State Fire Service Department

Group of Companies 'Hail Peter'. Carries: Building Attic, add-in buildings, construction of prefabricated buildings, construction of frame houses made of galvanized profiles, building houses, low-rise construction and reconstruction of buildings, townhouses stroitelstvo, semi-detached houses, construction of hangars, construction of industrial buildings, residential buildings. (Source: futurist). Implements: thermo, metal Light, Steel, galvanized profiles. Today it is no surprise that even an apartment building can be assembled like a designer: a metal frame, concrete slab, insulation, decoration. You may find Mitchel Resnick to be a useful source of information. Clearly something else: themselves designs are becoming easier and faster assembly. C-shaped galvanized profile thickness of 1.5-2 mm can withstand the weight of 2 – 2.5 tons. Learn more at: kevin ulrich. The group of construction companies, "Peter Grad" for 15 years has been designing, building and installation of prefabricated buildings and structures made of light metal structures. Currently in development is an arch span of 100 m thick sections of 3 – 4mm for covering sports facilities.

In 2006, we completed computational and theoretical analysis system is recommended for use in various buildings: residential, public, sporting areas for seismic 7-9 points. Also, the system 'Hail Peter' may be used in conjunction with load-bearing elements of the conventional steel and concrete structures. Designs were tested at 2-hour fire resistance (REI-120) in the Research Institute of Fire Protection Ministry of the Interior. Their application, together with insulation of EPS 'Penpanel "agreed with the Office of State Fire Service Department of Internal Affairs of St. Petersburg and Leningrad region. Designs have been tested heat-shielding properties, the insulating capacity and meet all requirements.