Sustainable Energy

This project more presents information on the used hydraulical equipment in country properties, in virtue of the concern with compatible systems to the sustainable development. The hydraulical equipment is equipment that uses clean energy for the water bombardment. The project describes the beginning of functioning of each hydraulical device, the hdricas necessities for the installation of these, some types of Brazilian devices, tables and formulas used in the sizing of the systems, demonstrates the application of the resources in the bibliographical revision, water course for supplying in a country property, as well as the apparatuses used for the installation of these, through computational resources, of measurements in field, the use of topographical letter, statistical methods, and of the knowledge of the necessary hdricas characteristics the installation of the devices. The used equipment more, the necessary requirements installation of these, the methodology adjusted for the estimate of minimum outflow, the estimate of water consumed in the property and the possible losses of efficiency are boarded in the conclusion with recommendations adequate techniques. Word-key: Hydraulical equipment. Requirements of installation. Outflow in courses d? water.

Currently, the world comes back its attentions toward the question of the use of the hdricos resources and the use of the energy of sustainable form. In agricultural zones the water bombardment is common for the use in day-by-day, which is made in small water courses for human or animal consumption, for hygiene, agriculture and generation of electric energy. For such, it is necessary that the water is caught and pumped until the reservoirs of thermal or hydraulical use for bombs that are set in motion by the electric energy. When an agricultural producer possesss in its land a water course capable to put into motion a water wheel or to set in motion a hydraulical sheep, this can be used as motor power plant, as the 2000 became more than a.C for the Persians.