Navigation Systems

When visiting a web page, the first difficulty facing the visitor lies in the structure that it has within its navigation plan, the easier it is to access, the less likely that visitors become discouraged and decide to visit another page. Therefore, it is necessary that a navigation system provides for certain items that help the visitor during their stay within it. The following are several recommendations to ensure quick navigation and productive: 1. Report at all times the location of the visitor .- When browsing a web site, the visitor needs to know where you are and this can be achieved easily if highlighted in the navigation bar – either in bold, underline, or using a graphic element – the title of the page or visited link. 2. To provide immediate links to places previously visited .- The person often want to enter back to already visited links minutes ago, therefore it is advisable to leave a trail for their back without any problems occur. Example: Start Computer Equipment.

3. Submit browse options .- The visitor needs to have on hand a list of links to visit during their stay in the portal. Your access to every part of the page should be as smooth as possible, ensuring thorough exploration of the visited page. 4. Add activities or actions that visitors can carry out during their stay in the portal.

Example: Access the Special Offers, Sign Up, Sign-weekly newsletter, etc. Such phrases give momentum to achieve an interaction between the site and the visitor. 5. Finally, you should always add a link that allows the visitor to return immediately – if desired – to the home page. Many people get lost in a doorway, despite the ease with which the navigation system is present, it is necessary to have a rapid exit to start browsing. On some occasions to return to this starting point, simply click on the phrase

Fasihi Gmb

40 New installations with a high level of security for 2014 scheduled for 2014 it looks already very well. For about 40 more installations of Web will follow inFACTORY according to this level in manufacturing plants. “The strong demand CEO Saeid Fasihi last but not least on the security concept built into the software of the company recovers, that 2011 was awarded the innovation prize of Rheinland-Pfalz: greatly increases the need for security solutions in Germany at many companies.” Fasihi GmbH: Founded in 1990 in Ludwigshafen/Rhine Fasihi is today a recognized specialist in the information and communication technology and offers 4.0 efficient solutions for the optimisation of secondary business processes in the context of industry. View website is full of insight into the issues. With the Fasihi Enterprise Portal (FEP), with the “Seal of quality software made in Germany” was awarded, demanding corporate solutions for information and communication needs of large and medium-sized companies can meet. There are over 60 portals in operation, involving more than 400,000 users work among customers from different industries.

Largest customer is SE. the chemical company BASF Since its existence, the Fasihi GmbH writes only black numbers. In 2012, the turnover reached 2.5 million euros. The company employs currently 40 highly motivated employees, mostly Internet technology specialists. The strong team with his many years of experience and innovative solutions are the guarantors for further success today and in the future. The company Fasihi GmbH is certified in 2010 according to the internationally accepted industry standard ISO 9001. The concept developed by Fasihi through encryption and classification of data safety was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz and is part of all software solutions. More information under Hermann Martin

Digital Reader

A digital reader digital reader is an electronic device whose main function is to visualize electronic books. Its design emulates the traditional paper book, so it offers mobility, autonomy, large enough to display A4 documents and high contrast. In general, any device with a screen and memory can play eBooks, such as computers, laptops, PDAs or tablets, but in a digital reader that is the main function. Readers and electronic books strictly speaking eBook (also called e-book, e-book, e-book or ebook) is the digital version of a book, and eReader (also called e-reader, eBook reader, electronic book reader, reader digital books or digital reader) is the device that reproduces the content of the eBook. However, it is common to use the term eBook to refer both to the book and to the player.

