Richard Hamilton

Born in London in 1922, Richard Hamilton is a crucial figure in the art of the 20th century, in the segment in which this century has affected today; This is: in pop art, about which still today academic discussions about if it is a British or American, invention which leaves us indifferent. Everyone, in any case, knows the emblematic work of Richard Hamilton titled but what makes today’s homes so different, so appealing? (1956, collage 26 25 centimeters) where in a modern looking apartment observed, after a few large Windows in the background showing us a night city vision, an interior with a more or less exotic furniture, in which what is surprising is the presence of a young athletic man that carries weights, with the label of Pop in his right arm while in a transverse sofa a young blonde also nude and equally well endowed is table the hair facing another part. All the atmosphere is entertained by a reproductive system of sound that certainly glad the dusk to these young people. Source of the news:: power outage in the Party of pop art.