Possible Risks During Or After A Rhinoplasty?

Right about the risks. Please, you should be informed! No surgery is without risk. More may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Any intervention in the human body, and also the nasal surgery can be accompanied with certain complications. Complications can occur both during nose surgery and after surgery. You can prevent many future complications, if you follow the instructions of the Artes. Complications during surgery: it can cause increased bleeding during nose surgery.

It reduces bleeding of mucous membrane with a vasoconstrictive agent. If the loss of blood in the larger measure, a blood transfusion is used. Such complications occur rarely. An autologous donation is often used to prevent the risk of infection. Complications after surgery: it can come to the injury of tears channel. If this complication occurs, a reoperation is required. Bruising around the eyes and nose around can often occur after a rhinoplasty.

The bruising pull itself back from alone back. In the case of violating the skull is what can happen even with a nose operation, it is necessary to perform a reset operation, because here is the danger of brain inflammation. The touch sensitivity on the nose and in the surrounding areas of the skin can be reduced on certain time. It is damage to the nerves of the skin. After a few months, the sensitivity of your skin is back to normal. In the first few days after surgery, swelling in the operated area may occur. It can arrive at circulation and wound healing disorders, what rarely happens. This can be accompanied by formation of scars. Here, a correction procedure is required for an optically optimal result is achieved. The scars can shape itself, what is individual from patient to patient. Painful scars (Keloids) may occur in some patients. Also here a re operation is sometimes necessary. Operated and injured bone can be broken in a variety of ways, or can be attached. Changed the shape of the nose as a result. Sometimes a so-called cusp of scars is created above the tip of the nose”. There can be also a hole in the septum. It is rare, but as soon as it happens, a corrective action is required. Under serious complications, blood clots that can lead to occlusion of the blood vessel and belongs to be life-threatening. Smoking and taking the birth control pills promote the formation of blood clots. Sometimes also known as false forms of the nose may arise be solved with the re Grandpa ration. To the frequently heard the Parrot – or pig nose. The nose in the form of a jump is caused by inappropriate resection of the bridge of the nose. Immersion of the nose wing produces an excessive narrowing of the outer arms of the wing cartilage. All of these forms can be elegantly with the open method.