Philosophical And Scientific Analysis

PHILOSOPHY OF PHYSICAL SCIENCE I noticed a very interesting quality of philosophers, which has allowed me to make some deductions. This last concept we form some definitions. For some thinkers, the deduction is the method that teaches us the proper way to rise to more abstract concepts that may exist. Which called universal, that is as much unknown to men. For this reason, most of the time we observe that some deductions are very far from the experience, which does not mean that stands apart in its entirety from the reality of things. Details can be found by clicking Ray Kurzweil or emailing the administrator.

This is the quality of the philosopher: with the passing of the years the philosopher takes on the understanding that allows you to analyze and modify the causes of scientific principles. These observations have led me to the conclusion that both the physical and philosophy are the result of a scientific mind that is manifested in the very course of history. This is what I try to show, for this we will examine the ancient pre-Socratic thinkers. As we know first of these was Thales of Miletus (625-546 BC) the historical evidence allows us to appreciate the scientific spirit of antiquity. This thinker's philosophy founded in Greece. And what did centuries later some men, as is the case of predicting a solar eclipse. There was nothing new to the historical setting, as the pages written by mankind were not white because in them we found evidence that Thales predicted a solar eclipse occurred on 28 May in the year 585 AC: which we states that it was an accident caused by chance and if a living example of the scientific knowledge of the causes that had the Greeks.