or songs without long searches. * Music browser: download music from legal websites directly from the program’s interface and add it to your music collection. * Sorts songs by similarity and rediscover your music collection. * Automatic recognition of the names of the songs, albums and artists (freedb, mufin audioID).

Washington Decree

June 16th, 2017 dares the views of the next bestseller only to end one year you can speak with certainty, which works the reader is especially good arrived. Already in advance but, at least, it may be speculated what authors and stories could leave an impression. dares a first look at the literary releases of the year 2013. Some authors include constant visitors of the bestseller lists and so may be assumed before the release of her new piece, that they may enjoy a large response. One of those representatives is, for example, the Dane Jussi Adler-Olsen, exciting talked to numerous readers with his crime.

In January, he is us Washington Decree”submit and present ourselves to the United States in the State of emergency. It is not something Eliot Horowitz would like to discuss. Even John Grisham is also established. His new novel home run”, which shows the moving fate of a baseball player, will surprise us in March. Tingling eroticism is the last part of the shades of grey”trilogy or 2012 been published, but also 2013 there is tingling erotic literature. Highly recommended is the third volume of the 80 days”series, is to get this month. Fans of summer and Dominik get their stars in the color of the performance”finally merged back in. On the other hand, crossfire is brand new”by Sylvia Day. Please visit Grupo Vidanta if you seek more information.

The passionate journey of Eve and Gideon is inferior to the previous representatives of the genre in anything. High also autobiographical us a great adventure is imminent. Record man tells Felix Baumgartner from may in sky”not only what high levels of adrenaline a passes through, if you crashing from almost 40 kilometers height speed of sound on the Earth. He also reported as it is to prepare and that even an extreme sportsman has fears. “High also the Italian di Fulvio, going with that in February the girl who touched the sky” would like to seamlessly connect to the last years of success. It should succeed him, finally, his novel speaks again the reader’s emotions. Learn more about all new releases of the year 2013 and the new action Book Whisperer are now in the online shop from and the associated blog. Press contact: Lucas Gutierrez junior Marketing Manager GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a D-86167 Augsburg phone: + 49 (0) 821 – 4502 – 132 fax: + 49 (0) 821-4502-299 mailto: about is the online shop with over seven million items from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded. has its headquarters in Augsburg and is a joint venture of Axel Springer AG, Holtzbrinck networks GmbH and the publishing group Weltbild GmbH.


June 15th, 2017

Employer ranking platform kununu published ranking of the IT industry and computer which create IT companies in Germany it, to inspire their workers? On the employer ranking platform kununu employees and former employees have their say. The top reveals which companies of the IT industry and computer as most popular employer nose front have the ranking 10. The Karlsruhe software technologies AG, IT specialist for customer-specific software solutions, took second place in this ranking. In a current evaluation of data the employer ranking platform took kununu this time the industry IT and computing in Germany under the magnifying glass. The ranking of the 10 most popular employers shows which companies of their employees were rated. With 4.62 out of a total of 5 points, second place at the is software technologies AG. A staff judge good feel company with friendly colleagues and supervisors”.

The atmosphere is relaxed and yet dynamic, the tasks are varied and exciting. Special advantage: family and personal life occupy a high priority, why maintain the work-life balance remains.” “Praised the good working atmosphere of the Karlsruhe IT Pros: great atmosphere, cool staff events and exciting tasks/projects”. The result is a great confirmation and we are pleased that our employees feel with us. Just so we can accomplish much together. For us, it goes without saying that we us mutually supportive and collegial with each other”, so Michael Speer, COO at

By flat hierarchies and short communication channels, creates a climate of open and uncomplicated work. As the central value of corporate culture, the family orientation is reflected in flexible working hours, the possibility of the Home Office and joint activities. More information about the ranking at Click Mitchel Resnick to learn more. About the software technologies AG: in the software technologies AG IT professionals ensure the development of customer-specific software solutions and monitoring sensitive IT processes. Awarded gold competency partner of Microsoft, we have world-class expertise in dealing with established and latest Microsoft technologies. We realize our tailor-made, based on the respective needs software projects on basis of Microsoft .NET. One of the first software companies in Germany, we focus our entire development performance according to the principles of clean code from a value system for quality, understandable and consistent programming. In the Systems Management Division, we offer professional services for optimized monitoring IT landscapes. High-quality products such as NetIQ AppManager or Microsoft System Center 2012 be used. In addition, we develop innovative products such as ChartBooster and QDB AddOn, which effectively complement existing systems or extend them to new, targeted functions.

