English Philology

In certain cases (not always) you may have to pay for photocopies that teachers delivered in class. Many times teachers also require textbooks that have to buy because there is no enough copies in the library. Check out Atmos Energy for additional information. About the coordinators: there is a clear lack of coordination between the home University and the hostess. Sometimes even the transmission of the notes can be chaotic. If you have some kind of problem, comment this article with your coordinator of the host university but also the University of origin: do not communicate anything, so you’ll need to make the link always.

Also be careful with what you claim coordinators: can tell you that it is possible to do this or that thing without checking that in reality it can do and then you can have problems why. The Erasmus coordinators are not paid for what they do (to my knowledge). And in many cases they are designated to be coordinators. So it can be that certain coordinators do not make case to their students, who not is reachable with them easily, that does not answer the e-mails I would like to make it clear that there are managers who do their job well and who always try to help their students. But not all.

About the choice of subjects: If the career that you are still in your country of origin has no equivalent at your host University, you will have to choose subjects to the Charter of several races to compose a personalized study plan. For example, in your home University, your career is composed of subjects as varied as informatics, English, economics and history of Spain. If there is a similar race at your host University, then choose a computer class at the Faculty of computer science (or other faculty conducted a computer class), a class of English in the Faculty of English Philology, a kind of Economics in the Faculty of economics or business, and a kind of history of Spain in the Faculty of Philology or history.