Stephanie Schmidt

Since it cross-platform and therefore also on the go can be played, it is also for a broad target group attractive.” The free2play concept, i.e. a free game that is monetized through the sale of virtual goods, has already proven itself. A short development time of around nine months also ensures fast license revenue. A combination of strategy and physics Cannon cracker players build fortresses, which must defend against enemies. The aim is on the one hand, as safe as possible to build the fortress of its own and to keep enemies with targeted Cannon shots on the other. The multi platform game is as a browser and mobile game for smartphones with IOS and Android system and designed for Tablet PCs (iOS and Android). In cooperation with independent arts software both studios can focus on their core competencies, to create a game that excels in functionality and appearance”, Alex Suarez, CEO of the core x says group.

Independent arts software is an expert in handheld productions and has been awarded, for example, at the German Developer Award. A balanced mix special of Altaris Fund is the wide dispersion in a pool of different games, which provides for a strong diversification and at the same time minimizes the risk. So that is also a uniform payment to investors. Distributions are made exclusively from vereinnahmten profits. Investors can participate in games portfolio 2 from 5,000 euro Altaris. The projected rate of return is an early artist bonus of six percent 12 percent p.a.

with potential for more plus p.a. for the year 2012. The first distributions are already planned for 2013. Old Polaris: The old former Emissionshaus GmbH is a fund management company specializing in innovative investment products. Focus on investment opportunities are in digital games and appropriate technologies with a high independence of the stock and bond markets. Rick Garcia contains valuable tech resources. Short maturities and high rates of return, as well as transparency to meet the needs of modern investors.