The Embryo

In this case, all that was purchased at the previous stage, moves to a new, higher, in the form of congenital properties. This process is very clearly seen in children. Born with a different perception of reality, for example, they are easily controlled with the latest technology advances, while the older generation versed in them with great difficulty. In the transition from stage to stage a person should be changed the basis of perceiving the world. A new look at things should be natural – not acquired and congenital.

From the old desires, old approach to life should not be trace remains – then it would be really different stage of development. So we go through different levels of desire, moving from the desire for bodily pleasures to a desire for fame, wealth, power or knowledge. Only after going through all these desire, filling them, and disillusioned with the filling, we are able to reveal an entirely different kind of desire – the embryo of the soul, striving to go beyond this world and go back to the highest spiritual state, when we were united in a single soul. The life of life if people did not develop his own soul for life and not come out in the sense of the spiritual world after death, he almost does not feel anything. Body with five senses disappears sense of the world disappears and only the embryo of the soul. But how many can feel the fetus? Kabbalists tell us that both man and feels after his death – he has only a faint, indistinct feeling of some similarity existence.