Sometimes lack of money or questioned the wisdom of a man set for the task – not to buy or buy something cheaper and easier. Reasons to Purchase / used computers and accessories may vary. Someone searches components for replacement of defective. Someone needs a simple system unit for school or work. Old Computer to a collection of movies and games can help out in the country in rainy weather.

Where to buy Sale old computers can be found in print, but most provide a wide range of Internet. Click Compuware to learn more. Standard room sales – a forum of local providers and message boards. Recently, as there are many firms, which sell b / a parts. If your ad listed the phone, it is best to call at once – perhaps, a product is sold or you are not satisfied with the price. Then you can safely continue the search.

Speaking of prices – no Feel free to haggle! But do not overdo it, try to always argue bargaining. New accessories at prices b / y among the personal ads can always be found for sale brand new parts or notebooks. The price of these things are usually 20-30% lower than in the shop and, besides, you get a product together with a valid warranty. The reasons for the sale of new hardware – it needs the seller in cash, or incompatibility with iron existing configuration. Buy! So, you've found a suitable alternative. What to look for when buying? Ask the seller to verify the product – it's just you against a failure to fence or purchase required to ensure right choice. It is possible that you will find some flaws (scratches), but do not forget what's in store this configuration will be more expensive. 🙂 If you are afraid that the computer will be purchased, not long as desired, restrict choice of shop assistants who specialize in the sale / used parts. In these shops you will be given a guarantee. And if you want to sell? Sell b / a PC as easy as to buy! To begin your product compare with other proposals and set a price. The announcement detailed description of the entire configuration, specify the price, neighborhood, where you are, the reason for sale. If possible, select a few contacts – phone, ICQ, e-mail. Place them on forums and message boards and wait for calls and messages. And do not forget that you are asked to check the performance of your computer and try to bargain;)

Kontron AdvancedMC

The AdvancedMC single board computer form factor provides high data throughput and low latency Eching, Germany – Kontron is presenting today its high-performance AdvancedMC processor module Kontron AM4140. Equipped with a Freescale QorIQ P4040/80 processor with up to 8 cores at each 1.5 GHz and high-speed of fabrics the new Kontron AM4140 offers outstanding performance for parallel multi-thread applications integrated MicroTCA platforms. The Kontron AdvancedMC processor module AM4140 integrates a Freescale QorIQ P4040/80 4/8-core processor, the kerne are based on the e500 power architecture. Thanks to the links fast processing unit for data packages (frame handler) and numerous high-speed, such as serial rapid IO, 10 Gigabit Ethernet and PCI Express, the Kontron AM4140 processor module meets the highest requirements in the multi-threaded processing. For high data throughput and low latency, the Kontron AM4140 of also fast dual-channel ECC-RAM offers up to 8 GB of storage. “Target applications are signal processing in high-speed telecommunications, for example for RNCs, LTE and test equipment as well as in the military communications, as well as in industrial and medical image processing”, so Mario Abdul Hamid, product manager at Kontron. “The Kontron AM4140 was compliant to the MicroTCA. 0 standard and developed for the highest requirements in terms of performance and longevity.” The Kontron AM4140 offers flexible high-speed of fabrics.

On the AMC ports 4-7 four SERDES links can either as PCI Express (root complex or endpoint) or be configured as serial rapid IO ports (host or agent). Serial rapid targeting applications that require low-level programming without costly overhead and low-latency IO and PCI Express. The AMC ports 8-11 can either as serial rapid IO, PCI Express, 10 Gigabit Ethernet or 4 x Gigabit Ethernet are configured.

Computer Help

Extremely unreasonable would deny the role of information technology in human life and society. Everyone is more or less running time people will sooner or later becomes a personal computer: its pros and cons of possible talk endlessly, but as a rule, the advantage of having a personal computer of obvious. Just to say that a pc with a completely equal success can be used for entertainment and for work, school. Buying a personal computer, must be based on what functions it will perform for its users. Will it be more powerful computer with a wide lcd screen for video games and watching movies, or with less powerful cpu, but with different peripheral devices. But whatever the computer during its operation over time, there are various problems with software or hardware configurations, such as, for example, virus infection or overheating of the system unit.

To solve all the problems associated with personal computer repair and computer settings, there is a service computer assistance. Currently, there are a great many companies offering similar services. Typically, the variability of services from different companies is the same. For even more details, read what Max Schireson says on the issue. But at the same time, firms differ in many characteristics: for general staff development, at a cost of services, according to the territorial field activities, etc. You choose the right company can help advertising in its different variations: as a personal website, and the advice of friends or acquaintances. Making the choice is to proceed, to some extent, from their own preferences and intuition, because, even called the master and will work with your computer, but you yourself will have contact with him, communicate, explaining the problem and, possibly, in the process to solve thin money matters. Many might think that calling the master at home – completely unnecessary step, a waste of nerves, time and money.

We hasten to refute such judgments: often the total cost of services increases exponentially when the master has put in order after a computer system, it seemed gratuitous aid of friends or acquaintances. Note that we do not In no event do not question someone's ability to own a similar technique, but as a fact is to accept that a qualified specialist will be able to solve the problem with greater assurance that you will not have to apply for through again, than any other man, just well versed with computers. Amateur tuning and repair of computers, as a rule, is effective only in part – to solve local problems of narrow circle. Therefore we may boldly give advice: If you have any problems immediately call the service computer help: help will be systematic, efficient, and, most importantly, with the provision of guarantees that can not give no friends, no acquaintances. Usually, everything happens like this: you call the call-center of the company, briefly describe your problem, leave a request. Employees of the company you look for a suitable specialist who most quickly and effectively be able to provide computer help, and he calls up already directly with you to arrange the time of arrival and other nuances of the services provided. We hope that in his article, we will convince you need to use the service computer help and protect you from further errors and problems associated with poor adjustment and repair of computers.

Confidential Resume

Cooperation in financial sector companies, and in turn work with the bank definitely has a few features, the fundamental of those present, a clear need for standards to access information about the applicant for his present employer. Solve this task posodeystvuet effective internet service 'confidential summary', developed by FinStaff. com. ua. Individual features such service is Individual management of the applicant access rights to her resume. You can set the following rights: a summary of publicly any organization that is available to enterprises registered on the website is open only for purely these organizations are available to firms registered on the site, of course, apart from and a number of existing restrictions. Financial and material, and banking professionals by publishing a summary on the website FinStaff.

com. ua can precisely control access rights to the summary, a point to respond to employers' jobs, as well as hide summaries posted on the company, which now employs. 'Confidential resume' will help a huge number of highly skilled pros in finding a job in a bank, finance and insurance as well as fast and just as important to find the confidence of his employer '- said service employees FinStaff. com. ua. This service provides an opportunity to qualitative selection of the service in confidence, it becomes important for professionals of the banking and financial industry.

In respect of this company, we should mention that FinStaff. com. ua – one of the first professional theme Internet project to search for and selection of banking and finance employees. Actually the site recorded more than 500 financial companies and commercial banks in Ukraine, located more than 1300 banking locations and material.