New Fixtures Nets

In the manufacture of mosquito nets, a weakness has always been imperfect fixing, namely, plastic hooks, the hooks that held mosquito nets. And the main disadvantage of fixing nets defeated. Plunger attachment, a 100% guarantee that the mosquito nets will never fall out of the window. Plastic hooks that keep mosquito nets, under the influence of time and the sun, usually after 2-3 years are losing their strength cause that mosquito nets dropped out of the window. At best, it leads to new spending on the acquisition of another mosquito net.

Trying to come to replace them metal holders are set to technology, with the apartment side than hinder the window-seal. And because the holders are manufactured from metal yellow, then in addition, it does not improve the aesthetic appearance of the window. Appeared in the current displacement fixing nets represent nikelerovanye spring pins with a beautifully executed carved cap, which are mounted directly to the vertical frame part of mosquito nets in 2 pieces on each side. Such a fastening system for reliably plastic fasteners and aesthetically beautiful metal. This mounting system does not have any minuses.