Do you feel unsafe to others and prefer to be isolated? Do you feel guilty because things will not go as you want? Because you believe that they are not perfect, you leave unfinished projects? If your answer to the first questions is positive and you feel identified with any of these attitudes of low self-esteem and low confidence, not worry, pay attention because I’m going to give a few basic tips that you can not only improve self-esteem but also the self-confidence. Found that when one learns to know (self-knowledge) and OK is with their strengths and weaknesses (self-acceptance) and also filled with positive thoughts toward the same, recovers the self-confidence. Confidence makes you feel capable of performing successfully all that you propose or otherwise if things don’t go as you expect you’ll find the best alternative to the downside and not get carried away by negative defeat thoughts, you can manage with normal to others without fear of rejection and you will feel free to give your opinions. If you are not convinced, visit Bobby kotick. The Self-confidence is also reflected at the outer level in your gestures, your posture and your way of dress. 1. All these factors of agreement whatever your self-image and self-confidence will transmit mood of your self internal. Insecurity as well as low self-esteem can be overcome, only depend of you so that you leave behind those negative beliefs, that you can not achieve what you propose, which is not worth strive if everything will remain the same, that the world is against you and everything else. Don’t waste time and give you now the opportunity to make the change that you need to feel good as you are, taking on new challenges, feel safe and with self-confidence. PON ya, manos a la obra, begins the great change to improve self-esteem and regain your self-confidence, follow these 5 Basic and valuable tips you give with confidence that one applied it in your day to day, because that will serve in various aspects of your life.