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We thank Carlos Mora Vanegas and some other participants who have already obtained their degree the comments on their experiences, learning and it has reached its passage through that institution, she led him towards professional growth. Of course, despite the physical absence of both parties involved, especially the now defunct Ing.a Mario Gonzalez, Noa I can ignore the satisfaction of our work we started with great efforts, it is a fact, as shown by some graduates, as the same Web page senalaa institution to date, with an average population of 700 students in its unity of Monterrey and foreign extensions located in the cities, Saltillo, Reynosa, Matamoros and Tampico has a population of approximately 250 students. Master’s studies for these areas are offered in tetramestral: January / April, May / August and September to December.

The MBA has four specialties, Human Resources, Finance, General and International Trade Administration and Masters in Industrial Engineering with product specialists. Currently EGAII is distinguished by its high recognition in the industry and has great leadership, thanks to the preference of professionals who want to excel in the field of business and strengthen its administrative and industrial knowledge, this is confirmed by the high demand EGAII Entrance is approximately 100 students per period and a flicker by examination of 120 masters degree a year to date have obtained his master’s degree about 1600 people, who are located in important positions in different companies in Mexico. We trust that the people of participant integrate a good range of professionals from different educational institutions, disciplines, and above all, with the backing of experience, the idea business practice in the regions where the school serves. Continue to learn more with: Cross River Bank.