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World Production

March 18th, 2017

In search of development and the biggest possible profit, the humanity extracted the maximum of the available resources. A time that the effect of this model of production and the scarcity of the resources for this if to keep had become evidentes, the search for development alternatives and production started to be the focus of research and governmental politics. Moreover, the FAO in of 2008 already requested the duplication of the food production for 2030. These two factors demand an adaptation of the productive process, which finds as great challenges to increase the production and to diminish the comprometimento of the resources not-you renewed necessary for this production. Brazil is the last farming border of the world that congregates territory, water and technology (Pineda, 2002) to supply this demand. As for the agronegcio, the country has constructed an efficient and competitive productive system (EMBRAPA, 2008), but still looks economic and socioambiental balance to keep its competitiveness.

The term ' ' Sustentvel&#039 development; ' 1987 were only considered, when the World-wide Commission on the Environment and the Development, launched the report Our Common Future. This was defined for ' ' to take care of to the necessities of the gift without compromising the capacity of proper the future generations to satisfy its necessidades' '. Since then, they are looked alternative sustainable to satisfy the demands of the society. At the beginning of century XXI, conglomerated private they had entered this scene and transferred to consider it the efficiency and the competitiveness as factors of economic support in this process of development. In last the fifteen years, the cattle production especially advanced in the regions Center-West and North, with growth of, approximately, 40% of the bovine cash. This expansion occurred in areas of legal and ambient complexity, as the Legal Amaznia, where the growth of the flock was of 178% (CNA; Veronez, 2009), compromising this new concern with the support.


March 16th, 2017

Decades of 1960 and 1970, asociedade believed that the natural resources were inexhaustible, but ahead dasrpidas occured changes for the technician-scientific revolution, the sprouting not governmental deinstituies and the diverse ambient problems and sociaisalcanaram global ratios, all these factors, to only cite some, had provided changes of opinions on the said economic development and dares of the natural resources. Atecnologia of the communication, especially, saw satellite of transmission of dadoscontriburam so that the society had greaters information of the world that arodeia, the spreading of ambient catastrophes for the television, the latent problemassociais, especially, of health had changed the behavior and visodo world on the actions implemented for the economic groups of produzirriqueza using indiscriminately the natural resources. In this in case that, we must detach the importance of the paper of the ONGs, to demand of the public power, ainterferncia in this process with the purpose to create a legislaoespecfica, to monitor the companies who direct or indirectly transform natural osrecursos into property partnerships e, still of a systematic form to study, to get given and information that subsidize the adequate use of the nature and suapreservao taking itself in account the social equity. The new technologies associates to the change in the concepohumana of the inexhaustability of the natural resources had been basic for osurgimento of two great sources one ‘ ‘ desenvolvimentista’ ‘ , that if preocupacom ‘ ‘ pessoas’ ‘ that it has necessities of if feeding, dressing, of living and avertente ‘ ‘ ambientalista’ ‘ that it more has the concern directed toward the aspectopreservacionista. These two sources disputed in the field politician-econmicoos ways to be trod for the humanity. During many years amongst one of the words more utilizadaspelos governments had been development and progress, as the flag brasileiraque represents this golden period of the economic growth.

Petersburg Mining Institute

March 13th, 2017

Petersburg Mining Institute, Tyumen Oil and Gas University, Ufa Petroleum, , Perm, Technical University. There are others – are not profiled, but the level of training there is not one. And in many areas where new mining projects only run, their own universities in the oil and gas is not at all. Thus, when development of the Arctic, the first stage of which was to develop the Shtokman field (Murmansk region), local companies face the risk of nonsmall problems in terms of human resources. "At present, the regional education system can not adequately respond to oil companies and gas industry workers the right amount and quality of personnel. Lack not only specialists who will prepare them, but also places where they can train, "- says ceo of Arctic training center for oil and gas industry, PhD, Professor Olga Buch.

In her words, the structure of specialties of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of Murmansk region more than 50% of the humanities. Separate a complex issue – the innovative (and often those they are only for Russia) technology. Take, for example, marine deposits. Most domestic companies will not pull such a project simply because they can not find our specialists with the necessary expertise, for example, survey routes at great depths. lukoil, incidentally, is already closely engaged in the solution of this problem. This fall, with the Norwegian company Falck Nutec signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of corporate training center staff to work on offshore oil and gas facilities.