History once the first generation of electronic books were a complete failure, the offer of digital readers and their performance has evolved dramatically from that in the year 2009 Amazon launched the second generation of the Kindle digital reader, whose popularity has led to numerous manufacturers have launched their models on the market. Futurist describes an additional similar source. The arrival of electronic ink technology electronic ink was key for the eBook received the final impetus, since resolved two serious problems of digital readers: reading comfort and autonomy. Basically, an electronic ink display works by a few areas with two parts, one black and white, showing a face or another depending on the current applied, thus generating the image and tonality. With electronic ink, the view gets tired less by the lack of backlighting, you get a high contrast and autonomy is very high, of the order of 10,000 pages per charge, given that once rendered the image in the reader digital areas require no energy, it only consumes when you change page. The disadvantages of electronic ink are slow to load a new page, the absence of color (current panels are in black and white) and that needs light to read because they have no backlight. EBooks formats there are many formats of electronic, free books and owners, with and without DRM, generic and native, so we will have to verify the supported formats before you buy a digital reader. Copyright in eBooks some publishers, in its claim to protect against the possible loss of revenue by the copyright of their works, have jointly developed with technology such as Adobe and Microsoft companies, security systems called DRM (digital rights, Digital Rights Management management) aimed at restricting the freedom of the user to choose the reader or the date of reading, and can even delete already purchased books. Other publishers on the other hand, offer their books without DRM, respecting the wishes and rights of the readers. In practice, all the DRM systems implemented in the digital world have been defeated or circumvented by consumers. Source: Digital reader source: press release sent by fransberns.


At the present time, almost everyone knows about Photoshop, but very few presents, which need this program, and, of course, how to use it. Photoshop is great for adjusting photos, for example, if the picture is not successful very high quality – with the help of Photoshop, you can retouch, correct all that is needed. Photoshop – this program not only for working with photos, but also with all sorts of pictures and images. To draw a good wallpaper, or use clip art, having no special knowledge, try to learn the basics of the program key, everyone can. Yet, thanks to Photoshop to create miracles and teach etuprogrammu, you will need a good sweat! This article we are primarily committed to those who want to work professionally or photo only thinks about how to create a business in this specialty. By and large, in the present time, computer demonstrates new possibilities in any sphere. Is no exception, and Art.

The advantages of digital photography are manifest beforehand. They are: the cost of materials does not differ from the simple printing techniques; image processing has a tremendous opportunity; the whole process takes place in the digital print digital printer or computer so hard conditions to be placed there; ID photo printing is done in 5-10 minutes, which is important for photography; Using digital printing methods, there is a chance to fine and unusually create photo albums, greeting cards, calendars. To do this you need quite a bit – software, templates for Photoshop, photo printer and digital camera. This is enough to open a small photo studio and photo to your business. Next key step is to attract buyers, which depends on a set of products and services offered.

The more set of services, the more customers will entice your photo studio. These days, in order to learn Photoshop, it is possible to go on special courses in Photoshop. When you really want to own it, you have I will give that we spent money to fully pay off. For example, after school you will be able to open his photo studio and sell a variety of design work to order. You must all be, well understand if you do not run this business at the peak of difficulty.


Not only an alternative: the environmental protection with second-hand spare parts the situation according to were statistics of Federal of power trip in January 2009 approved 41.3 million cars in Germany. To get another 1.7 million vehicles, which enrolled only during the year. The vehicle density resulting from these figures confirmed the automobile industry once again as one of the biggest industries. Even in current times of crisis, the new acquisition is advertised nationwide and by consumers, not least supported by the Government’s cash for clunkers program, willingly accepted. What will be the most when purchasing a new car probably as last head, is the increase in the demand for raw materials parallel to the increasing numbers of production.

And even now, what happens to the car after it has finally served out, most likely. To produce the problem to a car with its current technical standards, as well as the complex and individual constructions, it requires many times its own weight in raw materials for the production. Alone in the last five to eight years the price of resources is partially grown between 50% and 70%, and the strikingly strong weighty in the necessary for manufacturing areas such as steel and oil. With falling stocks and rising demand for raw materials of all kinds, manufacturers are forced to concentrate more and more on the focus of the maximum income from minimal resources. The waste in each manufacturing step is largely minimized and extremely reduced the energy consumption of the manufacturing facilities. The second issue of the ever-changing market is the scrapping and final recycling of old vehicles. In complex processes, the materials must be separated and processed in separate facilities and procedures. Only a part of recycled raw materials can be fed back into the active production cycle. The car recyclers have a large proportion of the reduction in the quantity of processed components of vehicles.

Much Helps A Lot? De Waschkusch Informed

De Waschkusch in tressierte customers from the space Bonn informed during the modern washing machines, an almost endless variety of detergents has conquered the market. De Waschkusch, the professional laundry from Bonn, informs about its correct dosage in modern textile care. Detergents are composed of different substances, which are capable of thoroughly clean linen and other textiles. As with all chemical substances, their desired effect depends on a correct dosage. Detergent packaging have dosage recommendations of manufacturers for this reason, based on the hardness of the used wash water, the amount of be filling the washing machine and wash pollution. The hardness of the wash water is related to geological factors, in particular the composition of the soil. It can be installed at the water supplier in experience.

