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Robots Rights

Friday, April 28th, 2017

/ Artificial intelligence experts meet in these days in Barcelona. Some of them emphasize the need for advances in the world of the robots are accompanied by legislation that equip them with rights. In a few years, the presence of domestic robots endowed with a high degree of artificial intelligence will be common in the homes of the wealthy and they will force to consider the necessity of a specific legislation for these new autonomous beings. So has emphasized on Tuesday the director of the Institute of research in Artificial Intelligence (IIIA-CSIC), Ramon Lopez de Mantaras, within the framework of the International Joint Conference Artificial Intelligence that takes place in Barcelona. Lopez de Mantaras explained that compared the rapid advancement of Robotics – increasingly autonomous and with greater capacity for decision – there are experts on law and technology, especially in EE UU, they defend that I should also have them certain rights.

For this expert in reasoning and learning, if in the medium or long term develop robots socialized with artificial intelligences similar to that of men, with those who coexist in their homes or who will be in stores, would not be outlandish, legislate on their responsibilities and rights. If they are very autonomous, who will be responsible for decisions of the robot, the robot, designers or the user? because they will learn of the user, they will come with a minimum of preparation, but then they will be developing. I don’t have answers, acknowledges. In this line, warns of the risk of using artificial intelligence to develop military robots, a technology on which there is a great silence in the scientific sphere. View of this scientist is unacceptable from the ethical point of view to use artificial intelligence to build a robot soldier with autonomy to decide when to shoot or when not. That is something that must be cut from root, claims.

SGAE Departs

Wednesday, July 13th, 2016

A Governing Committee shall direct the SGAE from next July 12, date until which Teddy Bautista will remain as head of the Board of Directors. Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Juan Ignacio Alonso, Caco Senante and Sabino Mendez, Member of the Board of Directors, explain the performance of the new team. Teddy Bautista acquiesced, authorized and prompted the diversion of funds from the SGAE. Who’s who in the plot? The origin of the operation. Communique of the General Society of authors to the public. Sociedad General de Autores y Editores (SGAE) has decided to set aside its functions to the alleged ringleader of the case Saga, Jose Luis Rodriguez Neri, director of the subsidiary digital SGAE (SDAE), although it insists that it be taken into account his presumption of innocence. This agency has announced in a press conference that the new Board of Directors of the SGAE, formed by artists such as Victor Manuel, Ernesto Caballero, Sabino Mendez, Caco Senante and Jose Ignacio Alonso has appeared. The Board policy has announced the creation on July 12 of a Governing Committee which will assume the functions of its Board of Directors and internal the initiation of an investigation to verify the alleged diversion of funds.

Teddy Bautista will remain at the disposal of the new governing Commission, which will have power to dismiss him, so it will continue provisionally until July 12 as Chairman of the Board of direction of the SGAE. Teddy Bautista thinks neither resign nor us have invited him to resign, he has clarified Caco Senante, who has been surprised by the fact that judicial intervention was the next day of elections in the SGAE. For his part, singer Victor Manuel, who has been in charge of reading the communique of the SGAE, pointed out that the Governing Committee will be directed by an external, independent person and recognized prestige and composed by four authors and an editor, elected by the Board of Directors.

Network Sewers

Friday, July 1st, 2016

The spill has come through the network of sewers in the municipality of Culleredo, through a change that was parked in a service area. The vehicle had a leak, which could be a sabotage to manipulate the valve of the tank. The Xunta has activated the territorial plan of contingencies for maritime pollution. A spill of more than 30,000 liters of kerosene has forced to close this Friday the estuary of O Burgo, in A Coruna, to the shellfish, precisely the day that opened a campaign afloat, for which licensed 44 boats. The spill, about 33,000 litres and that has come to the estuary through the network of sewers in the municipality of Culleredo, comes from a truck that was parked in a service area of the AP-9 and occurred during the early morning hours.

About 08: 00 hours the Guardia Civil in this town contacted emergency services to request it to mobilize the media before a major spill of kerosene whose destination was the Alvedro airport. The driver of the truck gave the voice of alarm to check that the truck had a leak and has denounced that the loss could be due to sabotage to manipulate the valve of the tank, which contained 36,000 litres of kerosene, of which around 3,000 remain in the tanker. The Xunta immediately activated the territorial marine pollution contingency plan and has proceeded to the deployment of barriers to enclose the pollution stain and prevent spread by ria. The Minister of the sea, Rosa Quintana, who has visited the area of the spill, announced that the results of the analysis to be carried out next week in the waters of the estuary will determine the date of its reopening to the shellfish. Quintana pointed out that talk of this landfill can give to fret with the seafood campaign in La Coruna Vigo or set a date for its reopening would be to anticipate events, and has emphasized that we must first wait the result of the tests that will be carried out next week and will be announced at mid month.

RAM Malware

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

Fileless is a new malware that is injected into the hard disk without a trace and is installed in RAM. Kaspersky Lab has been alerted that his new form of input difficult to detect. This malware has appeared on Russian news portals and, although at this late hour it may be already on any site. The attack method is the so-called Drive-by-Download or massive infection through web sites that leverage these vulnerabilities to inject malicious code between your original code. Like a normal infection, the malware attempts to seize all privileges on the machines infected with the final objective mainly get online banking passwords. In this case, it injects a dll directly encrypted in memory in the javaw.exe process. Obviously it is downloaded in the reboot or shutdown of the computer but it is late and that leave installed the Trojan Trojan-Spy.Win32.Lurk connected to botnets. This type of malware based on RAM memory is extremely difficult to detect and affects all systems operating. In addition to a security solution best thing is prevention using updated software that resolves the vulnerabilities that used, especially browsers and plug-ins installed. Audea security of information Department of Marketing and communication source: desarrolloweb.