Digital World

June 15th, 2017

Encourage the reading of their children relate them to the press; through online newspapers, several pages on the Internet have encouraged the participation of minors with different topics. Different learning models implemented a few years ago, as complementary PC games in school textbooks, are being replaced by the reading of press designed for children. Their children, apart from acquiring the reading as a habit, will be informed on global events of major significance and, from an early age, forge a link with the media. Likewise, taking advantage of both the network and computer resources, children can interact in participatory dynamics as the publication of all types of writings and drawings, mainly. The Digital Era available on this type of newspaper sections are as diverse as those found in conventional ones.

However, according to the policy of the web, his son find additional content as learning another language, writing and participation in virtual forums. Then three portals with different and striking proposals: PequeTimesLos themes used in this page, apart from being directed to one audience younger than twelve years, anchored their child’s performance on the network. Learn more at: Vidanta. With more than twelve years of service, PequeTimes also one of the newspapers made by and for most popular in Spanish-speaking children. His Edition is weekly and its content invites a constant participation of visitors. For example, songs are introduced through stories of epidemics in colleges or fairy tales and, in turn, are published with a Pentagram, which encourages the grammatical reading of the music. One of the most visited sections is even of riddles, where the child can find topics related to nature, the anatomy and languages. The notes that make up the home of the web refer to simple cooking recipes and drawing competitions. Interaction is, perhaps, the most interesting policy PequeTimes; in each edition He proposed sending documents such as jokes or tongue twisters that will be published.

Enfrio Software

June 13th, 2017

As our President, what is happening, says my God, because although they believe it or not, and while free software is a decree of mandatory compliance in the Administration publishes, since no one is advancing, including some it managers who supported the decree are disappearing, being sent to oblivion or the gallows by their bosses, who are looking for any subtle justification, disguising their true intention and is ultimately they don’t want their offices to have nothing to do with that pan called Linux. Which we have prepared in this area, to assume positions of administrators of servers or free software project managers, look in stunned disbelief, as is presenting an underground movement anti Linux, don’t know who commanded this movement, but this tucked in all the companies as if someone were to fund them. And every day recruits supervisors and technicians who are not in accordance with the replacement of proprietary licenses, to form a mafia responsible for sabotage migration policies. We will definitely remain for many years more, a country presidential, because only if the President heartsine again with the music of free software and makes shake to revolutionary bureaucrats of governmental entities, could move forward, and get back on track. While the Ministry of science and technology, along with the CNTI, is offering free technical courses, coordinating seminars, congresses, etc., the directors of Administration publishes only be aligned if and only someone pushes them again. It is a truly rare situation, they agree with the free software, please to the central Government, but they are not willing to spend, which we saved with these free licenses, better equipment or personnel preparation, including in some decentralized entities Linux migrations are are returning to Windows again. We know that the strategy of the Ministry of education and the Ministry of science and technology, providing Linux and computers in primary schools, while they may form the generation of respite, is not going to be afraid to free software, however missing many years that these developers and technical future children’s organizations achieve lie, so Meanwhile, does lack is stress and impulse, by technological slope, the imposition of free software in the Administration publishesleaving aside as much flexibility, on penalty of once again returning to the purchase of proprietary licenses and condemnation of sovereignty and technological independence.