Based assumed, be filling quantity of dosage recommendations on the detergents regulation. Designed for heavy-duty detergents a standard load of 4,5 kg dry weight and mild detergent a load of 2.5 kg dry weight. Therefore also adapting notes for other quantities are part of the dosage recommendation. “” The laundry pollution is mostly in light”, normal” and hard “distinction. Soiled linen shows no visible contamination. However, she has recorded body odor under certain circumstances.

Wash with normal pollution has visible dirt and small spots. Heavily soiled fabrics have, however, clear dirt or large stains. The dosage recommended by the manufacturer of the detergent should be respected environmental, technical and economic reasons. Is a detergent has long been used, so it is still useful to take the information to the dosage to the knowledge, because the mixture of ingredients in detergent is often changed by the manufacturers for various reasons. This results in new dosage requirements. Wrong dose of detergent can wash damage, generating unnecessary pollution and wasting money. The detergent is too low dosage, is a washing results with poor cleaning performance to expect. Over a period of time, this leads to the clogging of stains and accumulation of skin fats in the laundry. Removable heavy pollution and an unpleasant odor of textiles can be the result. Under dosing continues to promote the formation of gray discoloration and stains of detergents. Detergents are overdosed, is expected to not damage the laundry. Chemicals, detergent but not in high concentration should be sorted for waste water because this unnecessarily stressful effect on the environment. Excess concentration of detergents is waste of money. A detergent reaches its maximum effectiveness at the concentration that is specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. To use more, the cleaning effect is not improved. Rather, the use of special cleaning agents, other temperatures etc. into consideration should be considered. The manufacturer’s instructions for the The best way to get permanently maintained textiles without unnecessarily harming the environment or wasting money is to follow dosage of detergents. De Waschkusch, the experienced laundry for private and commercial textiles in Bonn, answers more questions about the textile care. Press contact: De Waschkusch Mrs. Schmitz Dorotheenstr str. 31 53111 Bonn Tel.: 02 28 / 3 90 28 63 web:

Software Mobile Spy

The mobile software spyware is something that is no longer in the fantasy and is a reality today. Software technology is developing at a rapid pace, and today can spy to almost anyone who has a mobile phone. The software once installed on a mobile phone records the conversations that occur with the wireless device. This way you can now track a problematic employee or spy on your child or your partner, with ease, thanks to the software. Software mobile spy is easy to use. Once installed on the cell phone kept a record of all calls that are made or received through your mobile or cell phone. You don’t need to be trained as a technical expert to working software. Just enter the software and find details.

Sellers who sell the product usually you train in all aspects of the use of the software, which is very simple to use anyway. The software will automatically send you an SMS alert everytime a call telephone is made or received in the particular mobile phone. The mobile software spyware is increasingly more sophisticated. New features are added every day. For example, there are many software developers who offer the feature in the software that can not only trace calls, but also find out the exact location of the person. Sophisticated GPS tracking systems is incorporated as part of the software technology spy. The good thing about the software mobile spy is that used clandestinely. Nobody is going to have a shred of doubt that are being spied. With advanced features, this type of software is growing in popularity.

Reduce Electricity Costs Through An Online Comparison Of The Electricity Supplier

Determination of the cheapest electricity provider by comparing current with your current computer who wants to reduce his electricity costs, which many opportunities. Especially in the budget, where often unnecessarily consumed electricity. To keep such several devices on stand-by, can cost up to 100 euros a year. But also old devices such as refrigerators, freezers or even tumble dryer may be right with the power guzzlers. Anyone here checked his equipment allows, which is possible at any time even by a current meter for several hours in between is inserted, which very quickly know what appliances are too expensive. Then does the question of whether you can spend accordingly much money for the replacement or wants to. But there are, in addition, the power consumption to lower, another variant! Need to reduce power consumption to save money? It makes certainly not meaningless to consume power, sense, as already mentioned.