Dan Ariely Had

March 10th, 2017

We teach our young to dominate the universe exterior, but we do not teach them to dominate its world interior. The man became a stranger for he himself. The young does not know its limits; they had not learned to ask for pardon; they had not learned if to place in the place of the other. Not we teach them to contemplate the beauty, to think before acting, to perceive that its right finishes where the right of the other starts; we do not teach them to deal with the inevitable failures nor humildade to recognize its errors. We transmit knowledge, but we do not teach wisdom. Learning, necessarily, if discloses for the modification of behaviors. So that the learning really happens, the transmission of a knowledge is not enough only, but yes the construction of abilities and abilities. According to Israeli psychologist Dan Ariely Had, the evolution did not prepare in them to live in the modern society that we construct.

We construct a technological and consumista society, where the valoresmais importantesso having more than the other, the being more than the other. Values as personal accomplishment, interior harmony, thought in the collective one, are things that do not find space in this so hasty society, so imediatista, that it only fixes its look in here and now. We say in them evolved, but we need laws and forces of containment to live in society. Not to be this, we would live equal to our ancestor, in the barbarity. The animal lives by means of natural biological laws, is part of the nature and it never exceeds it. The autoconscincia, the reason and the imagination had made with that the man breached the characteristic harmony of the animal existence. It is part of the nature, subject to its physical laws and incapable of he modifies them, but he exceeds the remaining portion of the nature.


March 8th, 2017

Next, the connection and installation of equipment in the provision of facilities or in the manufacture of outdoor weatherproof unit container. Can also be equipped with any power system, automatic start and load management. Already installed generators can always be improved. To refine applies noise reduction, installation of ventilation and exhaust system. 2. For the office. Timely receipt of information, operational data processing and secure storage has become an integral part of modern business. Damage pbx undone server database loss can cause serious financial damage to any organization.

Installing an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solves this problem only partially (the time of the ups without additional storage shelves does not exceed 7-10 minutes). Indeed uninterrupted can only be described a complex consisting of the generator set with automatic start-up and modern ups. Proper selection of equipment for such a complex – not an easy task because you need to correctly calculate the necessary power and hardware configuration. Then it is necessary to carry out installation and commissioning work. With the personnel involved in the operation of this sophisticated technology is required to conduct appropriate training 3. For production. Any production facility with modern equipment, regardless of assigned tasks, is energy-intensive structure, often comprised of elements with non-stop cycle of work. Commissioning of the complex after power failure – a problem and costly technically difficult.

Generator set on the basis of the modern diesel engine will provide a guaranteed power supply for your production. Generating set is necessary to choose the most relevant conditions set for the complex energy production. Then it is necessary to carry out installation and commissioning, as well as to ensure normal functioning of the generator Installation requires the creation of the electronic and mechanical systems. Mounted diesel and gasoline generators should be subject to regular servicing and modernization. Proper selection and purchase necessary equipment is only half way to solving the problem by creating a strong and truly uninterruptible power supply complex. Even the best technology is not able to achieve before its objectives and will not be able to fully disclose inherent in it the potential developers, if it is put into operation by unqualified experts who do not have the necessary skills and experience in carrying out installation and commissioning of equipment of this complexity.

Virtual Classroom

March 5th, 2017

For the Venezuelan case it must be very serious, where the current government should give importance to the role of security companies and their operations do not damage the environment, will draw, ethically sound and the riches that the country provides without affecting anyone, giving preference to particular interests, that what the community, population needs. The independence between companies and the government-this is very significant, because governments can no longer have control over the destiny of the industries that produce in their countries, but on the contrary, due to make way for the globalization of markets and capital to create an environment that creates competitive advantage for businesses, they should support their development, operation and not hinder industrial sector and Convergence: The differences that had hitherto defined the public and private companies in a country are gradually disappearing, that say they are witnessing radical changes in the state where the companies also should emphasize results and routine administration. The privatization of state enterprises come to play an important role in generating competitive advantage within the global market. Companies must repowering its administrative structure, human resources, technology, social and corporate responsibility. Emergence of new forms of organization management: New trends in corporate governance have pointed out the emergence of new forms of organization ranging from the development of multidisciplinary teams, not hierarchies, the development of the virtual organization, the mega-alliances between industry rivals, creating clusters industrial and small business networks to streamline the complex activities of large companies, new management tools, management topics, and perhaps other models that give life to a new business paradigm, which will come to facilitate and streamline the administrative tasks of the organizations. CONCLUSION “N Venezuelan companies must upgrade their participation in markets where it operates, to make way for the changes that are required according to the points noted, adapted to the requirements of this application, give way to changes will encourage more of a reality than as a person can avoid the government’s actions under the chairmanship of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez that require a new approach, so as not to harm them in their operation, in contrast, identify ways, ways that enable it to ensure its survival, efficiency, productivity. a necesitaa managers are visionaries, prepared, able to generate the changes that favor in the performance of their duties and responsibilities, otherwise, the companies can seriously affect their goal ena, and why not, as noted in their survival , disappearance.