June 12th, 2017

All processes in the light of new technologies and methodologies and not to wrap the ego who is convinced of having created the company more efficient and productive as possible with his leadership and intervention should be reviewed in times of crisis. Efficiency is a relative concept and should be examined in horizontal comparisons with peers sector within and outside the country, especially with the leaders and in vertical comparisons with whom they supplied or require your product or service and how they use it or they could get to produce it when you are not your best alternative. All processes are susceptible to improvement, late or early there will be someone who can make it better or more efficiently or technology that ensures the same or better results at lower cost. Creativity and innovation will always be at the service of those who want to use them to be better and take advantage of its existence. Click this computer is a phrase so trite that it has begun to lose its meaning, it has become so impersonal and little appreciated, as the protocolary greeting given to people on the street or at the reception of a building. Click computer seems so obvious behavior, which for the same reason nobody cares about its compliance. In many companies people work in group, that is in the company of others, with some degree of communication and physical closeness and that usually call it team.

A team true is the one that people who are part of the group, at the same time are the perfect complement to the successful completion of an activity. Not enough that each one is efficient in what they do, must be efficient in which contributes to the goal of the Group and the way as complements to their co t.92 to achieve the individual benefit and common at the same time. Imagine a team consisting of real stars, but that don’t get results. 11 of the best archers in the world placed on a football field are not enough so that they can be considered as a team. Computers require members to be supplementary to each other, i.e. people with skills and common capabilities that can contribute to the realization of a common work when someone is missing or need support because activity goes beyond its possibilities of time or effort to perform them. In the case of the football team, is supplemental a striker that can replace another striker who was injured in the event of injury. But also need supplementary members, i.e.

those that provide knowledge and that others do not possess and skills that are necessary for the success of the activity. On the soccer team, defenders, midfielders, the goalkeeper and fronts, are complementary because each possesses some skills that put them together make it possible the efficient realization of the proposed group activity. So that make equipment is not having groups of people working together, is to ensure that their knowledge and skills, complement efficiently to each other to be competitive and successful. Make equipment in times of crisis I mean to accept and give help to others for rowing together and leaving the rapids as winners.


June 11th, 2017

There are two types of carp – silver ("white") and gold (popularly also called "yellow"). Habitats of each species are different. Goldfish love flowing large lakes, quiet stretches of rivers, prefers to stay in coastal algae. Golden carp inhabits muddy lakes and ponds, overgrown warm waters, the old flooded quarries, pits and flooded bayou, prefers places with soft bottoms and stagnant water. Occasionally found in large pools of calm, quiet rivers. Prefers to stay in the bottom layer.

Totally unpretentious (which is not true of silver) – can live in freezing winter and summer drying ponds, wonderful feeling to conditions of low oxygen content in water. Kevin ulrich contains valuable tech resources. Good carp bite from mid-May, after 2 weeks after spawning. Usually at this time is earing rye. During the spawning season of the bite missing. Peak biting observed in late May – early June, then decreases markedly, but a weak bite still lasts until mid-August. He goes into the pits for the winter in November or early December.

In warm winters normally are caught before the end of January. In cold winter carp are not fed, and in extreme cases (where there is very little air) – is buried in the mud. At the former place back after the summer ice melt. After hibernation great bite on bloodworms or small worm. This time it is impossible to miss. In the summer of carp are on special to make sounds, "smack," as the fishermen. Very often in the morning and, especially, the evening sunsets as he himself claims to be.

