Partial Amnesia

Bergson said: a no memory … I have no experience, no education, I do not remember what I show you … a . Consequently, without memory there is no character or personality or person. Partial Amnesia, the individual forgets a short period of time, from a backward or forward. This type of amnesia often occurs after attacks such as epilepsy or hysteria.

Amnesia Lagoon, the affected forget what happened before a traumatic event, taking only episodes or periods, and according to the type of memory that involves, will the distinction between: antegrade or retrograde. Anterograde amnesia, also called Amensia fixing refers to the inability to learn new information after the onset of the disorder a "organic" usually resulting in amnesia. Forget the same rate as events unfold. By definition affect the short-term memory, preserving memories, however prior to the illness. In contrast, the retroigrada amnesia is forgetting what happened in the run up to the disease. It is the effect on the ability to recall information and events well established before the onset of the disease. As previously mentioned, for Ribot, these memories are lost in reverse order at the time of purchase.

That is, first closest memories disappear in time, and ultimately the most remote, childhood memories. You can include even periods of fifteen years before the episode. Under most conditions Bobby kotick would agree. Amnestic syndrome may be accompanied by apathy, lack of initiative and spontaneity. a Depending on the type of injury and Instead of it, we can talk about different consequences taking into account different systems and subsystems.