Welded Pipes, Stainless Steel – High Quality And Durable

March 2nd, 2017

Welded pipes, stainless steel – high quality and durable?As a competent partner and competent specialist for welded and seamless pipes made of stainless steel, highly corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant stainless steels, the EHM Edelstahl GmbH in Duisburg is well introduced on the market. In addition, the company offers its customers an extensive programme in the area of profiles, plates and steel rods in stainless steel. Welded pipes made of stainless and acid-resistant materials have become a wide range of applications. Welded pipes of the quality of these materials be used both in the textile industry, the chemical industry and in mechanical engineering. In addition are welded tubes that are rust, acid made of high quality – or heat-resistant materials are manufactured, in the food industry, kitchen and household appliances, as well as in the medical sector for many years in use. As ideal transport medium for water, air, oil and gas, welded pipes made of stainless steel are well known for years. Meanwhile, welded pipes of that have Quality also in the vehicle, apparatus, container and plant construction found a wide field of application. In addition, they have established a foothold also in the field of art and architecture.

Welded pipes made of stainless and acid-resistant materials are in compliance with the corresponding technical standards, good weldable. However, the mechanical and physical properties of the weld seams should be as homogeneous with that of the base material. The corrosion resistance of the basic material must not be diminished, that the attached weld must be the same. All the procedures that are associated with a low heat effort increase the safety in welding. Resistance pressure welding and arc welding is better than gas welding suitable. Rust – and acid-resistant welded tubes can be processed under consideration of different fabric construction well machined. When drilling, turning and milling these materials for a cooling and lubrication is provide. Standard nylon wheels can be used for the cutting of thin pipe dimensions.

The EHM Edelstahl GmbH offers its customers in addition to the exact material delivery also an additional service package. So, extensive weight calculations are performed in the technical field. In addition, the maximum permissible pressure is calculated for welded pipes quickly and accurately. A comprehensive information material – also – available online is available for all materials existing in the program. Without reducing premiums of amounts of the EHM Edelstahl GmbH punctually delivers small quantities of the goods ordered within Germany. Contact:?Easter agency GbR Paul Oster sinner tree road 2 66538 Neunkirchen telephone: 01805 22 00 55 in 1991 as a trading house for stainless steel and stainless steel relatives EHM is products, specialist since almost 20 years for your complete demand for stainless steel pipes, pipe accessories, solid material, profiles and sheets. Now be clients EHM from 4 different locations in Europe serves. Employees of EHM is characterized by flexibility and willingness to help, according to the motto “Advice is more than information”. In everyday business, and also your project costing, we assist you with technical and commercial information. Do not hesitate to contact us! Sincerely, EHM Edelstahl GmbH

Welding Transformers

March 1st, 2017

Welding machines offer high performance in comparison with manual arc welding with covered electrodes. Creation of welded structures with high technical and economic performance is directly associated with a properly chosen method of welding. On how wisely chosen method of welding material and the type of semiautomatic welding depends on the quality of welded products. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger recognizes the significance of this. Recently, in welding production more widespread are welding with semiautomatic welding. The main criteria for choosing the semiautomatic welding are: ease of maintenance welding semi-automatic; Continuous duty load semi-automatic welding mobility welding semi a quick and easy replacement of welding wire and the burner (this is the design of the feeder welding semi-automatic); quick setup welding semi capacity semi-automatic welding work in a variety of settings; semi-automatic welding is arc welding device in which welding wire is fed automatically by the feeder, and the process of forming a weld is a welder-operator manually.

