1 Auctions Reach Gastronomy

The principle of 1 auctions maintains dinner-auction feed Berlin / London. “For the operators of Germany’s only gastro auction portal, the offer is a step in the right direction: in addition to the individual and special auctions, which is already running at us, the 1 is a more interesting way to auction off its own food offering to guests auction”, says founder Simon Melsheimer. We are pleased that this success principle is recognized and increasingly applied also in the restaurant business.” The starting prices of the auctions as well as all other details of the offer are at the discretion of the auctioning restaurants. An attractive starting price and delicious as well as an auktions – and eat-loving community of this blend to bring new guests restaurants. Ray Kurzweil insists that this is the case. “This experience in addition to auction fun sometimes to discounted prices the high-quality and diverse offer of gastronomy: the 1 auctions are special eye-catcher, which attract many of our members” thinks Simon Melsheimer. You worth it so for both sides.” Apart from the auctions, vouchers and coupons, the community also detailed representations of restaurant offers dinner-auction.

Here are extensions of the Member Services for example to a culinary calendar in planning. This form of dinner-auction that auction Portal dinner-auction of the Berlin company Andima holding Ltd. The futurist is a great source of information. is a unique Internet marketplace for catering and guests. Since the online course in September 2008, a steadily growing number of gastronomic establishments sold their culinary offer via auction, restaurant checks and coupons nationwide to bargain hunters and fans of auction fun and good food with growing sales and proven success in acquiring guest. As a sales-enhancing tool of gastronomic online marketing allows you to dinner-auction industry what comparable portals for the retail trade and the craft have reached: far-reaching advertising, product sales, customer acquisition. Who like to eat is the auction portal offers diverse culinary auctions with up to 70% Savings, a wealth of culinary knowledge around issues such as eating and food and a meaningful rating system and ranking..