iPhone Issues

Like the iPhone 3GS stands for Compared with other mobile phones for its versatility and originality. In addition, the selection of leather and stingray has a purely practical implications. Leather skates durable and has an unusual texture, is used in tanning industry for the manufacture of purses, belts, bags, briefcases. Did you know that even the handles of Japanese swords Katan covered with leather skates? And now, taking over the tradition of Japanese warriors, leather upholstered and iPhone. By the way, you never find two identical leather goods slope.

And because each material has its own unique pattern. If you look at the structure of the skin skate, we can see that it consists of small bones, both from mosaic. Of these items formed a unique pattern of the puzzle that forms like a pearl “star” in the center of each skin. It is this pattern of light and bright “star” in the center – the main difference between these products from leather skate. As you see photos submitted to the iPhone has been tested for authenticity. Stingray leather products enjoyed continued popularity throughout the world for quite some time and all thanks to the resistance to abrasion, punctures and cuts, tear, and even fire. Stingray leather does not require special care, but still wipe with a damp cloth to maintain the natural splendor at least occasionally, but worth it! In general, iPhone 3GS, dressed in a skin stingray – is not only unique and inimitable product but strongly protected from all sorts of afflictions (and a slight drop) high-tech product!