But not everyone can replace old equipment and want it perhaps also not at all. And alone by switching to installed, no one gets rich! Therefore everyone should compare its electricity prices because only you know how you can actually save. Who is still its current expensive providers, is itself to blame, because everyone has the possibility to switch to low-cost power! Many just don’t know how to get to a reasonable Billigtromanbieter and putting it therefore a provider change always in front of him. But alone the Internet offers here the best ways to find, one must compare only the electricity prices the correct power provider for cheap electricity. Because the professionals who perform such power comparison for each corresponding Internet platforms do. Totally for free of course! Is a power provider change complicated? This issue, as on many other issues, is on a such website as easy to understand answers such as at Billigstromanbieter.NET. Notes on low-cost electricity supplied, just compare the cheap electricity supplier and at the end, everyone knows where he can get the best power on the most favorable terms. Also explains how the Exchange works, what to keep in mind. And to answer the question first of all: A provider change is not complicated, this is very simple even through the tips on such a website! There are even websites that lead the consumer directly on the homepage of the provider cheapest for it. And often even single preset letter expressing offered, for example, for the cancellation in the previous electricity. Such a platform can be for any valuable tips, so that a change can be carried out easily and quickly!

The Voucher Launches Portal Sofa Deals

Save money with! New gift voucher portal with vouchers or coupons, you can save money. Since this is used nowadays often, the metrics Europe AG launches a portal on this topic. The company offers current coupons for online and offline use of 180 partner companies within the framework of a new market presence. The a coupon or coupons in principle for this, that the customer has a possibility to save money, is nowadays widely known. And since the use of the World Wide Web, the possibilities have become more far-reaching.

Where you still cumbersome had to start at different companies and mail-order firms directly search for appropriate discounts and coupon codes, these are today much easier through different Web pages. These Web sites collect appropriate codes and they offer the users free of charge. So, not cumbersome searches the customer on appropriate Web pages, but see the offers of the well-known companies such as Amazon, eBay, Neckermann, Otto or Zaatari at a glance. This the customer must assume often that usually within a short time, a coupon is no longer valid and so the website operator with the update come even more behind. The company metrics Europe AG offers therefore something completely different in the context of a market presence. On the website, Internet users can find current coupons and coupons from 180 partner companies, which he can use for free without having to register themselves in advance.

Coupons, discounts, and promotions from areas such as technology, travel, fashion, furniture, etc. are clearly displayed on the Web page and are basically regularly updated. Thus, the problem of already expired promotions and the disappointments associated falls away. Because an update is done through the cooperation and links with the partner, steadily and almost automatically. It uses a completely different and apparently rational principle, sofa deals that actually leads to the offered retrenchment in context of vouchers and coupons. Already at first glance the user on the page of the provider of sofa deals is also called “top deals” and the “deals of the day” and thus particularly rewarding and money-saving promotions. These are basically of course by the various partners provided and are accessible via the Web page of sofa deals. This means that for example may occur, that the users through a coupon link on sofa deals when buying a jacket of brand can save a Puma, good 12 euros at one of the partner companies. -Discounts of 40 or even 60 to 70 per cent are not uncommon if you make the effort once, to look at this “Top Deals” and “Deals of the day”, which are updated daily. Contact: Metrics Europe AG Nina Haller burgstrasse 8 ch-8280 Kreuzlingen Switzerland email: website: telephone: 0041 71 688 60 55

New Fixtures Nets

In the manufacture of mosquito nets, a weakness has always been imperfect fixing, namely, plastic hooks, the hooks that held mosquito nets. And the main disadvantage of fixing nets defeated. Plunger attachment, a 100% guarantee that the mosquito nets will never fall out of the window. Plastic hooks that keep mosquito nets, under the influence of time and the sun, usually after 2-3 years are losing their strength cause that mosquito nets dropped out of the window. At best, it leads to new spending on the acquisition of another mosquito net.

Trying to come to replace them metal holders are set to technology, with the apartment side than hinder the window-seal. And because the holders are manufactured from metal yellow, then in addition, it does not improve the aesthetic appearance of the window. Appeared in the current displacement fixing nets represent nikelerovanye spring pins with a beautifully executed carved cap, which are mounted directly to the vertical frame part of mosquito nets in 2 pieces on each side. Such a fastening system for reliably plastic fasteners and aesthetically beautiful metal. This mounting system does not have any minuses.