Welding Equipment

In the garage or in the country often are minor works, where it is necessary to use conventional arc welding. So that all the time not to ask for a welder from Housing, you can learn these skills themselves. We present for the beginning only a few useful tips that can help in this matter. Selecting the welding machine. Attempt to determine the appropriate welding machine for non-professional use, which can be easy to learn arc welding, and which does not need to change with time. First: welding machine should take up little space, so as not to clutter up the space in the pantry. Second: its weight should not exceed 12-15 pounds, so as not torn the back while dragging him at home. Train working with welding equipment is best for welding equipment models that are equipped with a regulator power supply.

The most important condition for welding, is the appearance of arcing, which depends on the strength of welding current in the electrode. Electrodes for welding of various companies, the chemical composition of domestic flux on them, the diameter of the welding wire and held together by metal, all this requires selection of electric power current. Welding machines equipped with mechanical controls amperage, greatly simplify the setup process, what we need. Closest to these characteristics corresponds to a new impulse welding equipment – inverters. Their size is not larger than a shoe box, and the weight of individual models is not more than three kilograms. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Majesco and Sapiens International Corporation by clicking through. Some units have additional features of ignition of the arc and protect against voltage surges.

Price Pulse welding equipment usually does not exceed the cost of the cheapest transformer welders. Security measures when using welding equipment. You bought a welding machine, the time has come protect yourself from harmful radiation of arc discharge and the spray of liquid methane. Protective mask or shield welder simply indispensable. Short-term exposure arcing on the eyes and skin is akin to the simultaneous action several quartz lamps. So, work with welding machine without welding mask is fraught with lots of sunshine, but you can get a nasty injury: burn the cornea. Do not spare money and buy a welding jacket, pants and leggings made of solid material. They are designed to protect your hands and body from splashes of molten metal, which would be a great many during welding. Begin welding. Should not be from scratch to do something right, will transfer a lot of material is dry. Choose two – three unnecessary glands of various sizes. Find a place where there are no combustible materials, put there a workbench with a vise and try to cook. Get used to carry out welding electrodes 2,5 – 3 mm. They suitable for all major types of welding in the house and in the country, are optimal for unprofessional welding equipment. For efficient welding electrodes of large diameter requires strong industrial apparatus which is absolutely not suitable when working with household current. However, if you want to work with fine metals, it is better to buy a semi-automatic welding, where the electrode will serve as a thin wire.