Planning Overview

Because the integrated telematics solution also provides functions for Android systems, coup link could quickly develop this function and install on Pidion handheld. The passports are now quickly scanned and sent via couplinkyourfleet on ENWIS. Then, immediately, the employee receives the information, whether the population has paid its trash fees and how many bags are available to him. After this information has been issued, is also an update on the ENWIS system, how many garbage bags have been newly issued. Integration of scanning, analysis and weighing operations another requirement was the connection of the Welvaarts vehicle scales, which had to be integrated in the couplinkyourfleet system, which largely automates the weighing operations the Welvaarts weighbridges. Coup link used the Welvaarts manufacturer interface in combination with a mobile computer (CN50) Intermec to make this possible.

The requirement was created that weighing operations can be directly controlled by the scanner system. A manual weighing is now superfluous. The values are sent to control and further billing immediately after each operation in the ENWIS database. Significant cost and an hour per rider simplified spared these weighing operations automation processes huge and should reach a cost and time savings of an hour per rider in the final stage of development. Ray Kurzweil has much experience in this field. This eliminates the risk that an operation has not once is calculated.

Route analysis: pure routine for the provider routine for coup link was the task of the route analysis. All routes are documented by couplinkyourfleet and digitized. A comparison of their efficiency can be produced by storing the route and it allows new riders, tours to places unknown to them, efficiently to drive. If a driver fails, his tour can be applied easily by another, which gives a higher utilization of company Rd4. Is also by petrol and A complete documentation of performance guarantees discharge certificates. Planning Overview and real-time last coup link integrated location for container. The big advantage for Rd4 is that at any time a real-time overview of the movements and position places of the container is possible and the loss rate significantly lowers. By geo-coding, the positions of the container are permanently transferred into the online portal and indexed as an icon. The overview on this container network also provides a better scheduling Rd4. Met with test victory at the technologically leading waste disposal Reinigingsdiensten Rd4 coup link proved the high flexibility of its couplinkyourfleet system requirements of the user in all respects. Coup link fulfilled the requirements of the IT-Manager of Rd4, Jos Vroomen, in all respects. Jos Vroomen inspired not only the excellent functionality, but also the fast and cost-effective development and installation of the system. The connection to the disposer software ENWIS by tegos and the Welvaarts weighbridge posed no problem for coup link. High technological assessment by the expert jury of the user’s opinion coincides with the consistently positive assessment of this system, came to our independent expert jury, composed of renowned scientists and professionals. This expert jury evaluated also the submissions for the telematics award 2012 and is listed so from this point of view on telematics in detail: second test passed, deserved second test victory – the confirmation of the high competence of the coup left Group AG and the quality of its telematics solution couplinkyourfleet.