A distinctive feature of semi-automatic welding is its universality. Kevin Ulrich often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Welding machines are used for welding and mechanized welding. To perform specific functions, is equipped with semi-automatic welding torches of various kinds. Divided semi-automatic welding in the group can be on the following characteristics: By type of electric power supply welding machines are divided into single-phase (220V) and three phase (380V); By type layout welding machines are divided on single-hull model with built-in mechanism for feeding and control equipment and a model with a remote delivery mechanism and / or remote control apparatus; By way of wire feed welding machines are divided into pulling, pushing and pulling-pushing By type of regulation of wire feed speed semi-automatic machines are divided into the model with a stepwise, gradual or mixed control; By type of cooling torch welding semi-automatic divided into a model with natural or artificial cooling (air or water / gas, respectively); By way of security professionals determine the arc of the following categories of semi-automatic welding: welding under flux for welding in protective gases for welding of special wire without external protection, as well as universal By type of wire semi-divided into semi-automatic welding with a solid steel wire, mild wire, aluminum alloy powder (self-shielding) wires, as well as universal models By type of semi-automatic feeder can be divided into semi-automatic with one drive pulley and a few, should also be noted that the welding machines can run either as a stationary complexes, and on the welding mechanism (in a portable or mobile version), which moves during welding. Perhaps check out Petra Diamonds for more information. Modern semi-universal, reliable, provide high speed and efficiency, as well as compact.

EAD Learning

February 28th, 2017

However, this dissemination does not occur of isolated form; it has a set of involved agents in the process of learning so that the knowledge is constructed in the context of the interatividade. In this set it has professors, tutors and pupils; each one with specific attributions in the course. Considering the relevance of the function of professors and tutors in courses in the modality in the distance, it implies to consider that the professor makes the mediation with the activities of the pupil, preparing the field and the environment for such, makes use and considers the access and the interaction, – either with the machine or other pupils or other technologies. – provoking and facilitating the interactive actions in virtual environments of learning. The procedures or methodologies to be carried through aim at essentially, to become significant the learning so that it does not have evasion. For in such a way, it is pertinent to observe that the professor when using the medias proposals necessary, therefore, having domain of the tools and to know in depth all the existing possibilities to elaborate strategies for an efficient exploitation of the pupils. The tutor if configures as the member of the team next to pupil physically, therefore it essentially has function of assisting at the actual moments; it searchs to interact, to stimulate, to reorient the activity of learning; that is, it offers pedagogical support to the pupil, in order this carries through the activities in the established stated periods, the loss of these can compromise the motivation of continuity of the course. Finally, it is necessary to attempt against itself for the possibilities of that the EAD with the aid of technologies makes possible pedagogical processes of quality, that they stimulate the creativity, the autonomy and the critical thought of the educandos; understanding, of course, that in any educative modality, over all, in EAD alone it can have an efficient work will have comprometimento of the involved citizens.

Tension Ceilings

February 25th, 2017

– Professional installation and mounting tension ceiling based on years of experience. – Always in stock selection of materials and color choices. – Help translate any idea of the stretch ceiling, this will help our designers and unique design solutions. French technology durability stretch ceiling. If you really want to eternal suspended ceiling, the technology ensures that the French manufacturers. When mounting tension ceiling used harpoon – French technology fasteners, which are not terrible floods in contrast to the wedge, shtapikovoy installation. Yet the choice is yours, to be modern, fashionable right now. Dream or other glossy colors and decorations of stretch ceilings can be done right now, just need to call.

Tel: 8495580 40 82 Stretch ceilings represent the pinnacle of modern technology in the development and production of finishing materials for the ceiling. The most prestigious and high-quality long considered the French ceilings, but if you plan to use the usual white ceiling, you can choose also from a range of Russian producers, many of which offer products similar in quality French and German producers. However, French and German coverage presented in a wider range. Deals ceilings with a matte and glossy finish, and exclusive options for artistic ceiling, ceilings 'starry sky', mirrored and textured surfaces are installed by us in a very short time, and you receive a ten-year warranty. French, German and inexpensive ceilings from Russia – all of the products may be of high quality is not at all dealerships. The company 'PremerStroy' working directly with European and Russian manufacturers of suspended ceilings, and that's why we find you the most competitive prices for high ceilings of all types. Stretch ceiling for apartments We are in a wide range of products, quality is consistently high, and the differences of colors and textures allow you to choose from more than 200 options for finishing the ceiling of the apartment. Here you can find a lot number of glossy, matte, mirror, textured surfaces, and translucent ceilings, coatings of artistry and ceilings with photo printing.

Stretch ceilings (North Region) is available now us in an even wider range. We are constantly making contacts with new Russian and foreign partners, expanding its own production and can offer a decent solution for any interior. We set ceilings (Moscow and Moscow region, all city) in the short term, and can offer you only the certified products of the highest quality. With prices and photos of coatings also can be available in the relevant section of this site.