Repair And Maintenance

Due to this quality greatly reduces the costs for repair and maintenance units, as well as provided durability of building envelope. No less significant characteristics are its clinker brick waterproof, the ability to pass water vapor, as well as the optimal heat and sound insulation quality. As regards the latter qualities, they are governed by the type of material structure, to be chosen depending on the anticipated operating conditions. For example, in order to achieve particularly high heat-shielding characteristics given by the porous structure of the material. If the power brick to the thermal protection is not subject to particularly stringent requirements, then allowed to use the material with conventional structure. Another advantage of the clinker is its high resistance to weathering and mechanical damage. Thus, the facades of brick are virtually no pollution even in the air environment with a high content of harmful impurities. With regard to the strength of clinker brick, it turns out best by a special high-temperature sintering technology products (over 1100 C).

With this 'sintering' can not stay of any inclusions and voids. Clinker brick is used as the reconstruction of old buildings and the construction of new facilities in areas with existing historical buildings. In these cases, the construction of clinker are carried out in keeping with traditional architectural forms and styles. But during the construction of buildings with a totally modern in appearance high-clinker is appropriate as well as concrete, glass and metal. The only restriction that prevents the widest possible dissemination of clinker in Russia is the low water absorption (less than 6%), which can not certify this brick in accordance with gost 7484-78.