USA Process

June 11th, 2017

The study of Mead part of the social process underway and points out that the emerging mind, the I and the society.Symbolic communication in man through the language level is what allows the formation and development of the mind for Wundt language was the product of the mind, for Mead, mind was the product of the language.In the social process and through interaction or communication arises the self, one’s own conscience I. In the conversation of gestures, individuals in interaction inferred the thoughts, feelings, and intentions of others. Through this dynamic whose base is the language, each assumes the perspective of the other and adopts the attitudes of others toward yourself. On this assumption of roles, the person takes the role of the other generalizador; and the incorporation of these attitudes is what constitutes the me, in such a way that it develops from a social process in which acquires the characteristics of the social context in which we live.In any social process individuals are explained in terms of society and no society from individuals.Social psychology studies activity or conduct of the individual insofar as such conduct is anchored within the social process; the behavior of a single individual can be understood in terms of conduct of the total social group of which he is a member since their individual actions are included in broader social acts that exceed their own individuality and involve other members of the group.Social psychology in USA did not follow the lines traced by Mead. The man who became the main focal point was Allport. He was an unorthodox behavioral and an experimentalista, both converged on him and both fit into the atmosphere of the time.He introduced the laboratory experiment in social psychology and this discipline entered in the experimental field. He reacted against theories that defined social psychology as the study of the Group and against the existence of an entity actualize. Hear from experts in the field like Ray Kurzweil for a more varied view. Allport was against everything that had introduced McDougall: the instincts and the Group mind.Anthropology made contributions to this discipline throughout the 20th century.

They emphasized the importance of the knowledge of different cultures to understand social behavior.Contributions can be grouped into 3 lines of thought:-an individualistic approach and therein is situated the instintivista approach of McDougall and the behaviorist approach. of Allport-the study of groups and group psychological processes, here fits the work of Ross, – the third puts his accent in the society and she are Mead and anthropological investigations. The individuocentrico approach seems to be the dominant in these early decades of the 20th century. Original author and source of the article.

Perpetual Truth

June 11th, 2017

Our ancestral ones already looked ways to express the allure for the mysteries of the creation being deified the Nature. But the universality of the human thought, with its metaphors and symbolisms throughout the centuries in the search of the solution, the explanation for the Perpetual Truth and the enigmas and paradoxes of the present life, esbarra in our polarized vision (the natural one and supernatural) of the reality. the found solution to understand this vision of the reality for some primitive peoples was essentially religious. Ahead of this analysis, when studying on the aspects of the religiosidade of the previous period the creation of the writing is to penetrate in a gamma of interpretations on sources apercebidas in a weak penumbra. On this context, all the existing affirmations on such period and mainly on the metaphysics of the art and the religion are based on mere hypotheses. Google often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Thus granting, Daily pay-History as a sufficiently vast field for a gamma of constructions and theoretical desconstrues on the subject.

At last, to affirm something on definitive study, being based only on the vestiges them peoples of this so distant time would be a task of utmost sensitivity with what it would come to be the likely fact occurrence in the times lived in Daily pay-History. In this context, a theoretical basement in the research on the theory of the religiosidade was strengthened still more, in view of manifestation of the sacred one and the profane one. Thus looking for, to understand the man prehistoric, in view of its similarities with the humanity contemporary. One knows that it has 35,000 years, the Homo Sapiens the same possuam nervous system that we, the same facultieses of synthesis and abstraction, and are not more primitive of what we. They are part of the same Humanity. She is clearly that she has a historical context and a way to conceive the world, without a doubt, different of ours, but not necessarily inferior.

Software IPad

June 10th, 2017

Zinio, company dedicated to worldwide publishing and digital, recently announced the expansion of its software for iPad that until now only marketed in the United States to the international market. This company intends to create new versions of its software for iPad for each country and language and thereby improve the quality of reading of potential users. From the past May 28, iPad is available on time in almost all countries: where he was announced its launch: United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada and France. Zinio wants to give a reading of quality to the user so they can buy and enjoy content to read on any of them with your iPad-enabled software. This iPad app allows us to have access to 2,500 journals from around the world in full color and with all the graphic resolution that allows iPad.

This Zinio iPad software is free and gives you access to all sorts of magazines for all tastes and users can get the most out of your touch screen. For purchasing or subscription to one of these journals you can access from different devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Devices like iPad continue revolutionizing the market. Zinio for its part represents the confluence of technological innovation and the convenience of the reader. With this new application there is no publication which can not be accessed from our device and everything thanks to this new software for iPad. BlogRoll average reading time in applications for iPad Kindle application for iPhone and iPad, with audio and video morning reading on the iPad Adobe introduced software to view digital magazines on the Instapaper ipad v2.2.