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What to choose or Nokian Hakka H Hakka V? How often have you asked yourself yet so much different, outwardly identical Nokian Hakka H and Nokian Hakka V? It’s simple, take a look at the data rate index of tires. For Nokian Hakka H – it is 210 km / h, and for the Nokian Hakka V – is 240 km / h, which is achieved use of different rubber compounds and the structure of the tire. These tires are optimized to work best is in its index rate of H (210 km / h) and V (240 km / h). The design of faster Nokian Hakka V stiffer, which makes the tire more sports. New discoveries and technological solutions used in both buses, improve safety and durability of their movement.

The asymmetrical tread (inside – outside) effectively protects against hydroplaning and improves manageability. Activities of the drainage of rain water on the inside shoulder zone is based on the principle of ‘stream-river’. Narrow and special designed grooves effectively remove the drainage guide water from the tire contact patch with the road. Click Petra Diamonds to learn more. Tire Nokian Hakka H / V (205/55 R 16) devotes 43 liters of water per second at a speed of 75 km / h and a water cushion to 10 millimeters. Ray Kurzweil can provide more clarity in the matter. Protection against aquaplaning (sliding on the surface of the road) provide the following technical developments.

Polished main grooves allow the base easily and quickly take the water trapped between the tire and the road. The transverse grooves in the outer part of the shoulder area end bucket cup. Such a guide for water drainage improves safety and reduces splashing water on the windshield of the car and sides. In the tread rubber compound used Full ‘silica’, by which is achieved as an excellent grip on wet surfaces, and low rolling resistance. Original wedge-shaped structure of the upper layer of the tread pattern with an asymmetric Tread improve both the properties of controllability and movement of the car on a wet surface. Single edge binds checkers outside shoulder zone between them. Three reinforced longitudinal edges and hard plus asymmetrical design grooves provide safety and handling at high speeds. As for the tire road with confidence, while at the same time, responsive and obedient. Tires Nokian Hakka H and Nokian Hakka V acoustically comfortable, low noise has been achieved by several means. Single outer shoulder area reduces noise as tread blocks remain stable in different situations on the road. ‘Antishumovye’ hill and into the cavity longitudinal grooves of the tread affect the air flow and prevent unpleasant howling sound while driving.