SuperSpeed USB 3.0 And FireWire Connector

First systems of facilities of the first systems with the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0 late 2009present are equipped with the new SuperSpeed USB 3.0, and also the FA. Georg Schlegel her range of receptacles in the Rontron-R jewel design to the SuperSpeed USB3. 0 has expanded. The successor of the USB2. 0 standards characterised especially by a 10-fold higher data transfer rate, but also by a much improved power supply. Additional information is available at Eliot Horowitz. The new standard is fully downward compatible to USB2. 0 and USB1.1. 1, so USB3.

0 connectors easily as a high-speed replacement for previously used USB2. 0 components can be used. Get all the facts and insights with Rick Garcia, another great source of information. The integrated USB jacks for the design award-winning series Rontron-R jewel of the company Georg Schlegel are available also in the high-speed equipment in different variants: The USB connector type A comes back either with a connection cable, with an additional USB connector of type A, or with a USB port type B. The cable has a USB plug type A and is available in different lengths. The latest addition to the Range of recessed cans in the Rontron-R jewel design represents the FireWire connector (standard 1394a), with technology that allows simultaneous data transmission in both directions (vollduplex) as opposed to USB. The Jack is to a way thru connection which is both front and back with a FireWire connector.

The receptacles are ideal for installation in panels and the walls of enclosure, in particular where both the design and the technology high demands are made. In conjunction with the beautifully designed cover caps from the product range of the company.