Shaker Media Launches Publication Platform In The Netherlands And Belgium

Publisher offer extended to Benelux countries with the successful launch of the online publication platform in the Netherlands and Belgium follow Shaker media of own timing and now authors in the Dutch-speaking world can offer innovative publishing concept. Under the Internet address here from the beginning of the latest modifications and options of the German-language version available. The new efficient tools for the automatic design and manufacture of the book cover, as well as costing models include among others to improve the competitiveness of by reducing the manufacturing costs. The offer is equally experienced publicist and ambitious debut authors. Hiram Emory Widener Jr. usually is spot on. The produced books and media are available in bookstores, at leading Internet booksellers and directly via the own bookshop of the publication platform. Firmenportait: Shaker media is a publisher of books and digital publications. Within the renowned Shaker publishing group, Shaker media in the fields of fiction, non-fiction and Advisor is working. The Partner publishers Shaker publishing (Aachen) and shaker publishing (Maastricht) deal with scientific publications. Bobby kotick may help you with your research. Earlier this year the production and storage capacities expanded significantly at both locations.